Dear All,

I have had a very bad experience in my career life. I have 6 years of experience in HR & Admin domain and I left my previous job 6 months back becoz of shifting.. I have attended so many interviews and also in 3-4 companies it was on offer stage but don't know what went wrong at the end stage it was rejected. Finally i came to know from one of the company, where i was suppose to join after compleing all the formalities they told us they need to do reference check. Surprisingly, to my shock he updated me that they have received -ve feedback from previous company.

Till my last day i was on good note with my ex-employer and my exit was smooth and i have handedover in a very professional way..To check with ex employees most of them had the same experience..Please advice how to handle this situation and i have already lost 3-4 offer which i was not aware...

Pls let me know how to come out of this complex situation..looking fwd for all of your valuable advice..


R udupa

From India, Bangalore
Dear Mr. R udupa,

It is a deplorable situation into which any employee would really think about. Your expression to - [Till my last day i was on good note with my ex-employer and my exit was smooth and i have handedover in a very professional way..] What makes you think "good note"; may be you were putting an impression differently to them?

May it not be the complete reason to make bitter notes saying - [To check with ex employees most of them had the same experience..] -- How do you know? Have you spoken to any of them yet?

In other words, I go by you and assume that the employer did had that feeling of resentment giving negative feedback to you and few choosen -

- Have you tried investigating the matter?

- If the person who exclaimed, {to my shock he updated me that they have received -ve feedback from previous company} would've been close enough to help you understand the treachery done by your ex-employer...then; Haven't you checked what was the negetivity all about?

Perceiving many a time leads to distress & agony, the best plan to induce is talk to your ex-employer and find the reason behind the scenes and solve by yourself (or) give a call like that of any employer working on BGV and "SELF-CHECK" (This is not a suggested method,though somethings can be worked out rightly through which means it may not be disclosed at any point of the time to the ex-employer).

As the saying goes "Negativity can only feed on negativity".

From India, Visakhapatnam
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Community Manager
Dear R Udupa,
I second Sharmila, please initiate a self-reference check . Nasscom Skill Registry offers this option , you may consider it. Alternatively you can approach any firm to do this for you.
I was in a similar situation , a long time back. I knew an ex-employer was giving a negative ref-check for me. Yet, each time I approached the leadership, they blatantly denied. Finally , a friend who was running a BV firm, agreed to help me . Once I received their report, I e-mailed it to my Global Head, HR, asking reasons to the negative feedback. There was no clear answer as such, but I guess no one issued any negative feedback on me, since then.
Please put your foot down and act. The employer is liable to give reasons to the comments and statements issued about you. Wish you all the best!

From India, Mumbai

Retired from Air India
Dear Udupa, I am at one with (Cite Contribution)1979.But don’t leave the matter as it is even if you get a good job.Your ex-employer must explain why he gave negative feedback. s.k.limaye/mba
From India, New Delhi

Dear Sharmila and (Cite Contribution),
Thank you for your valuable feedback:
Sharmila's query: Good note - means I left in a professional way, before handing over i made all the list of things completed, followup & urgent action on statutory payments like that.. even they were also know company was not in a good position to pay salary..etc...Not even once i fight or had bitter note.. So many times they used to tell me that it was like a jackpot for them after my appointment becoz evertything was smooth without any supervision...etc...etc.
Yes.. i hv checked with left employees..even they had also had the same experience and they hv not reced. their salary for months together..
As (Cite Contribution) said definately i will BGV check....
Thank you once again..

From India, Bangalore
Dear R Udupa,
Profoundly great! to hear "Good note" has its tangible meaning. Appreciate that you have done your best. Endorsing the whole situation, there seems to be no problem from your end. Reason might be anything, it's you who is suffering from such irrelevant feedback. Therefore, as the saying goes "Necessity is the mother of invention" -- Now its your necessity to find [what's cooking]; so you need to invent a protagonist for your verification details and clarify things that causes unnecessary problems.

From India, Visakhapatnam

Thank you saibakta for your motivation. I was so depressed after that and was totally confusion what to do next...Really motivates me all your feedback
From India, Bangalore
Raj Kumar Hansdah

Thanks (Cite Contribution), for sharing your experience.
This is perhaps the first time, I have become aware that one can take up such matters and fight back; instead of just accepting it as the company's attitude about its ex-employees and leaving it at that.
I am reminded of the quote : People do not leave organizations; they leave their managers (bosses).
I hope your courage will inspire others too; not to suffer in silence, leave things at it or look for alternative opportunities when they are victims of such unjustified negative feedback from previous employers.
Warm regards.

From India, Delhi

Dear Mr.Ramaudupa1,

After going through your submissions, I am unable to decipher the exact reason for your quitting your previous organisation. You have said "Shifting". Was your previous organisation shifting or you were shifting is not clear.

In my opinion quitting an employment without an offer on hand is not considered a wise move. In the event the organisation was shifting from one region to other then there is some logic in your leaving. However, professional organisations include the clause that you must be willing to work in any location of the organisation and invariably this is accepted by employees at the time of joining. But when it comes to reality they find it difficult to adapt themselves which is understandable.

In one instance an organisation hired one candidate from our company and this candidate did not reveal the company he was to join and gave the name of yet another company. The candidate was in a hurry to join the new company and kept insisting on his relieving. We relieved him from service. Within a few months of his joining the new company, he was posted to yet another region. Eventually, the company had hired him for the new location and wanted to lure the candidate to join. The candidate assumed that he will be working in the location he was hired initially. Now the candidate is in a fix and is unable to find a job matching his skill sets/ CTC expectations. In this case you will find that even though the employee had an offer on hand when he quit my company, he is in troubled situation.

The situation you are in sparks yet another thought. Will it be advisable to seek a written reference about the service rendered by us when we leave the organisation on a good note, as you have done? Because with such a reference which was issued without any prejudice, we will be in a position to produce evidence to the prospective employer. HR veterans can offer their thoughts on this view.



From India, Madras

Dear Mr. Kannan,
Yes you are right!! But in my case, i had to leave becoz at the same time my family member had a heart attach and had undergone major operation and no one was there to take care and fund arrangement a lot of stress. I had no option & priority matters so the situation made me to leave the job..This is the fact..
Now i am rigorously searching but not finding any suitable job... whcih was on offer stage that also i could not able to get it becoz of negative feedback...

From India, Bangalore

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