Dear Seniors, I would like to know that how I can put a candidate into blacklist if she/he has done fraud with the organization.
From India, Chandigarh
Dear Vikas,

If the employee has done some fraud then he/she deserves punishment. For this you need to first conduct the domestic enquiry. Give employee to defend his/her position. Ensure that enquiry is not vitiated in any way.

If the culpability of the employee is established in the enquiry then management can sack the employee. If the fraud is of serious nature like misappropriation of funds or embezzlement etc, you may lodge a police complaint also.

At the time of issue of "Service cum Employment Certificate", you can mention the reason for leaving the employment as "Services discontinued on disciplinary grounds". The fraudster cannot show certificate of this kind to anyone. This is far grave punishment.

Coming to your main question like blacklisting. Yes there are few websites where you can put the names of employees of this kind. However, if you do that it would be far more vindictive. Matter was between you and the employee. By terminating the employee, you have taken action against him/her and matter ends there. I do not recommend involving the third party here.

I say this because frauds abound from both the sides, employees as well as employers. Why there are website that mentions only the names of fraud employees and why not fraud employers? In this very forum you will find large number of posts where members have mentioned non-payment of salaries, non-payment of gratuity, on spot dismissal etc. Employers of this kind can get away with impunity.

Putting ex-employees name on some website and prohibit him from getting future jobs is striking him/her with vengeance repeatedly. He committed fault for which you have punished him. But then thinking of giving punishment in future also is insidious. Leave him to his destiny. Give him chance to reform.

In the third paragraph above, I have written issuing employment certificate with negative remarks. In fact I recommend you not doing that also. Just write the remarks as "normal".


Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Dear govindsinghnegi ,
Actually She never worked with our organization but she shown a fake experience letter of our Organization to his current employer. and when I received the email of her verification I revert back that " It is an Fake Experience Letter, Not issued by us.
Then her company asked her to leave as she shown fake experience letter to her current organization. She begging me for the certificate. She called me many times and also offered me with good ransoms. But I refused all her proposal. I was talking to her very calmly But she didn't understand. At last she called me at night and said I will do something against you now. So that thing I really didn't like. That was the incident which happened around.
Vikas Sharma

From India, Chandigarh
Dear Vikas

I have gone through this thread carefully; and after your response at #4 above; I wish to suggest the following :

-- It is your word against her. Whatever you have alleged in your latest post (about the phone calls and imputed allegations); you have no proof to produce before any authority or court; should the need so arise..

-- She has never been your employee; so where's the question of "black-listing" her by you or your company ??

-- She has produced a fake experience certificate to another company.

When THAT COMPANY sought your verification, did YOU VERIFY IT ? And accordingly, did you REPLY to THAT COMPANY ??

If you did; your role is over; at that point of time itself.

Now it is up to that company to prosecute/take action further or not.


Have you taken any approval from the seniors of your company?? Does your company have enough TIME and RESOURCES to go after people who have neither worked, nor even applied in your company; in legal terms - THIRD PARTIES - who have nothing to do with you/your company.

The questions, put above, are rhetorical and to deduce proper explanation.

Hope the above is amply clear to you; if not, do seek further clarification on this.

To conclude, please remember if you BLACKLIST someone publicly; or in any public web site; you are liable for being sued for LIBEL or DEFAMATION.

After having said that; what remains unexplained or un-clarified is;

how and why you came into direct contact with a third-party applicant who is applying for job in another company ??

The communications, if any, should have been restricted to HR level only.

The whole episode points to a suspected case of intimidation, threat or blackmail.

One should better watch out, and keep one's defence ready, just in case.

Warm regards.

From India, Delhi
Dear Vikas,
I think you have to be careful. She, it appears might trouble you using some alibi sort of accusation using your telephonic conversation. Even she might go to the police alleging that you are harassing her for some sexual grounds and say you only gave those fake certificates in return. So better safe guard you against possible threats & trouble bruing. I may sound " too much" but who knows what will happen ? If she rings up again try to record on your mobile which will help you to ward of accusation coming up.

From India, Bangalore
By terminating his services, you have scored a point against the employee, who has committed fraud. That itself is punishment for him. If he has any conscience or morality left in him, he will look for ways and means of reforming himself and realise that he cannot get way with this kind of improper conduct.
During my service, when I had to terminate the services of two employees for acting against the interest of the organisation, I carried two kinds of letters with me when I met the employees. I asked them, whether you tender your resignation letter which will be accepted. If you are adamant in your stand, then you accept the other letter which terminates your services with the organisation.
They decided to accept the former letter and the problem was resolved amicably. He would have learnt his lesson the hard way !
Best wishes

From India
Hello Vikas Sharma,

Dinesh V Divekar & Raj Kumar have raised absolutely valid & relevant points in the situation you mentioned.

You haven't mentioned IF your boss/higher-ups in HR are aware of this incident/situation--meaning have you informed them? If not, suggest keep them in the loop.

Another way of looking @ this incident is: on what basis does this lady have the temerity to 'threaten' you [w.r.t. your wordings--'....she called me at night and said I will do something against you now']. Does she know anyone @ the top in your company?

I hope you have retained the mails you got from her present company & your reply for the Reference Check. Suggest save it for a never know when you might need them--to stress your point/action.

One more aspect that's a bit confusing in your thread/Posting. You mentioned ".......She begging me for the certificate. She called me many times and also offered me with good ransoms". How does she know YOU?

If she has called you @ night, that means she has your Mobile#--how did she get it, unless she has a past interaction with you or someone else in your company?

There are still some missing links in your thread--pl fill the gaps & the members can give you the most realistic/practical suggestions.

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad
Dear Vikas, As I am aware of the whole incident,I think you must tell all details in sequence, Then you will get a proper resolution of your query. Regards Lavika HR Executive Angel Broking Ltd
From India, Mohali
Dear TS,
Yes my boss and higher management are aware about this incident. Even I have marked them an official email.
and even i don't know on what basis she threatened me. She don't know anyone in our company but she knows our ex-employee.
Yes I have retained the all email which I have received from her current organization.
now how does she know me? she has given interview in our company 2 years back but that time she didn't turn up. and she got my number from his colleague who came in our office for the verification. So he was carrying my number and he gave mu number to her.

From India, Chandigarh
Dear All,
Each organisation has a goal to achieve which itself very difficult. No business house will go after an ex employee for what every reasons. It is better to focus on your business and try to improve rather then keeping a tab on third party. It is not worth.

From India, Bangalore

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