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I have 2Yrs service is current company and 5 Yrs service in the prev. company. I have transferred my PF amount from prev account to current account. Total amount will be arround 4lacs. Now I want to withdraw some amount for construction of my home.
Jan 23 I purcahsed a land in my native as it is done in a very short period, I am not able to apply for Advance withdrawal for land purchase. In the few months, I will start the construction. For the same, I am going to take Home loan from commerical bank also.
Can I withdraw EPF along with Home Loan? Is there any issue? Total construction cost will be more than 20lacks. How much time it will take to process the application of withdrawal? and Will I get all the EPF amount in a single payment ?
Kindly help me, I have to make financial planning before starting the construction.
Thanks & Regards
C. Vairavan
1st February 2013 From India, Chennai
You are eligible to take loan from PF for construction of house. You can apply in form 31 attaching the estimate and plan approval. Also attach a cancelled cheque leave so that they can make NEFT to your bank. Normally it will take maximum 30 days to process the advances but if you visit the office and frequently ask for the status the same can be made faster. The status is available online also but I would recommend that you should visit the PF Office personally in order to get the things move faster.
1st February 2013 From India, Kannur
Hi Madhu
Thanks for your reply. I have few more doubts. I will also apply for home loan as well. Will it create problem? If I want to withdraw 4 lacs from my account, will it be paid in a single payment?
Thanks Once again
1st February 2013 From India, Chennai
Dear C. Vairavan, You also need to attach Non- Encumbrance Certificate with Form No. 31. So you have to apply for home loan after the withdraw of loan from pf. thanks/regards, Amit Kumar
1st February 2013 From India, Chandigarh
No problem you can take loan from banks also. PF advance is given from your own contribution and therefore, no pledging or other legal documents are required. The approval from the local authorities and the estimate are required just to make sure that the fund is not misused. The PF will make one and single payment.
1st February 2013 From India, Kannur
Dear All
I have learnt that when we take out some amount from our PF contribution then the amount varies for different purposes and it requires a certain years of employment as PF member.In my knowledge the condition for withdrwal of PF amount for construction of house is that the member must have completed 5 years of service as PF member,can avail this benefit just once during entire service and can withdraw 36 times of member's wages.I would like to know that am i correct or wrong??
Seniors please contribute....
2nd February 2013 From India, Ghaziabad
Advance for the purpose of construction or purchase of house will be available on completion of five years of service. Similarly, advance for marriage is available only if the member has seven years of membership. A further advance on any ground is also given subject to some conditions even if the member has availed one advance. As such advance for alteration of house can be availed but after five years of completion of the construction. Ten years service is required for taking advance for repayment of a loan taken from an approved body for construction or purchase of house. For other purposes the length of service is not a matter.
Please find the attachment.
2nd February 2013 From India, Kannur

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File Type: doc PF Advances.doc (43.0 KB, 4086 views)

Dear Mr. Vairavan,
As rightly suggested by Mr. Madhu, you can opt for withdrawal on the grounds of house construction. EC or agreement copy are not required to avail this withdrawal. You need to give a declaration under Form 31A along with form 31 and other documents as narrated by Mr. Madhu to get the benefit. I am enclosing some of the documents for your ready reckon.
P. Vathiraj
2nd February 2013 From India

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File Type: pdf Form31_Declaration.pdf (17.0 KB, 6143 views)
File Type: pdf Form31.pdf (921.8 KB, 2109 views)
File Type: doc Para 68B of Employees PF Scheme.doc (46.5 KB, 1935 views)
File Type: pdf Withdrawal of PF for housing loaN 05.6.2012.pdf (177.1 KB, 2463 views)

Respected All,
As per your conversation i want asked one question:
I have completed my service in my present company more then 3 years.
Is that i am eligible to take advance from PF for my personal business.?
Please suggest me with your valuable feedback.
Biswajit Biswas

3rd February 2013 From India, Kolkata
For investing in personal business advance from PF is not available and therefore, the question of service does not arise in your case. Obviously, once you complete your service and or decide not to join any employment you can withdraw the PF and invest the money as you wish.
3rd February 2013 From India, Kannur
My friend has been been working in current organization for last 4 years. He bought property last year in May and taken major loan from Private MNC bank. His organization has maintained PF in Government account.
He has query on EPF policy :
- Since he has not completed 5 years of service, can he seek PF withdrawal.
- In case he wants to prepay loan, can he do from PF withdrawal.
- After he attains 5 years in service, is there any option to seek PF withdrawl to prepay loan he has taken.
- If yes, what documentation is needed to do PF withdrawl.
- If PF withdrawl is not possible, is there a procedure so that he can seek loan against PF balance.
13th February 2013 From United States, Lincolnshire
Dear sir,
I have completed 10 years at my service in NTPC (GOVT PSU). In the year 2010 I purchased a flat through home loan given by my employer (NTPC),along with that I also withdraw Rs. 4 lacs from my EPF as permanent withdrawl for financing the same flat. Now I want to purchase a plot at my native place, can I permanently withdrawal from EPF for financing the plot. (whether as per EPF rule permanent withdrawal for flat purchase and for purchasing the land/plot are treated differently or same)
13th November 2013 From India, Pune
There is no permanent withdrawal of fund while in service but you can take non refundable advance and that was what you have done in 2010. Now, the PF Act permits another advance for alteration/ addition to the existing one after 5 years of its completion and repair of existing house after 10 years of service. These are available only once in the service. Purchase of plot, construction and purchase of house come under the same category and are not independent and is available once in service only. Yet another advance related to residential house is repayment of housing loan and is possible if you have completed 10 years. That also is available only once in service.
14th November 2013 From India, Kannur
While filling out FORM 31, point 7 asks for to whose favour cheque need to be drawn. Whether i have to mentioned the bulider agency name? Also how my withdrawal is considered as "Non-refundable", whether i have to mentioned it anywhere in form? Let me know.
29th December 2014 From India, Chennai
You are expected to write the details of the persons from whom you are purchasing the house. In such cases, you have to collect and attach along with form 31 a cancelled cheque leaf of the builder to whom PFO should make payment.
In case you prefer to make the remittance too your own bank account, then you can write "self" with details of your bank account and attach your cancelled cheque leaf.
No need to mention about the number of withdrawals.
This thread was started last year. By the time a new declaration form which is required to be attached yo form 31 has also been introduced. The purpose of this new form is to ease the process and with this you need not attach the documents but only need to give details of the property. Please find the attachment and submit the declaration part also.
29th December 2014 From India, Kannur

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File Type: pdf Declration form- Advance from PF.pdf (87.4 KB, 428 views)

Hi frnds, I have applied PF loan for my marriage & how much time it will take for withdrawal. Actually my balance amount is 90,000.00 & and much amount i get thru loan. Pls suggest..
4th June 2015 From India, Hyderabad
I have 16 gunta site at my native Maraduru Dist. Haveri in the name of my only son. I suppose to construct a house there in. That site is situated in the village panchayat (Halagi) area. I suppose to shift my family to my native. My service is remaining 4 years only. I could not get plan and estimate from that area.
My proposed house is low budget house within 7 lakhs in my village. Which house includes residence and cow/goat shed also.
So please let me know shall i get 90% advance from EPF both contribution EE & ER.
21st June 2015 From India, undefined
You can take your share and the share of employer towards provident fund only. The amount contributed by your employer towards your pension fund account will not be available for distribution as advance. You can check the balance and apply for advance.
23rd June 2015 From India, Kannur
hi i am currently working in our company still 7 years completed, i am apply on advance (EPFO) loan For he construction/ purchase of dwelling unit (house/ flat),So please send me sample filled application 31 declaration form, for my references
11th August 2015 From United States, Huntsville
I Have 5Yrs Service Is Current Company And 2 Yrs Service In The Prev. Company. I Have Transferred My PF Amount From Prev Account To Current Account. Total Amount Will Be Arround 1.5lacs. Now I Want To Withdraw Some Amount For Construction Of My Home.
Year of 2014 home construction start in My Native As It Is Done In A Very long Period, I Will finesh The Construction.
Can I Withdraw EPF Along With Home Loan? Is There Any Issue? Total Construction Cost Will Be More Than 6lacks. How Much Time It Will Take To Process The Application Of Withdrawal? And Will I Get All The EPF Amount In A Single Payment ?
Kindly Help Me, I Have To Make Financial Planning Before Starting The Construction.
11th September 2015 From United States, Huntsville
Please read the posts right from the beginning. Your query has been addressed in it. Madhu.T.K
11th September 2015 From India, Kannur
Hello Sir,
I need to purchase a flat where the current owner is in a hurry. The PF advance withdrawl will take time. My question is that can i arrange funds from my own side like taking loans from friends to buy the house and then can use PF advance to repay them back.
Thanks for your quick answer.
23rd October 2015 From United%20States, San%20Jose
Dear Mr. Madhu T K,
I am planning to apply for EPF withdrawal for the purpose of construction of house (additional space in existing house). I read from one of your responses on this thread that no EC and Agreement docs are required for this. I also see that we need to give an estimate of the cost for construction/alteration of the house. How should this detail be submitted? Should this estimate be given by some authority necessarily? I plan to get the construction work done with some known people who initially built my existing house. But they are not some construction company. They are like typical maestry and construction labour workers. Also, this house of mine is in Chennai, but I live and work in bangalore. Does that have any effect on me applying for this EPF withdrawal?
Thanks in advance.
- Dhilip
16th November 2015 From India, Bengaluru
Now the system of taking advance from PF has been made easy by introducing self declaration by the member. With this the earlier practice of sending approved plan and estimate etc has come to an end. You may just fill in the attached form and submit it to the PF Office through the employer. The circular is also seen attached, you may take printout of the form only. Estimate of construction need not be from any approved civil engineer but you can give your own estimate. After all, what is going to be given as loan is your own money.
17th November 2015 From India, Kannur

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File Type: pdf Declration form- Advance from PF.pdf (87.4 KB, 61 views)

Dear Madhu, is it true that, if i take take PF loan for purchasing house, ineed not pay back. what is the benefit the EPFO is getting from this. Regards, Mastan vali
22nd December 2015 From United States, Morris Plains
The Form 31 Declaration asks for Flat's Registration Number and other details. I want to withdraw the Advance from my PF account of 10+ years so that I can avail some fund for the payment of the 20% margin amount or what is called down payment. But since till I make some of the down payment, I cannot have the Registration. And without Registration details Form 31 Declaration can't be submitted or EPFO will not pass your withdrawal request. So how can I or any customer like me complete the Form 31 Declaration to withdraw the Advance from PF in this situation. Please clarify this.
25th January 2016 From India, Mumbai
My wife has Initiated PF advance for Purchase of Home through her employer. Employer has submitted all the documents to Gurgaon PF office and we got an message saying... "Status : CLAIM FORM 31 FOR PF ADVANCE FOR MEMBER ACCOUNT NO GNGGN********** HAS BEEN RECEIVED ON 06.01.2016 IS UNDER PROCESS." So far 20 days over, till now we didn't get any updates. Could you please let us know how much time it will take to get processed.
26th January 2016 From United States
My wife has Initiated PF advance for Purchase of Home through her employer. She has worked in the same company more than 5 years. Employer has submitted all the documents to Gurgaon PF office and we got an message saying... "Status : CLAIM FORM 31 FOR PF ADVANCE FOR MEMBER ACCOUNT NO GNGGN********** HAS BEEN RECEIVED ON 06.01.2016 IS UNDER PROCESS." So far 20 days over, till now we didn't get any updates. Could you please let us know how much time it will take to get processed to get the money from PF office.
26th January 2016 From United States
You can check the status of the application under Know Your Claim Status link of the EPFO website. If you are in the same city where the PF Office is also situated, I would say that you should visit the PF Office and get the status directly from the PRO.
27th January 2016 From India, Kannur
Hi Madhu,
Thanks for the Info. We are put up at Chennai but my Wife PF office is at Gurgaon because her Head Office is put up at Gurgaon and it is too far from Chennai. Is there any other way to get our PF advance soon. Please let know.
Syed Kaleemullah
27th January 2016 From United States
Hi Madhu,
Thanks for the info. We are put up at Chennai but my Wife PF office is put up at Gurgaon Since Her head office is at Gurgaon and it is too far from Chennai. Could you please let us know whether there are any ways to get our PF advance soon.
27th January 2016 From United States
Take the help of persons who deal with PF Office at Gurgaon. I believe that this is also an HR function. Madhu.T.K
28th January 2016 From India, Kannur
I purchased a flat.And took EPF advance for prepayment of home loan.Later I sold my apartment.Meanwhile I had purchased a plot for which also EPF advance was taken.Now I am planning to construct house in that plot.Can avail EPF advance for house construction?
13th November 2016 From India, Bangalore
Overall I have 5 years 7 Months experience in the same company. Currently my house construction is in progress and I need some financial support hence I have planned to withdraw some part of my PF.
Please let me know what are all the list of docs required from my end to withdraw the funds.
5th February 2017 From India, Bangalore
hi ,
i just need help to write a letter for withdraw of pf amount for constructing my house..
please help..its urgent
7th December 2017 From India, Visakhapatnam
This thread was started in 2013. Over a period of 4 years, there has been a lot of changes with regard to submission of application. It is partially online now a days but to be of safer side it is advised to submit the application off line. There are two forms available, viz, that applicable to members who have linked their UAN with adhar and that applicable to others whose UAN are not linked to adhar. The eligibility remains the same, ie, 5 years membership for construction/ purchase etc of house, 7 years for marriage etc. The revise form is attached.
8th December 2017 From India, Kannur

Attached Files
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File Type: pdf PF Withdrawal form (adhar).pdf (1,001.5 KB, 135 views)
File Type: pdf PF withdrawal form (Non Adhar).pdf (967.5 KB, 145 views)

I have already covered 9 years in current company with PF contributions as of today.
I bought flat in 2012 but could not seek EPF withdrawal since it was less than 5 years in pf contribution at that time. I had to take huge Home loan for purchasing the flat.
After 5 years, I sought withdrawal for renovation/extension of flat.
Now, can I seek EPF withdrawal to pay Home loan balance. The home loan is from HDFC. I hear I need to wait for completion of 10 years. Is the rule changed now?
9th December 2017 From United States, Lincolnshire
As per norms you have to wait for 10 years to take advance for repayment of loans.
10th December 2017 From India, Kannur
I want my pf money to pay home loan.Can i apply it through on line.If yes then guide me step by step.
22nd March 2018 From India, Noida
Dear HR Fraternity,
I made an online request to EPF for partial withdrawal. While checking claim status, I found my claim has been settled but the approved amount is half of what I claimed. I would like to bring it to your knowledge that the claim was submitted for construction of house and the amount I claimed was about 40% of my total EPF deposits.
Please let me know whether EPF settles claims in two installments.
Thanks & regards,
15th December 2018 From India, Mumbai
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