I think the best thing you can do with this situation is to talk to the department in detail about their problems and the reason behind this decision. Sometimes, it happens that being the boss, you did not bother about the problems they are facing. It may be that the whole department has some big issues that they don't able to handle now. Just talk to them and try to solve their issues. I am sure you will be able to cope up with the situation as effective communication is the only key to successful business. Best of luck!
From India, Delhi

Industrial Relations
Dear Chetan
Always any application must be represented by single person only and it should not be as group. (Normally in Defence if any application submitted in single copy with multiple signatures it will be considered as Mutiny). You better call the Accounts Manager who has sent you the group Resignation mail. Discuss with him. Find out the reason for submitting the group resignation. And if possible and if he is in the state of listening and understanding the seriousness of the issue, explain him about his career growth, his importance in organisation and about the impact of group resignation on organisation and on individual themselves.
Surely you will get some good result. Please do not leave the issue unattended. It may become a big issue which cannot be resolved.
By the way as advised by others please start hiring some other person to avoid hampering of work.

From India, Kumbakonam

HR Professional
Dear All,
Greetings for the Day !!!
I am working in Construction company, from last 2-3 days i am facing lots of problem regarding Groupism in diff dept. and yesterday i was completely shock , because my Account dept. put group resignation and mail was send by Account Manager itself, i can't understand what should i do for resolving this problem.
first of all i want to know is it group resignation valid as per law?
what kind of action i have take against them?
or kindly suggest resolution or middle way to resolve this problem..
Tomorrow we have a general meeting with all Dept. Managers before that i have to prepare for that..
Kindly help..

From India, Mumbai
Dear Chetan,
Group resignation is after all resignation given by a group of employees individually, which does not violate any law. It might be expressed as a group or individually, it is their consent.
To my opinion, understanding the problem deep through comes under priority than taking an action. Sit with them and understand the scenario. Without knowing the reason none of the member can suggest you anything.
This definitely would be a challenging experience for you so deal with it carefully. All the best.

From India, Hyderabad

HR Professional
Dear Bhandhavi,
First of all thanks for Suggestion..
as per your discussion i just want to clarify the issue, actually they are not given individual resignation they just send one group resignation from Acct Manager.and the reason behind that is they have lots of accounting work pressure of march end top management support and issue/problem with Purchase manager regarding his behavior with acct dept Juniors.
Main thing is that here main problem is EGO in Seniors regarding their Position. so what can i do because i am working as Executive and i am the only one HR in company.
so what should i do?

From India, Mumbai
Dear Chethan,
Every department will have processes to follow and they should have. Your finance dept also must be having some processes for their work flow. See if they are followed. See if the others are following the processes and standards related to finance.
Problems arise if processes are not followed. Look out for the ways through which every person follows the TAT and processes. If processes are not set then involve Accounts manager/dept head in formulating and documenting those.
Work pressure do exit in finance/accounts at the year end. Analyse if it is really high, then in case hire a contractual person to help them. At this point of time, I can only suggest you these. There are no thumb rule solutions for situational problems in HR.
So take a call. Hope this may help you.

From India, Hyderabad
[email protected]

Asst. Time Keeper
Dear Chetan,
I have agreed to Bhandhavi. But grouping resignation is issue of increment? if they said work pressure in accounts department. You can suggest your top management to recruiting the manpower of a/c. department.
& grouping resignation is not you responsible for them. Top manager also responsible for them. so why u are worried about that? u go through as per bhandavi instruction & get suggestion to ur higher authority for the same.
Anant Bhosle

From India, Mumbai
Hi :

I think you should meet each employee separately who have submitted the resignation and speak to them nicely and try to figure out the real reason of their resignation. It may happen that some are unhappy but they may have compelled the others who may not be so unhappy also to resign. Hence speak to them one-on-one.

Well if they are stating one of reasons for resigning is the year end pressure well no matter whichever organisation they work as a Finance professional they will have to face it so please show them the reality of the industry.

Post-discussion once you figure out the issues in detail please analyse the issues and present a corrective plan of action to management and try to retain the team (if not all atleast the key resources). Please do not panic such situations do arise, you need to maintain your cool and discuss the issues at a professional level.

I faced a similar situation in one of our previous organisation. It is imp to handle the situation carefully. Ultimately what action you take now will set an example for future as well.

- Gia

From India, Pune

Sr. HR Executive @ Polymerupdate
Hi Chetan,

When a group resigns, there ought to be some solid reason for this.

They are stating the reason as work pressure due to march ending.

However, every accountant and finance person knows that they have tremendous work pressure for feb-april period. Even CAs.

I do not think they have put the real reason on papers. Real reason is best known to them, their supervisor should know it too because of they being in proper communication.

However it looks like all of them are facing some issue -

You need to find out individually from them as to what is their problem.

Being into HR, one cannot just take communication from top management to the employees. It is our duty to find out what difficulties are our people and colleagues facing and try to resolve them at the earliest.

It seems that the team is not dissatisfied by the work pressure but instead there can be any of the following hidden motives -

1. Their work might not be appreciated.

2. They might not be getting their due credit.

3. They are not being compensated enough comparatively. (Please note that accounts people do have access to everybody's salary structure also.)

4. Supervisor is a problem.

How can you take action against a team who wish to resign? Just because they gave a group resignation they are at fault? What if they would have handed over their resignation individually on the same day?

Rather than finding out how to punish them, find out what motivated them to do so? What is the hindrance to their work?

Hope it helped.

From India, Mumbai
Hi Chetan ,
First of all I would like to know how many members are their in your accounts team and secondly have they ever bought any type of such work pressure related issue in front of you, Because group resignation is not one day task, the pressure and problem must be building from long time, that's they have come up with such decisions.

From India, Lucknow

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