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Thread Started by #harshitasolanki

I recently joined a office where i been only for 1 day,which is of joining day.I dont want to work my question is that I hvnt sign any bond but In agreement letter of the company it is written there that if employee leave the office she has to pay 2months salary. Plz suggest me if I abscond from office what whill happen in terms of Legal Action
2nd February 2013 From India, Mumbai
Nothing. Bonded labor is not acceptable. They may 'bark' for sometime. Ignore them and keep going. Do not rant against them or entertain their comments because it is waste of time and energy for you.
2nd February 2013 From United States, Arlington
If you have signed your offer letter & submitted to them, its professional to intimate the management/HR in regard to this.
3rd February 2013 From India, Chennai
Dear Govind singh Negi,
If I inform HR that I dont want to continue with this company ,then again the clause of 2 months salary will come because it is written there that If company will terminate or employee will resign he/she has to pay 2 month salary. now my question is If I abscond then I may escape paying the 2 month sal or If I inform them then what is the guarantee that they wont take any action against me because its written in offer letter that if employee will leave from her wish he has to pay!! plz suggest me what to do.
4th February 2013 From India, Mumbai
[QUOTE=harshitasolanki;2021885]Dear Govind singh Negi,

If I inform HR that I dont want to continue with this company ,then again the clause of 2 months salary will come because it is written there that If company will terminate or employee will resign he/she has to pay 2 month salary. now my question is If I abscond then I may escape paying the 2 month sal or If I inform them then what is the guarantee that they wont take any action against me because its written in offer letter that if employee will leave from her wish he has to pay!! plz suggest me what to do.


Dear Harshita

If please clear your situation here again that

1. They issue or not appointment letter after offer letter,

2. Because generally the appointment letter have the clause about notice period

3. Are there all formalities of joining complete on first day.

Yet do not take serious generally employer can not take any action like ur situation, do not talk them but reply there call and tell them currently you are not able to come office and busy in personal work
4th February 2013 From India, New Delhi
First of all, tell me, why did you quit the job on day one itself.. What is the specific reason ? These days youngsters are so jumpy , indecisive and uncertain about what they want, where they go and why they go.. Most unfortunate decision to quit on day one. Something should have happened to make you quit on day one. Hope nobody had forced you to join the company. On your own volition, on your own desire or intent you joined the company ? Then why did you quit ? Whether you work for one day or one hour, the moment you have reported for duty, you are an employee. Please remember that. As some learned colleagues have mentioned above, there is nothing free in this world. Every organisation spend money / efforts / resources for going through resumes, short listing, identifying candidates, calling them for interview, deploying senior personnel for interview, preparing offer letters, contact the candidate for possible date of joining, briefing the candidate, orienting the candidate - see so much activities precede before you join the company and quit the company like throwing out smoked cigarette. If you think you were very clever and leaving the job in a huff and then asking here the repercussions... These implications, you should have thought of, before even joining ! Can you imagine how much the hardship the company must be going through right now, starting from square one to identify a replacement for your short lived service of one day !

Anyway, it is your life and all the baggages come along with you only. Be stable in your mind and thoughts, take time to decide on your plans consult around and then implement. It is not like jumping into water and asking for swimming lessons through e-amil!
4th February 2013 From India
I regret to mention here that many HR professionals are only advising the candidate to go quite, to go silent, switch off the mobile phone, run away to Rishikesh and what not. Please dont try to be a devil's advocate... It will be useful if you tell them the fact instead of converting them into white-collared criminals from now onwards - how to jump bail etc.. Let them face the reality and accept the repercussions. Advise them to take decisions consciously and on their own, instead of making them to take legal recourse for doing something unethical ? Can any HR person here tell that what she has done is right ? Did you bother to find out why she quit the job on day one itself ? How of many of us here have joined an organisation and did not report next day and tell that boldly with a happy face in a forum like this !

My earnest request to all. Please do not support with such run-away vagabonds who do not feel their commitment and own up responsibility. I know, it is not a capital crime nor this is something all of us can support also.

Just imagine if you are the HR person of the organisation where she worked for one day and quit ! How would you feel right now ? I leave it to your conscience to decide.
4th February 2013 From India
Dear Ashok Jangra
clearing my situation here again that
1. They issued appointment letter ,in which the clause is mentioned.
2. Are there all formalities of joining complete on first day.Yes Almost but I didnt submit my last employer Experience certificate and Relieving letter as I will get it after some time. I also didnt open a bank a/c by company and didnt login by the id given by them .My access card (swipe) is also not given to me.
4th February 2013 From India, Mumbai
I quit the job on day because I did not get the opportunity of the work discussed in interview.
Only to manage excel sheets I found no future growth.Thus left it I tried to speak to seniors on day 1 they said
slowly I will get adapted .But my question to you is that I really dont want to work in that company They stll want to retain me.
Now any clause of 2 month salary should bother me or not ?
4th February 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear Friend,

Rome is not built in one day. As your seniors rightly told you, you have to start adapting yourself to the situation, learn new skills and only then you can become a complete man / professional. Overnight you cant achieve success. If you are restless and impatient on the first day itself trying to match what they told you during interview and what you are asked to do. No harm in learning new things in life. Nobody can teach you new skills, when you get an opportunity grab it with both hands, instead of running away on the first day itself.

I started my career as Stenographer but retired as Sr DGM / Head of HR after 30 years. During this time, I graduated, did PG in HR, did a Diploma in Russian Language, innumerable soft skills and so on. Had i been impatient like you, I would be nowhere at this point of time.

Since they have mentioned the clause in the appointment letter, they may not catch you but they can always give you trouble, if they want for deserting the company on the first day itself. Much depends upon how they treat your sudden absence, without conveying or communicating your reasons for leaving the job abruptly.

You have to wait and watch the situation. As somebody has rightly mentioned above, these days, a person can be tracked very easily. You have to do one thing after another to delete the track you have been leaving behind in your movement.

You have to take a chance........
4th February 2013 From India
Hi Harshita,

See, try to understand this -

When a company wishes to terminate us, we expect the company to give us some warning and give us some time so that we can look up for some other job and carry out from there. If that is not possible, we would at least expect them to compensate us for the notice period.

So is it unfair if the company expects the same from us? Is it too much on their part to ask us for this?

Another thing, lets change the scenario -

You were selected by this firm, you joined in, all your joining formalities were done and agreement given and clauses accepted. You worked enthusiastically for whole day. Next day you were looking forward to better experience when on the gate you got to know you're name in cancelled from the employer's list or muster roll.

WOn't you be agitated and curse the HR and others for the lack of clarity and communication?

Please understand that the company who appoints you have people working on different things. It is not that they have a position vacant, they advertise it and it gets filled in automatically. Proper planning, costing, scheduling is done. Tremendous time is spent in screening resumes and shortlisting candidates for interview and finally selecting and on-boarding.

Sure you might have had a genuine reason to take such a huge step but what is it? What made you think to leave the company in just 8 hours of your journey?

Another thing about the implications -

1. You didn't inform your seniors about you leaving so you'd be marked absconded.

2. They may or may not contact you for notice period pay but if they track your future employers, they may share the experience they've had with you. You'd be in trouble.

3. In future you'd never be able to apply to this company or its sister companies - they've marked you red.

4. Will you conscious allow you to do this?

As rightly said by Mr sundaram, rome wasn't built in a day

When I was hired in my current place. I had nothing to do in my first week but to just idle away my time. Now i seldom have time to breathe in and out. Just because your 1st day was a little relaxed don't mean you quit. If they'd over burden you on 1st day, you'd run away and would never wish to work ever.

Everything has its pace dear. While driving, your car accelerates slowly you can't go from 0 to 100 directly, you've to cross each speed limit before you reach 100.

Hope you have little clarity. Absconding may just hamper your career, please don't do that just for your own sake.

ANother thing - I didn't say all that because I'm an HR and wish to scare you off. Whatever I said is just like showing you the realiry that happens. If you'd go through the site you'd understand how many people actually repent having absconded.

Hope it helped :)
4th February 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear Harshita,

I agree with Ankita and Sundaram.

But first, I would like to know:

Do you have another offer in your kitty or have you accepted an offer ?

How can one think of quitting a job (whether 1 day or 1 year old) without having an alternate employment ??

It seems so bizarre that one who has gone through the rigors of getting a job and completed the formalities, would think of quitting on Day-1 itself ??!!

Moreover, the very fact that you were asked to do some Excel sheet; does not mean anything at all - by way of drawing any conclusion; for the following reasons :
  • initially no one is sure whom should the newcomer report to, it needs to be decided taking into consideration thee changes that may have taken place during the recruitment lead time.
  • the place or position of posting needs to be confirmed again to accomodate any chamges in the meantime.
  • there is a lag in making appropraite seating arrangements
  • no-one is too confident, free or eager to give a new joinee a worthwhile work on Day-1 itself
  • one has to prove oneself on the job and display one's calibre through delivering high quality output before expecting anything worthwhile

It seems either you are not telling the whole truth or you are very casual about choosing a job. In any case, it would be fair if you give notice, continue till the notice period and then quit this job; unless you feel its the company's fault in selecting you.

Warm regards.
4th February 2013 From India, Delhi
Well reading through all this I would say the whole problem lies with the HR of the company you joined. Every company and work place must have a Emloyee Induction progarm for a new entrant. this will enable him to comfortably board the ship and sail happily. All the HR guys in thread are looking at what he has doen by absconding but none is looking towards themselves to say HR has erred.
4th February 2013 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Hi Rukshandeva,
I request you to throw some light on the subject. How do you wish to be inducted on your first day and what would make you stay.
I would be happy to learn, trust me.
But if you do not have suggestions, please refrain from blaming the HR. the point was very well cleared by Mr. Raj Kumar.
Yet if you think there was a way HR oculd have handled situation differently, I am sure all of us would want to learn for our future reference.
4th February 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear Raj Kumar ,
Yes you are very correct I have few job offers in my pocket thats why I took instant decision seeing my future growth.
my ques was about the payment of 2 month salary,in short will you ans me that do I need to pay any amount to the company or not? As I signed on the appointment letter clause also I didnt submit my exp letter and reliving letter of my last employer does it makes any sense on my joining formalities.
4th February 2013 From India, Mumbai

I hope you have taken better decision.

As far as your main query is concerned -

On your joining day, they gave you your appointment letter and made you aware of terms and conditions including seperation policy. Hence it is expected out of you to abide by these policies.

The joining formalities would not depend on you submitting your documents.

Do one thing, talk to your HR and senior and state that you've got a better opportunity and would like to bag it for future growth and if something could be worked out on mutual terms regarding this situation.

Since you've worked just 1 day I hope the HR co-operates. But be prepared for questions like -

1. If you had other offers in your hand, why did you instantly accepted our offer when you could have asked for a couple of day's time?

2. When did you get this offer? Were you anticipating it? Why did you not mention same in interview.

Surely 2nd point is very fishy, had you told so in interview, it would have really hampered your chance. But at least be prepared with constructive answers to handle the situation very maturely.

However if the company follows the policies very strictly, you might end up paying 2 month's notice. Check out pros and cons and work out on mutual terms with HR.

Hope it helped.
4th February 2013 From India, Mumbai
You may be on probation period so no notice period is required from either side.
So don't worry that will not harm you anyways.
For All Team Members : See, with reference to her posts she wants only particular answer of her question. She is least bother about the loss of the company or xyz because she is having job offers in hand. so your long long replies will not work.
Save you time and energy for other needy members.
Chill HR (Always Smile)

4th February 2013 From India, Gurgaon
Hi Anikta,
Yes HR could have.
If a effective induction program was there he would not have been working and doing excel sheets on the first but would be getting intoduced to his collegeus and the company policies and procedures. I dont know if you from HR I am not but from QA. In our workpalce the HR induction progarm is carried out for two days culminating with one on one meet with the MD. It is the bounden duty of the HR to welcome and make at ease a new comer instead of dropping him in the deepend. If you need more on prepartion of good induction program you can inbox me.
4th February 2013 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Hi Harshita,
As rightly mentioned by Ankita , you should talk to the HR person & then leave, since one day of working they may not be that strict . Also if you have taken a decision to quit the job , as a professional you should inform to the HR about your leaving the job. Absconding is not the right word or a behaviour to be displayed by a professional. Be Assertive & bold enough to open your views to anyone , this would help you to lead a peaceful career.
4th February 2013 From India, Chennai
Dear Rushandeva,

I would not go into comparing induction processes as differnt firms have different inductions and length of it.

Secondly, sure you said that introducing a new joinee to his/her colleagues is best way to help them be in a group. And I think introduction would have been done.

Thirdly, if or not giving excel learning was important would depend on the job roles that one has to perform.

Yes, I am from HR and belong to a smaller firm where induction process is of one day. We introduce the person to his team, reporting manager, give him information on policies and procedures, and other things. However, at times it so happen that there is space constrain, other team members are little occupied in a different task etc due to which the induction and introduction takes a back seat role.

Would like to cite an example. Off lately we hired an analyst but the day he joined in, we had some foreign partners visited us for a day long meeting. Due to which the induction process involved only me (hr) and him and introduced him to his team mates. Ofocurse you cant expect hr to brief you on what you should be doing as your senior would be the best person to guide you. Since the head was in the day's long meeting, and due to other important discussions with our partners, we couldn't entertain him. He was given the manuals on policies, we gave him websites and other realted material to study.

He was included in the team the next day and eventually inducted on his job role, briefing him of his roles.

And like you said your firm has a 2 day induction programme, it would be unfair on my part to conclude you didn't do enough on the 1st day itself.

Lastly I bought your point that HR could have handled the induction some other way but really wanted some suggestions. Introducing to the team is a very basic thing that anyone and everyone does. Apart from that if you have any ideas on inducting a new person, I (at least) would love to learn.

4th February 2013 From India, Mumbai
Hi Harshita,
I don't think the clause of 02 months salary will be applicable in your case.It would have been applicable if you would have been for few months and undergone if any training etc.
As per me,you should talk to your HR and discuss your concerns like JD was not clear at the time of interview and exit on a professional manner.
Make sure you take good,careful and calculated decisions from next time and most importantly do research before you go to interview about the company,its products & services,job role & responsibilities etc.
4th February 2013
While I concur with Ankita... I have a question to you:
- What do you want, a peaceful exit without fear of legal action or live in fear of being caught?
If the answer to the above question is "yes", then pay up, this may leave you poorer financially but your professionalism will remain intact to a large extent.
I hope this answers your query.
4th February 2013 From India, Hyderabad
What I suggest is that you have preplaned induction programme which will be given to the new comer on arrival on his first day with every hour of his induction period suitable to the organsation he would be acompanied and helped around to learn the layout, procedures, collegues etc.,. I dont agree on your compromising but of course it depends on the size of the organisation and the number of people available to carry out the task but I feel it pays to have a new comer inducted properly to both make him feel at ease and for the company to retain him. i am unbale to post my contact detilas here but I am willing to share with you my deatils with you.
4th February 2013 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
dear harshitha,
what our N.K. SUNDARAM has told is absolutely right,,, see from day one ,no company will put you into the work and more than that,, they will observe your behavior and your attitude in the first six of five days you will spend in the office, if you really had the zeal of learning you would have stayed in that company..
being an HR is the most responsible job ok, how come you come to the conclusion that in the first day itself you thought the management has broken the promises, it is not fair to your career too to be an good employee.
inform me if i am wrong with my words
Vengopala B A
4th February 2013 From India, Bangalore
The question arises whether you have accepted that appointment letter, even if yes the clause of 2 months notice will come into force after the completion of your probation period ( till you accept the confirmation letter). without accepting the confirmation letter it is not valid there may be 7 day notice or even less or nil.
Pls. read your appointment letter carefully and relieve you tension.
Rajiv Singh.
4th February 2013 From India
Rajiv Singh
There is no Probation period .
The employee is confirm from day 1.I have read the appointment letter there is no such specification about probation period.It means the employee is confirmed from day 1.
4th February 2013 From India, Mumbai
A small inquisition to you.. You have identified a job-opening there, Went through interview's & got placed too.
From a HR point of view he has acquired/found a replacement to the particular position. Also how it is possible for you to make an opinion about the future growth within a day??
4th February 2013 From India, Chennai
Dear Hashita,
It is strange to me that you want to quit a job on the very day of resumption!
In any case, employees have the liberty to leave a job they are no longer interested in so long as they fulfill the necessary conditions.
First, you need to understand the terms of the offer very well. There is usually a clause relating to probation period. Check to see if the requirement of returning two months salary in liue of notice relates to the probation period or after confirmation of your appointment.
It is not likely that an employee will be required to refund two months salary if he/she has not been confirmed on the job - especially that you have not even earned any salary from the organisation.
It is advisable that you resign properly by satisfying all conditions. Job related information have a way of going around.
Best of luck.
4th February 2013 From Nigeria, lagos
This has turned out to be a long and interesting discussion for all of us to learn.

However, harshita is not in the least bothered.

She has only 1 question,so lets answer that clearly :


Once you have signed the appointment letter and have worked (even for an hour), you are bound by the terms of the letter. You therefore have to give a 2 month notice or pay a notice pay of 2 months. The company can file a case against you and pursue it. Chances are courts will not not grant it since the person has worked for only one day.

On the other hand, the cost of fighting a legal battle against the company will be very very expensive for you. Just came to another case like yours in the precious week, the case had 55 hearings till date (actually 55 adjournments). You oay the lawyer each time. Even if he is charging ou 1000 per day, thats 55000 gone and in addition your cost of travel to the court and 55 times u apply to the company for leave.

Rest, the other members have already advised you.
5th February 2013 From India, Mumbai
I wish to put my views on the induction debate.

Ofcourse I have the hind sight view that very clearly shows the HR was not at fault

Except for having chosen a bad candidate.

Indiction can take any shape. Tata has 15 day induction for certain level of new employees. on the other hand, for some junior posting, it's 1 hour. It's context sensitive. Few companies or position need an extensive induction.

Our company for example, is a team of 40 consultants and auditors working from 3 offices. Induction in our office involves introduction if the new employee to the team sitting in the office he will be working, and a mail to the 4 managers about the person joining. As and when he will work with other teams, he will get to meet them. (compared to us, the HR there has done much more).

The candidate was adequately briefed about the firm during interview (or has read about us before applying). So we don't need to cover that. For some critical matters we need to get a NDA signed, which takes 2 days. Therefore in some cases, the person can not even access previous reports till then and basically does time pass or helps someone or generally just gets to know people.

Even when someone starts working they are given small and simple work and the real,critical work is given only after the team lead or manager is sure the new emoloyee will be able to do it properly.

Someone leaving after 1 day or in the first week also happens, we generally say good riddance. Manager will give hr a piece of his mind for selecting a stupid candidate, but he also knows that HR would no be able to judge properly during an interview such a thing.

The original poster has behaved in an immature and unethical manner.

But there is no shortage of such a person.

It's better we all not down the name so if she comes to any of our office, we treate with caution.

(nah, we won't. Too many such candidates are floating around any way)
5th February 2013 From India, Mumbai
Hi :

I agree and appreciate the inputs provided by Sundaram, Ankita & Saswata.

I hope Harshita picks some good lessons from this discussion thread. I personally recommend Harshita to scale up and adopt a mature & professional behaviour if you wish to succeed professionally.

It is perfectly fine if you have chosen to quit in a day probably because you are lucky to have other offers hence you feel it doesnt matter to just move on. Let me share a real life incident about myself.

While I was pursuing my graduation, I had got an assignment with a reputed company to assist the Executive Assistant of the Chairman & Managing Director. They were aware I was studying and were flexible about my timing/leave plan etc. I worked in this company for around a week and quit without informing since I felt that the work was boring bcoz I was given filing work and some bit of drafting of letters etc. I received a followup call from the company but I said that I have discontinued (least realising how immature and unprofessional I was behaving). Four years down the line I completed MBA (HR) and was seeking a job. Incidently I got an interview opportunity in the same company and I was excited to grab this chance. I did very well in the interview and got positive indications that I was among the top 2 candidates. The job profile & package was too good for a beginner like me. I finished my process and was leaving. Accidently I bumped into a lady who I thought was almost a stranger. The next day I received a call from the Executive Assistant and she spoke to me. Offcourse I did not forget I worked with the same company early but since it was just a week so I thought noone would remember. The EA spoke nicely telling me that it was good to see me yday and enquired if the interview was good etc. Welllll the call ended on a positive note and my chances of clicking this dream job apparently negative.

Believe me it was a lesson of a life time for me. Someone rightly said it is a small world and we could bump into anyone anytime. Hence do not damage the path which you may have to travel sometime in future. Please quit like a mature professional. Speak to HR and inform them your decision and ask them if you need to complete the exit formalities. Since you were there just 1 day they may not insist you to serve 2 months notice and may waive it off but will remember you as a mature professional.


- Gia
5th February 2013 From India, Pune
Excellent input by Mr. Gia ! World is shrinking in terms of communication and it is very easy to access and get to know the background. Let us not take decisions in a hurry and repent at leisure.
5th February 2013 From India
It is your duty to resign as per the termination clause contained in yout terms of your appointment letter.If no formal appointment letter was issued, you can terminate the contract at any time simply by serving a notice.However, if you leave without issuing any notice, then after giving you 2/3 notices ,they may treat you as absconding and may ultimately terminate your contract.
5th February 2013 From India, Delhi
Your case was a very important lesson for people
(pity you had to learn it the hard way)
But think of a case where you would go to another company and then find someone who knew of what you have done in the original case and you lose an opportunity. That unfortunately is not considered by most people when they walk off without information or notice

5th February 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear Harshita

Thanks for your disclosure.

I agree with the opinions and observation preceding my post; esp. that from Ankita, who has been constantly following-up your issue.

I shall be brief and to the point :
It seems that despite having a few job offers; you went to this company and 'joined' just to find out if it "suits" you, in which case you could have continued.
Please go ahead, meet the HR concerned in person, and tell him exactly, the TRUTH.

Accept your mistake and apologize genuinely and profusely for the inconvenience you have caused to the company and others (you also prevented a NEEDY candidate who could have fit the shoe).

He will ask you to submit your resignation - incorporating a written apology and appeal for waiver of notice pay.

No good HR or company would hold it against you - as it would reflect badly upon them and also be bad in law (to allow work for a day and penalize two months salary in lieu of notice pay).

So, your problem is solved; you should feel free of any stress henceforth.
Now, you shall again be going to the next company(since you have a couple of offer letters in hand) ; and doing the same thing - if it does not suit you !!

If this is likely the case; it is better that you seek to know - how to evaluate a job/position/company to ascertain whether it meets your individual requirements; rather than indulging in such mis-adventure.

Warm regards.
5th February 2013 From India, Delhi
Yes Saswata indeed it was a lesson learnt the hardway.
Luckily I had my mentor who guided me to meet the CMD and appologise personally and mend relations with the EA as well. I had to really work hard to rebuild my credibility with the EA and going forward I even requested the EA to permit me to give her as my reference in my future employment. Since she was a great professional she did pass on positive feedback during my ref checks. Today 9 years down the line I am happy I corrected myself and ensured to build and retain my credibility whenever I quit any company. I am very fortunate to work with 3 of the tier 1 IT companies in our country but never forget my initial months of struggle and this very important lesson of my life.
- Gia
5th February 2013 From India, Pune
What you say is correct and stands to reason.I fully endorse your stand and views. We should try to project the actual position rather than give hypothetical suggestion or blindly support such an unwanted behaviour.
6th February 2013 From India, Bangalore
Dear Harshi,
Please note that you are tied with 2 month notice period. Company's has the right to ask you to pay the 2 month salary (in lieu payment) for your quitting, instead you are refuse to pay this case goes to court. (bear in mind that you have signed the letter of appointment)
Instead of left the company without informing, it's much better you discuss with HR than under the company's discretion they may allow you to go peacefully.
In general, most of the company's can tolerate if you are really insist to quit. Because they don't want to keep the unproductive employee. But then, it show your weakness of assessing the company's before you join them.
Please don't take risk that can ruin your future.
6th February 2013 From Malaysia, Seremban
Dear Harshita,
Generally companies will not go for legal action and in your case, you been there for a single day. if you have good opportunities in your hand definitely you will select the best one.
This had happened with me 2 times but I had intimated to the employer on next day.
and about 2 months salary termination clause, these type of clauses always mentioned in appointment letters for employee and employers benefit, so that every side have sufficient time to search their requirements.
Being a HR, we can also understand the problem from employer side that is why rather than abscond give a justify reason and leave.
6th February 2013 From India, Delhi
In corporate world, the attitude matters very much. We have to rotate our mind 360 degrees and think in all directions before taking a decision, as our entire future depends on that single move! A lot of 'Youngsters' as I have seen in my experience, are rash, abrasive and restless and don't think of the future consequences. They think they know everything and they need no consultation or advice from any body. It is only later they realize that they have made a bad move! At that time, it will be too late to mend things.
What is required is mental maturity or as Daniel Goleman calls it, the high level of 'emotional intelligence' and consult better informed people before taking such drastic step.


6th February 2013 From India, Bangalore
hi everybody,
i am in confusion could you pls anyone suggest me solution for this am graduation in BA ARTS after completion degree had worked as a HR assistant 2 years due to some problems resigned job,
now i did MBA IN HR correspondence working as a mkgt sales coordinator, i am very much interested in HR dept now what should i do further.
6th February 2013 From India, Bangalore
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