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Preeti Shukla

Hi All,
I am working in am manufacturing company.It has near about 45 unskilled workers .I am new HR in this company.
Now my boss wants me to prepare a performance appraisal System in which we can include unskilled workers also in their appraisal. Means we should not listen to supervisors only for appraisal....I am not able to make format for it....plz help......
Also i need to design performance appraisal of office help in it also.
Preeti Shukla

From India, Delhi
Director Of Company
Hariharan P S
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Preeti, Appraisal of unskilled workers is done on attributes such as (i) Regularity in Attendance (ii) Attitude towards work (iii) Discipline (iv) Commitment to duty (v) Cooperation & team spirit etc...... You may add a couple of attributes relevant to your line of business & the specific employment parameter of this category of employees. The Appraisal Form need not have more than 7 - 8 attributes. Let them be graded on a scale of 1 to 5; 1 being the lowest. If you can put in effort to spell out what each step on the scale means (for each attribute), you will facilitate the Supervisor/ Manager in initiating an objective report. The Form could have a Final Rating of the worker & also details of improvement areas.
It is to be only a one page Appraisal Form. The outcome can be summarized by you on an Excel Sheet & shared with your boss. Same would apply to office staff, but the attributes may differ (if they are categories like clerks etc..).

From India, Delhi

Dear Preeti,

In addition to what other members have contributed I wish to share my views

As you have not mentioned what is the nature of job these unskilled workers are performing, I have assumed that they are performing the job of helpers (moving materials, packing, loading and unloading etc). In such cases there will not be a wider scope to appraise them. As Mr.Bhatia has rightly suggested you can go by only subjective appraisal and there will not be any objective appraisal.

On the other hand if these workers are also performing the job what your regular workers are doing then the scope widens. In such a case in my opinion you can follow the steps below

1) Identify all the skills available in the company and categorise them department wise.

2) Categorise these departmentwise skills in the ascending order (the least skill to the most complicated skill)

3) Prepare a training plan for these unskilled workers in consultation with the respective department heads.

4) Prepare a skill matrix plot the workers capabilities for each of the skills as - a) Don't know b) Knows but can't do (Lacks the physical strength, height, he can't be spared immediately as he is skilled in an alternate skill etc., ) c) Knows can do d) Knows can do and train

5) Once you have mapped this you know the current level of skills of these unskilled workers.

6) Prepare a training card that will contain the Name of the worker, identified skill, trainer, job number, Qty produced, Qty accepted and reasons for rejection and get is signed by the department supervisor and the worker himself. The card has to be filled up on every occasion the worker works in the respective skill.

7) At the end of each training period conduct an evalution for each skill acquired by him and plot his skill once again in the Skill matrix.

8) If you observe a shift in the skill category then you will be able to appraise his performance subjectively and the process will be transparent.The number of skills acquired/ enhancement of level in skills over the given period.

9) The skilled workers also earn appreciation in the appraisals considering the number of workers trained by them during a period.

10) Plotting their skills on a radar chart prior to the training period and after the training period will give you a visual picture of training acquired.

For Staff category in my opinion you can start with the objective rating method (Key performance areas/ Key result areas/ Key performance Indicators)

a) Set objectives, measurables, unit of measurement, frequency of appraisal and related scores.

b) The total score of the listed objectives should be equated to 100 for ease of calculation.

c) The employee needs to plot their achievements against objectives and scoring against each objective.

The employee's superior has to assess and guide the employee to excel in his performance. Of course you can also include subjective ratings for staff category such as innovation/ creativity in work, coherently working with superiors and peers, flexiblity in performance etc but each subjective rating has to be supported with examples for the appraisal period.


From India, Madras
Preeti Shukla

Dear Kannan,
Thank you for your valuable suggestion.
I would like to tell you that company in which i am working manufactures electrical panels. We have different dept like fabrication, painting, wiring etc.....
Previously here appraisal was made on the basis of efficiency told by supervisors. But this time Boss wants to make a appraisal which will include the worker opinion about his work..i.e 180 degree.
But problem is I can't design the appraisal in english as they dnt knw it.....
Even my boss want to make bench mark for workers so they improve in their efficiency.....
Thanks you Bhatia Sir I have taken your points.
Preeti Shukla

From India, Delhi
hariharan p s
Dear Preeti,
I feel for unskilled workers, the target (either daily or weekly) would be fixed and compare to what they performed and secondly, how much of damage or repetition or time taken or some of the measures against which they can be monitored. Most of the organizations may not provide training for such people since they may be given a short instruction prior to the start of the work on a daily basis since they may be rotated in various types of works based on the daily needs. In case they are given a regular type of jobs, you can ask them to brief the procedures and care they have to take while doing in their own simple language and judge accordingly. Reporting you can consult the superiors and and have an honest markings since the labors may not know your scaling.
Hariharan P S

From India, New Delhi
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