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Hi All, Because of the new technological developments there a lot of companies going for innovative HR practices like Virtual PA's.
List down some of the same in context with the related companies

From India, Bhopal
chetna vig

united parcel service-using HR for delivering couriers
IKEA-a furniture company in U.S,known for best innovative practices as U.Scompanies are not known for good employees services...Their flexibility n welfare programmes won employees loyalty.
NAWRAS-omen curtomer friendly communication provider,known for best innovative hr practices...Dynamic work culture,flexibility,interaction are its features..."FACE MAIL"IS organiseed every wednesday where family members meet persons for solving their is owned by qtel group.

From India, Jalandhar
1. American Express Middle East was recognised for its commitment to using innovative HR practices to develop its 500-strong workforce across 18 countries. The company's HR department has worked to create a true learning environment by using the latest techniques to motivate employees and equip them with the skills to deliver world-class customer service
2. GOOGLE - known for its best HR practices to make them indulge with company that they r the family members by providing them benefits.
5.TAKE Solutions:-- offers cost-effective and complete solutions for enterprises across different sectors including pharmaceuticals, high technology, consumer packaged goods, oil/gas and automotive. TAKE’s SCM product suite includes distinct technology with embedded IP that spans enterprise mobility, trading partner collaboration and material tracking.

From India, Mumbai
Swati Kaura

1. I would agree that a company like Google has done a great job of making HR a priority - they obviously know that their employees are there biggest asset.
2. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) magazines annual “Best 50” publication is a good resource for information relevant to what firms are doing to attract, retain, and develop their human infrastructure. It provides insights into HR practices that are positively reflected in the bottom line of small and medium sized US businesses. SHRM also provides valuable insights into large enterprise and Global HR practices.

From India, Ludhiana

Fedex's founder and CEO Frederick Smith was determined to make employees an integral part of the decision-making process, as he believes that "when people are placed first they will provide the highest possible service, and profits will follow". The FedEx corporate philosophy is the result from this belief: People-Service-Profit. These three corporate goals form the basis for all business decisions.
The people priority acknowledges the importance of employee satisfaction and empowerment to create an environment where employees feel secure enough to take risks and become innovative in pursuing quality, service and customer satisfaction.
Service refers to the consistent and clearly stated service quality goal of 100% customer satisfaction, 100% of the time.
A corporate profit should result, if the people and service goals have been met.

From India, Ludhiana
priyanka mba-1c

Most of the companies are computerising the HR process.They would like to have decision making process very quicker. Software like Payroll Champion is most used software in the HR Industry
From India, Delhi
Swati Kaura

these r some more companies which have participated in innovation of hr

1. Tata Motors

Objective: To make the performance evaluation simple and fastand transform its manual system into automatic.

Meant for: Whole of the CVBU (Commercial Vehicle BusinessUnit)

Initiator: The executive director of CBVU, Mr. Ravi Kant

Reason for adoption: Tata Motors is the largest and most prominent market leader.

In 2000, its Commercial Vehicles Business Unit (CVBU) sufferedits first loss in its more than fifty years history - Rs. 108.62Million.

Tata Motors resolved to adopt the Balanced Scorecard andPerformance Framework as the key tool in the Endeavour torebuild the Organizational Performance Chart.

Tata Motors is the first Indian Company to be inducted in the Balance Scorecard Hall of Fame. It Joined the 30-member elite club of organizations including Hilton Hotels, BMW Financial Services, U.S. Army, Korea Telecom, Norwegian Air Force and City of Brisbane for achieving excellence in Company performance

2. TietoEnator

3. Greaves Cotton Ltd.

4. Alfa Laval Ltd.

5. Whirlpool Ltd.

6. Reliance Telecommunications

From India, Ludhiana
piyush mittal

1.TATA TELECOM - Tata Telecom has received the 'Innovative HR Practices Award' from the World HRD Congress 2003 for the global standards that the company follows in its people-excellence practices. In order to establish an open work culture, with a special focus on the transparency of its performance-management system, the company has adopted a four-tier approach. This consists of a performance-management system, opportunities for professional and personal development, an environment of engagement in the company, and improving the quality of work life.

2.CISCO- Cisco have one of the world's most highly rated training programmes and training is a key retention tool worldwide. Depending on the function (and age of the employee) it can be more highly rated than pure cash.

3.IKEA-IKEA adopted a positive approach toward human resource management. The company implemented several initiatives that promoted 'life balance' and diversity... the innovative human resource management practices adopted by IKEA and describes its work culture.

From India, Amritsar
priyanka mba-1c

comapanies are becoming more user-friendly and “social” in their design and functionality example of this trend is the increase in employee self-service features. The employee self-service was a way to automate some administrative transactions by having managers and employees perform them directly. At first, employee self-service was delivered to support HR departments by decreasing labor-intensive tasks and allowing employees to control and manage their personal data
From India, Delhi
Google's one of hr practice is eliminating friction at every turn: ensuring change can happen quickly and efficiently.Google’s approach to innovation is highly improvisational. Any engineer in the company has a chance to create a new product or feature.
From India, Ludhiana
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