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Thread Started by #HrGlobalcmc

Friends i am starting my Career as HR and i want to know how to get employees previous company's information based on there PAN card number. Can any one suggest me how to get employees all company information even they have not provided.
9th March 2013 From India, Mumbai
Can any one suggest me how to get employees all company information based on there PAN information even they have not provided.
9th March 2013 From India, Mumbai
Could you makemyourmquerry more clear please ? I am not able to understand what you mean
10th March 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear Comrade, Nothing is understood from your message. What do you want? Rewrite it clearly
10th March 2013 From India, Pune
Dear What is your purpose for company details, which type you required information Pls clear urgently.
10th March 2013 From India, Delhi
Dear friends i want to ask that,
I want to get employees detail and all employer name where ever he have worked till date even though he have not mentioned few employer name in his verification document. Is there is any way to find out such information???
10th March 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear friends i want to ask that,
I want to get employees detail and all employer name where ever he have worked till date even though he have not mentioned few employer name in his verification document. Is there is any way to find out such information???
10th March 2013 From India, Mumbai
For more clarification,
Could anyone help me whether her new employer will get to know her previous employer career details using income tax, PF No, Professional TAX No's
Some employee resigned with the XX company were she worked for 6 months and joined a new company and not disclosed the XX company details for background check with current employer, my question, Will the new employer get to know which company she was working previously, As she left previous company without any notice period and never collected the relieving letter.
hope this made topic v.clear???
10th March 2013 From India, Mumbai
There is no way to get details of employment from PAN number
In any case, the information is confidential and you can not access it
PF data again, is confidential.
Further, it is not necessary that the previous employers have PF
So unfortunately, these are not options.
In IT, it's a different matter since NASSCOM maintains a database of employees who have been blacklisted
10th March 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear friend
Why do you want to SNOOP around so much ??
Do you have any valid reasons ??
Is not there a thing called "Right To Privacy"??
Are you in CIA or some Investigating Agency ??
Or perhaps associated with certain kind of terrorist groups ??
Maybe, you would like to share the purpose of your query.
Warm regards.
11th March 2013 From India, Delhi
PAN Card details,such as,Name of a person, Area code,your jurisdictional assessing officer can be vrified freely,by any one having a PAN Card no. of a person.
11th March 2013 From India, Bokaro
The problem here is the OP wants to use the information to verify which company the candidate has worked with before, what salary he was getting and whether he left with notice or without notice
11th March 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear Saswaat; Is not that very innovative ??


So one should do all this to find out how much one SHOULD pay the candidate !!!!

Rather than doing homework like - what is the industry standard for such jobs; what are the qualification and experienc ?? what are the deliverables ?? how much the company should pay ?? how much others in similar position are getting ?? what are the company norms??

I think a day will come (because everything is transacted electronically over net through cards) when they will research on :

which kind of cars or bike he has driven earler;

what are his fav restaurants n monthly spend;

favourite multiplexes and monthly spend;

how he spends his money ??

and on his personal life : (to know how much extra time he can devote to the company :

how many girl-friends he has;

where he goes with them and time and money spent;

what gifts he buys for children and wife;

where he goes for vacation and how long;

etc. etc.

I have no idea whether it makes sense; or there are Better ways to achieve the desired objectives rather than SPYING on people.

I do feel that a potential employer, that means it covers ANYONE as potential recruit, should have the right to verify such things; except perhaps those hiring for government or for some terrorist activity, where one needs to know what one has been doing ever since he was born.

I would rather not like to be considered a "potential employee" of such companies; rather than give away my bonafide right to my privacy.

Warm regards.

11th March 2013 From India, Delhi
Dear Global
What I get from this is:
A Female employee worked in some company (maybe yours) for six months.
Then she left your company and joined another.
Since she did not "like" your company (or hated it so much; because of things that were done to her - as we keep reading in this forum); that she did not BOTHER TO TAKE RELIEVING LETTER.
Nor she mentioned this company in her CV; (naturally, as it may DILUTE her worth).
Now you want to find out; whether she can be forced to come to this company for setting the records straight, or take relieving certificates; etc. ??
My friend, the answer is NO; no good employers SPEND so much MONEY and EFFORT for such dubious activities; all they would do is a Background Check/Verification; That too upon the CONSENT of the Prospective Employee.
Warm regards.

11th March 2013 From India, Delhi

I sincerely hope I have not given the impression that I support such an approach

Also, the original posting was not by me, but by someone else. I was replying to the post.

The point I was making is that you can not get such info from the pan number, because although the information is available, it is confidential. The It department is not suppose to disclose it. Some investigators have got it using bribery, but of course in very high stake matters as the amount spent for getting the info is very high.

That said, a quick google search, Facebook and linked in will give you many of the details. I have once found the copies of a candidates internal assessment in college and remarks by the teachers through google because some security flaw in their servers allowed google to reach it (I stumbled on it, was not searching for it)

So yes, what you said is true. Soon all information will be on net and people already use it. The problem today is that the information is not uniform and its your luck whether or not you get the info since the person may or may not have shared his info on fb / linked in

11th March 2013 From India, Mumbai
After going through all the conversations /concern and suggestions and wonderful response with valid questions by Mr Raj Kumar, I agree with him, and don’t feel it is ethical or professional way to use PAN CARD for “Employee Background Verification” purpose.

In addition, after this no wonder if one would ask for using AADHAAR (UIDAI) for background verification in future, but do you really feel like this would be a valid procedure or ethical, concerning Employee (professional) Background Verification Procedure.

If you are trying to have a system like NASSCOM (Group of Companies) is following who is representing “Indian software industry” to share employee data with group companies, than I would like to say that it is not gonna be too easy or ethical/professional to adopt by using PAN CARD, also no other industries having such system yet to share employee information with each other.

Second, PAN CARD (using by Indian Govt –Income Tax Department) which is not just able to provide people’s all financial information but personal contacts (Address and other) to them that is also connected with all financial entities and are mandatory to use with all financial activities national wide. Now you say, do you can obtain this kind of connectivity. Also PAN CARD is a Govt regularized and I don’t think this would be right anyhow to use it for any purpose like this.

There are many reasons to say this and I believe you can also understand what I am intended to say …
11th March 2013 From India, Gurgaon
I am being mis-understood,
I did not say I can get the income tax department to give me full history of a person,myth at is available since many transactions are connected with pan card. I am not that powerful !! But I have seen in some high stakes cases, entire income tax returns of certain persons along with attachments, form 16, form H etc pulled out for analysis and tracking.
My point was : don't be surprised if someone can get your so called confidential data from the tax department. I also pointed out to the original poster, that this is also very expensive and makes no sense in most normal cases.
I hope I have made my point clear

11th March 2013 From India, Mumbai
We normally hired a antecedent verification agency to do this type of work. Normally, they gave a report which also constituted their educational background and verification apart from employment background and verification apart from finding out whether there are any complaints pending with Police stations in areas where the person lived in. They also give a brief family background of the person. But, I have been in manufacturing sector all my life. I understand that IT companies have their own way of doing background checks.
11th March 2013 From Indonesia, Jakarta
i know that you were misguided which is why i cleared your confusions by presenting these examples and questions asked by Mr Raj Kumar are also valid.

I explained the things about NASSCOM and INDIAN INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT and the system adopted by using PAN CARD because i wanted to tell you that it is not too easy to use any system likewise or by using PAN CARD.

Second, to make a system by using PAN CARD anyhow in regard to EMPLOYEE VERIFICATION is actually not valid here because, let me repeat, "PAN CARD" is Govt authorized/regularized.

About hiring and background verification :

There are many professionals/consultants who are providing services, and employee verification can be done by them but still it is not very much successful or adopted by professionals at Industry level. And we must accept that it is not so easy too but can be possible by initiating or taking corrective steps by big and higher ranked executive at Industry. I remember when I raised this concern while at my research discussions with my team in Jaipur last year December, about "Notice Period and Conflicts" and "Good fits by HRD for Organization" where I pointed out the lacks in our hiring and recruitment system and presented solutions and also have discussed with many HRM and seniors people but unfortunately, i never found people much interested by many reason.

I believe we must share and raise our concern with HR Meets, HR Xpo like <link no longer exists - removed> and National HR Conference by XLRI , SHRM , HR Events and ISB&M Conferences and Seminars

Every recruiter wants to hire genuine experienced employees for Organizations which is really important, and also going through with many problems while at the hiring procedure these days and are expecting some kind of solutions like "Employee Background Verification" that can help somehow but not ready to take it further. We having number of discussions on the same topic and participated by many Industry experts too but still we are waiting for a good solution..
11th March 2013 From India, Gurgaon
if he is a taxpayer You have to request emplyee form 26 AS to know the last company details. if you want know all the previous company details you have to ask all his form 26 AS it will show company TAN and TDS amount
12th March 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Pan number reveals regarding his income tax payment details.if you want more detailes you have go by verfication i.e Previous emplyerdetails and address used to mention in the resume .so only by verfication on mail/ Phone we have to confim the details only .As per s m,y Knowledgs Pan NUMBER gIVE US ADRESS aND D.O.B
12th March 2013 From India, Hyderabad
A genuine employer does not indulge such a unethical practice if there are policies in HR department. I have conducted hundreds of employment verification since 7 years for a large company having a large NBFC share in the market. So far we have come out with original and field reports only. Nothing is based or could be obtained with Pan Card which is govt regulated. It is an immatured, unprofessional and childish to think that PAN card may be used as a tool for verification of many of private information which is not needed for job.
In this public forum many members just like that post some query,without basic knowledge, home work and even display their personal data and their company name.
V. Rangarajan.
14th March 2013 From India, Pune
I am totally agree with the view of Mr. V. Rangrajan. This is purely unprofessional way to carry out the verification. Also it is nearly impossible to find out the thing by this way. PAN Card can only be used only for "National Identity Check" in verification process, and nothing else can be carry out with this document.
It may be that the candidate has done something wrong with a previous employer and removed the xyz experience from the Resume. And you want to know what he has done. This can be disclosed only and only if you know the name of the company where the candidate has worked and can ask the agency to carry out a field verification with the details of the candidate. And there is no other way.
14th March 2013 From India, Gurgaon
Respected All,
The data related to PAN is only his Income and Tax Deducted thereon. No other details will be available on PAN.
In this regards, ultimate thing you can ask the concerned employee to provide his 26AS Statement for last three years. There you can only access that from which organisation he got the payment and the TDS taken place against the same.
This is the only thing possible only with the co-operation of the concerned employee only.
9th April 2013 From India, Pune
PAN card is only an identity as given by the Income tax Department. Please note that nowadays, the Employers are NOT paying the salaries on time to the Human resources. Many organizations are not issuing Form No.16 or deducting TDS. Therefore, if an employee genuinely worked in an organization and unfortunately if the employer did not deduct Income tax from the salary payable or deducted the Income tax and did not remit the tax amount deducted, that are NOT the faults of the Employee. Therefore, tracking an employees previous records through his/her PAN Card, is futile one.
Thanks and best wishes
9-4-13 . ,
9th April 2013 From India, Pune
Respected Dr.V.Sundaresan,
The point illustrted by your goodselves is very true. In my case, we are very strict and every penny disbursed is checked with tax scanner and paid only after the tax deduction. You will not believe, my TDS amount on Salary deducted and deposited is Rs.1.10 Crore.
I know this answer is out of the topic of discussion. But if any one want support in terms of TDS, I know the perfect logic and also GOOD SOFTWARES.
9th April 2013 From India, Pune
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