How many biases have we come across at the hiring stage? We imagine we hire the right fit , but what happens in the due course ? What sets our triggers, do we observe ourselves closely enough for this ?

Here are few hiring biases , which may sound very vague, but did affect many , including me. These are primarily behavioural issues. Most of the categories where experienced during the large scale recruitment drives, where achieving the target was almost a bigger goal than hiring the right fit!

'Feel good' bias : Candidates who seemingly appeared lesser toxic, almost everyone in my team would give them higher score, eventually, offering them the job

'Not-so-needy' bias: This happens regularly , specially during large recruitment drives. Candidates who seem too eager and genuinely need of the job, appear tensed. Whereas, others, who may not have that a high requirement, look more confident, hence, often secure it!

'Brand-name' bias : The process suddenly gets paced-up , the moment a talent from a Tier -1 firm is being interviewed. There might be better candidates, but the brand , suddenly weighs upon everything else.

'Halo' bias : Few candidates, who were either high achievers in some Organisation or referred by some power centre, would sweep through the rounds , only to later realise , that it wasn't good as it was sold.

'Long-day' bias: This is one the worst bias, ever! Each time we had a weekend drive, most of our rejects would be during the first half, of the day. We were sick of explaining it to the teams, but to no avail. Its only after the lunch break, when the pressure to achieve the numbers would begin, suddenly candidates would start clearing almost all the rounds. Yes , it is bad, but it isn't limited to the drives, it spawns over the entire hiring cycle.

'Too good at the interview round' bias: This happens when the candidate is extremely good at clearing the rounds. The interviewer almost misses the point of matching expectations of the candidate. A very long time back, we hired a group of extremely well spoken MBA-IT, for an ITO project. They were excellent at the interview rounds. But the moment they joined in and realised what an ITO was, they ran away at their top-most speed!

The only reason why I have shared this, because, being aware of a bias is almost a remedy of its own. Did I have a chance to see through all of them? No I didn't. I tried fire fighting as much as I could , but all went in vain!

The performance of the new hires depend on many supporting functions. We may not be entirely responsible for a bad-hire, all the time. However, acting out of a trigger, might back fire . Please share if you had experienced any .

From India, Mumbai

Dear Ms. (Cite Contribution)
This is the fact going on while hiring in many organisations. Instead of checking the candidates' efficiency/calibre in performance, majority of employers are falling prey to these biasedness.
Thanks for sharing and keep on sharing.

From India, Kumbakonam
Thankyou Bhaskar !
Yesterday, I had a long call with a leader who have been working in talent acquisition for long. She had worked through different sectors. Strangely, my learning were no different from her's . Hence I wrote this . I am sure, some one will see through, we wait to hear from them.

From India, Mumbai

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