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Dear Professionals ,
Please guide me.
As per my knowledge the output of this product is Dangerous to our health.
We want to purchase Tea, Cofee Vending Machine for our Organisation. total Number of Employees are 800.How and What are the health hazards of this product (Tea and Cofee.) in this machine the Tea, Cofee and milk powder used.
So give me best suggestion for the same.
Paresh Vadher.
11th March 2013 From India, Trivandrum
Dear Paresh,
I do now know about machines. However, I read in e-mail forward that the glasses used for taking beverage are coated with wax. This wax melts once we pour hot tea or coffee in it. Once we consume tea or coffee with melted wax, inside intestine the wax solidifies and at times sticks. This causes stomach problems.
How far this is true that I do not know.
11th March 2013 From India, Bangalore
Dear Paresh,
Everywhere you can find a Merits and De-Merits of all products/situations; nothing wrong with Tea/Coffee-Machine's if so how can it was approved by govt authorities?
I highly recommend to buy a tea or coffee machine it will help your employees to keep active in different ways.
Health Hazards of Tea and Coffee:
90% of peoples drinking Tea and Coffee in our country atleast twise a day if their is Health hazard in that product how come it will available in market. Am not say its highly suggestible but single Tea or Coffe can't effect our health. Start your day with your coffee and see/feel the difference or Drive ur day with your loved one with COFFEE and see the difference man.....
Just goahead and buy good product of machine.. That's it.
12th March 2013 From United States, Fpo
Dear Paresh,
Installation of tea/coffee machine will be cost effective but you need to take special care that the vendor you select has a good track record of maintaining the machines as the machine contains eatable contents lot of pest get attracted to this machinces specially ants and cockroaches. To avoid the same it has to be cleaned on regular interval(ie 15 days). Also please ensure that the vendor you select provides you with the lab report of the pre mix which is generally provided by the vendor on demand from the User. As Mentioned by Dinesh if the glasses are coated with wax it may be true in some types of disposable glass, you may opt for ceramic glasses which can be reused. will also be cost effective. I hope these inputs may help you. Regards, Judin
12th March 2013 From Switzerland
Hi Paresh, regarding the tea/coffee products, you can consume Nescafe tea, coffee for the same. its a Nestle Product and easily available at stores anywhere. and it also comes in different flavors so i hope your office staffs will like it. we have been consuming the same product.
12th March 2013 From Nepal
Instead of going for Readymade Powder for Tea and Coffee vending machine, you can go ahead with the machine which makes Tea & Coffee with Milk, coffee bean and hot water. And for Tea, Tea Bags are separately available in market. The powder Tea and Coffee will create acidity.
12th March 2013 From India, Kumbakonam
Hi All
Up to last month we are also using these Coffee Vending machine but this month onward we contracted with Tea stall for Daily employees tea facilities.
Better to go with hand made tea.
Sri Hari
Executive - HR
12th March 2013 From India, Visakhapatnam
Dear raghuvaran chakkaravarthy, I am not oppose the tea and cofee but we required the suggestion for the Powder tea and cofee. Regards Paresh Vadher
12th March 2013 From India, Trivandrum
Dear Raghu
The Poison also benefitial for our health if we use it in correct way and good food also becomes poison if we take it in more quantity.
Small amount of Coffee/Tea for 2 or 3 times (100 ml each time) will give alertness, increased activity in the muscles, nervous system and heart. But if we take excessively it will release the adrenaline, thus increasing the level of stress.
Consuming too much coffee/tea/chocolate/cold drink has the same effect as long term stress. It is suggested that there is a link between caffeine intake and high blood pressure and high cholesterol level.
However, do be careful in reducing coffee or caffeine consumption. Cutting it off abruptly can result in your experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Reduce the consumption slowly over a period of time.
12th March 2013 From India, Kumbakonam
Dear Paresh,
I travell to different service partner locations and I have seen that now a days there is a caffe cofee day machines installed in offices which uses cofee beans and milk to prepare tea and coffee which is hygienic and good in taste.
I think it does not costs much as even in small organizations I have seen these vending machines
12th March 2013 From India, Delhi
Dear All;
Tea or Coffee - good or bad for health - let each one decide for him/herself. In the organisations tea/coffee is routine and normal. Two times in a shift or even 3 times is usual. Tea supplied by vendors is neither very hygienic. These days the cost of preparing and serving tea is so much that giving it free is cheaper and if one has to give it free then why not use a machine - let each one have it when he wants it, and not because it is tea time.
No tea or no Coffee is ideal. But that will have to be taught to employees. Till then use a machine if possible.
Vibhakar Ramtirthkar.
12th March 2013 From India, Pune
Dear paresh,
There is no harmful chemical are used in tea coffee vending
mechine. I my company we are use vending mechine last five year. We are used all product from hidustane uniliver Ltd.
Sanjay Sharma
13th March 2013 From India, Delhi
Dear friends,

It is better to buy fresh milk from the vendors and provide whatever needed for employees rather than using milk powder. This is to say, there is a machine which got 3,4 compartments in it. One for hot water, one for milk with sugar-mixed and the other without sugar, and coffee dicoction, 24 hrs. hot thro' a tap attached to each compartment. By the side other powders like instant coffee powder, dip tea bags, chocolate powder, badam powder, sugar are also kept in containers, together with paper cups. This arrangement is made available 24 x 7 and in the course the top-up of water, milk and cleaning, refilling are looked after by the service providers. This I found in many MNC companies and very effective & liked by all. The fixtures are provided in a corner of the office and staff are going there, picking their cups filled as they like and just go out to the foyer, chit chat for a while, have a smoke . This also provide as a fresher to one and all from the routine. Serving at the desk not at all permitted only with a view to provide some relaxation in between as they don't have any particular tea time.

15th March 2013 From India, Bangalore
Hi Paresh,

Tea and coffee vending machines have been used for many decades in large companies and institutions. For that matter Mr. Mahendar of Heritage Food Products in JP nagar VII phase has his works where he exclusively manufactures what is known as Instant coffee powder which is mixed with hot water from the vending machine and provides instant coffee. His client is no other than TATA Coffee. He is supplying them from the last 10 years. He supplies also the vending machines which is manufactured by him from a neighbourhood unit. This unit apart from making the machines also makes instant badam milk, tomato soup, different flavours of tea including green tea, etc. He has installed these machines at many places and also maintaining them. On no occasion cockroaches or other insects are supposed to have invaded the vending machine. This could have happened only if there is neglect on the part of the customer who has not taken steps to follow maintenance instructions.

Mr Mahendar has also successfully stared HATTI KAAPI which supplies fresh filter coffee and many kiosks have been installed throughout Bangalore at prime locations.. He has also been catering this coffee at Bangalore and Mangalore airports, at Infosys and Wipro food malls. If you are interested in either vending machine with instant coffee/tea or fresh filter coffee to be served at your premises, please get in touch with him. His telephone number is 919591999439. He is a busy man and keep calling if you get busy tone.

With best regards

Sundar Kumar

18th March 2013 From India, Bangalore
Dear Paresh Vadher

Your concern for health related hazards with coffee / tea vending machines before a decision on procuring them is appreciated.

Have gone through the views of members on the plus and minus points of the coffee / tea vending machines in office area and generally endorse them. I would like to add –

• Tea is credited with beneficial property of antioxidant and hence less harmful than coffee.

• From hygiene point of view, disposable paper cups are preferred to glass, ceramic, plastic and other reusable types

• Periodically, the interior surface of the vessels in the vending machine should be tested for E-coli. This can be done by swabs sent to a lab.

. Through clear agreement with the vendor or other arrangements, the quality of water used should be ensured. [Many complaints of water quality used in Cola vending machines run by Franchise, are on record.]

I further endorse the following tidbits appearing in this chain and in the links to earlier discussion on the subject:

Coffee Machine Etiquette

Employees spill sugar or coffee in pantry floor or slab. Using sugar cubes instead of powdered sugar helps to minimize the hazard.


Have a good Time with me. (Vending Machine says to Employee )

Please Don't Press Twice to avoid overflow.

Keep yourself and office clean by not spilling over.


Institute a roster so that everyone in the office MUST take a turn in cleaning up the mess. Very soon peer pressure will mean that people learn to keep the area clean and tidy as they don't want to clean up other people's mess.

Posters aimed at changing behaviour of machine users

You know what behaviours are annoying you, ie spilling coffee or sugar etc. Just make a list of the things that bug you and post that near the coffee machine.

Something like posters on DO’s & Don’ts

You just create your poster like (Title) " Check Your nature & Character from your Coffee" showing 3 coffee cups and behind the coffee cups text like "If YOU spend your coffee time without spilling coffee - YOU are a socialistic person and you care about your environment and YOU are a good care taker of company - - something like that.... it makes them to think about their behavior.

Consuming too much coffee/tea/chocolate/cold drink has the same effect as long term stress. Beware of link between caffeine intake and high blood pressure and high cholesterol level.

Maintenance of Vending Machine

Vendor selected should have a good track record of maintaining the machines as eatable contents in the machine attract lot of pests specially ants and cockroaches. To avoid the same it has to be cleaned at regular interval (ie 15 days). Also the vendor should provide the lab report of the pre- mix, which is generally provided by the vendor on demand from the User.


19th March 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Nityananda, Thank for given us a valuable information as per my requirement. Please always co-operate with our safety professional team. Thanks a lot of your co-operation. Regards, Paresh vadher
19th March 2013 From India, Trivandrum
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