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Thread Started by #Gurgaon HR

One of my friends was seriously looking for a job and one day he went for an interview but unfortunately one car came and hit his bike from the backside. He fell down and got minor injuries. His argument with the car person went to fight. After the public interference both went to their way.
His interview with that company rescheduled to some other day.
He reached there with hope of selection and cleared 2 initial rounds of interview.
3rd round was taken by Head HR & Operation Manager and it was shocking that Operation Manager was the same guy to whom he quarreled with.
Even how he managed to face that round with confidence.
Now, time for second shock, that he got selected and got offer letter too after waiting for few hours.
He is worried now whether to join the company or not because the same car guy will be his BOSS.
Please suggest.
Chill HR
29th January 2013 From India, Gurgaon
According to my opinion he can join because he is selected according to their capability.
second situation which he met with accident with car and the same person is his boss is un assumable.
Don't base yours career decision with un assumable act,hope u understand and guide yours frnd.
29th January 2013 From India, Ludhiana
What happened outside his professional life is their personal, wheather they fight or do what ever they want. The most important part of this whole matter is the same guy select him for the job, what ever that means, wheather he saw some capability in him or he select him to take revenge. But the end point is your friend desperately need the job. So he must join. He has the capability thats why he was selected and he can proove himself at any condition.
All the best..........
29th January 2013 From India, Calcutta
There is no harm in joining that company if he is selected as one should never combine personal life with professional one. I don't think there is anything negative thinking in the mind of that "Boss" too else he can reject him in the final round by whatsoever reason. So, don't be afraid of anything and suggest your friend to join the company ASAP.
29th January 2013 From India, New Delhi
To my opinion, this is the best place to work, why! because his selection by the operation manager proves him to be a stable headed & genuine boss. As a manager he has the quality to keep personal & professional things separate. Never would such a boss be a hurdle in the career of the team member what may come.
We fight with our near & dear ones & tend to forget in some time. So how does a small tiff with a stranger lead to one's decision about career. If your friend is happy with the other aspects of the offer viz, package, profile & company he must opt for this & not give it a second thought. A small apology while accepting the offer can put things straight.
29th January 2013 From India, Ahmedabad
He should opt for the job coz it is based on his capabilities and situation was different for fighting.
29th January 2013 From India, Agra
Dear all
What I persume he should try to avoid this offer if he had a job in his hand and can manage with present job. Taking a risk is worthy if it gives a benefit but at some time it may give bad impact in this case.
29th January 2013 From India, Delhi
i am very much disagree with Mr. Dev
1. According to my opinion he can join because he is selected according to their capability.
He was selected by panel not by individual -- may be the accident incident was untold
2. second situation which he met with accident with car and the same person is his boss is un assumable.
The person in heading the operations so its confirmed that he will report to him only
3. Don't base yours career decision with un assumable act,hope u understand and guide yours frnd.
Its carrier decision not a joke. He will be the only sufferer if he leaves the current job and new organisation will react opposite after joining.

Chill HR!!
29th January 2013 From India, Gurgaon
Hi :
It is a good plot for a Bollywood movie isnt it. Just kidding... nevertheless I understand for your friend it is a crucial and critical decision. I opine he should proceed and accept this offer. He was selected because the entire recruitment process was conducted in a professional manner wherein your friend scored based on his knowledge. Ideally if the person (who obviously holds a senior position in the company) wanted he could have influenced the decision making and steered the decision as a revenge but just like all mature professionals do he selected your friend based on his interview performance.
Please rest your fears and also of your friend and encourage him to join this company if all other factors (salary, benefits,career growth, company) suit him fine.
- Gia
29th January 2013 From India, Pune
I agree with Hiral, Dev and other...

I also don’t think there is anything wrong because if it was, or like your friend is worried about, he would have not been selected and offered a job but he got it which implies the guy who is not just a Head of the department but a good professional and not allowed the other things come at work. And that is really appreciating I would say and like Hiral Said "this is the best place to work" me believe too.

"He must join them"

Your query also saying that he (your friend) was too confident while his interview and cleared two rounds, and was hoping to get chance to work with them, I would suggest you to ask your friend to join them immediately and forget the past. We understand the concern but he also need to be care that he is skilled, experience and have qualification that meets the employer requirement and he got a fair chance to work with.

Second, can you please your friend and let us know about has he noticed anything like he was being criticized or facing any difficulties while his interview with Head HR & Manager Operation. Has he experience any frustration by this his head that made him worried or it is just a concern because of that accident.

Third, why don he take this as a positive thing and perhaps he has impressed his Boss with his qualification and experience and got a fair chances…. Think about it and also let this realize to your friend.
29th January 2013 From India, Gurgaon
He should speak to the manager about the incident and apologize and see how he feels about it. Many times quarrels are a start of a great friendship - in this case it could be a great working relationship.
But it would be best to gauge that after talking to the manager.
29th January 2013 From India, Gurgaon
Kindly consider my suggestions
Please turn off "AUTO PILOT MODE",
There are many point i can list down. Its upto the individuals "how good are they in practicing and implementing the same"
With profound regards
30th January 2013 From India, Chennai
No one remembers bad for long .Its human..time heals
Understand from his other team members - his style of functioning
This boy shall personally meet him before joining- apologize, if necessary for that day based on how the events take shape and just join ..Thats all
30th January 2013
Dear Fraternity,
Please introspect and you will find most of our true friendship starts with a quarrel or arguments with a stranger. In this case I see a point that despite him ( Operation Manager ) being on the interview panel he did not object to his selection ( may be he is so shrewd to take an bigger revenge than blocking his selection ! ), so genuinely he wants him to be part of his team.Now, from candidates point of view if he is desperate for the job then he has nothing to loose, so let him join and prove the point that most of the true friendship starts with argument / quarrel.
30th January 2013 From India, Jaipur
I fully agree with Mr. Hiral Mehta and suggest the selected person to join immediately without having negative feeling against his new Boss. B. Sreenivas
30th January 2013 From India, Visakhapatnam
Foremost reason to join this company is, the BOSS who had hit him by car, interviewed him and also selected him!!
Time can heal everything......your friend should be optimistic in does not stop here....
30th January 2013 From India, Kolkata

This is very strange few days back i was also hit by a car when i was returning from my home. I got very angry and abuse the driver. The boss is sitting behind and after looking the situation he came out he looks some big shot guy i also abuse him because I was very angry, but because they made the mistake they apologize and we settle down and headed our ways separately.

After while returning home I thought that guy was looking good and must in good position in an organization so what if in the future in case I go to for an interview and the guy take my interview and may in case I get selected what will I do? Do i join the company or not?

But after a long brain storm session with myself I come to conclusion that if I am mentally strong and have a positive thinking and a focus towards the AIM, I will join the company.

The reason for this decision is that now a days companies whether it is national or MNC they are paying more attention to their employees, towards their motivation. and also companies are paying more and more attention to their ethical standard.

Days were gone when only profit is the only AIM.

So in my own opinion your friend can join the company and a before joining he can have a little dialogue with the boss this might help both of them to clear the unspoken anger inside them.

Again I would like to say that the last decision is upon your friend.
30th January 2013
Hello chill HR :
I think lot of people have spared their valuable time and given you suggestions/inputs. Atleast respond and let us know if the inputs were useful for you to guide your friend appropriately.
30th January 2013 From India, Pune
Dear Friend,
Professional life and personal life is different.Take appointment with your new boss and ask him sorry and observe his attitude and action. He may forget everything and support you to your carreer with him if you are capable to that position. Rest is with you.
Best regards,
30th January 2013 From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
It is not advisable to join,
If we even assume that Manager behaved professionally and selected him and seperated his professional and personal life and all these things.
But after joining, How any one can give the assurance that the Manager will not have hundred percent second thought on your friend?
Even for small mistakes or small argument by your friend in explaining his job related things may put the Manager to the thought that after all he is a person who fought with me earlier.
Even if he would have been selected, we cannot assure the period, how long he can continue there.
Where is the assurance that one more incident your friend will not face with manager again in the office like car incident?
Why to take risk in the carrer?
It is purely my opinion.
30th January 2013 From India, Bangalore
Dear All,
Thanks for your valuable time and your views.
After long thinking from each and every possible angle and with the help of your advice, I further advised him to join the company because of the professional approach of the company and panel.
I also make him read all the suggestions from you experts for better understanding.
He is convinced and looking forward to accept the adventurous challenge of the job and will be the great experience for him.
Once again thanks for your valuable and timely responses.
Chill HR
30th January 2013 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Member,

You have narrated a very peculiar situation of your friend.He should not put himself into dilemma unnecessary and he should opt to join the company without putting so much pressure on his mind. It's the greatness of the person, who has in spite of knowing the past incident has selected you for the post.Think that this was an accident and nothing deliberate act on his and your part.One possibility may be that he has not recognized you or has forgotten the incident.If during interview or thereafter he has not mentioned anything about the accident, which clearly shows that he doesn't want to recall the incident being a professional of high ranking.

You advise your friend to join the company and remove away with all kinds of fear of being victimization later on. As a professional, we disagree on certain matters and argue violently to keep one's own point of notion but that does not mean that one should keep grudge against the person opposing one's point of view.This is all part of life one come across almost everyday in day to day working.

BS Kalsi

New Member
30th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear Friend
Your friend does not have any job right now, as per me he should go for this opportunity at such point of time. Also, in case if he finds that person negative in future he can then relook for other job or can go to sr. managemenrt. it's always better to have something than nothing.
30th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
In my opinion he shouldn,t join the company as his boss had made a trap to harm his career. He may be chosen based on his capability but truth is always unexpected.
30th January 2013 From India, Kolkata
Dear frnd, I think he must join ASAP... Keep personal & professional life separate... And behave professional while he is on the job... :)
30th January 2013 From India, Pune
According to my opinion I think your friend should join this company as he has been selected for his skills & capabilities. And coming to accident it was co-incident ,so need not mind . Guide your friend not to put any doubts and give support and encouragement to join in the organization.
30th January 2013 From India, Vijayawada
Dear Piyushraj,
I cannot agree with your opinion. There is saying "Smooth seas donot make skillful sailors". If you are saying, that is a trap, then only he can only learn how to get out of the trap by getting into the trap. How can you gaurenteed that the future bosses will be as good as someone expect.

30th January 2013 From India, Calcutta
Dear Friend,

The case you have mentioned shows two aspects of the human nature, one positive and the other negative, on one side forgetting the mistakes of others and second living with one's own guilt. You see your friend was given another chance by that company means with the consent of Operation Manager, most probably if photograph was pasted on resume, the Op Manager must be aware of the facts that this person is the one who had fought with him. Your friend must be feeling guilty as may be he is aware that the accident was due to his fault, or the fight was due to him. Any way just tell him that these type of incidents occur in rage and one should not maintain the accounts of such type of minor matters.

So I feel your friend should respect that person for his professional attitude due to which he selected your friend and without any second thought he should accept the offer and must learn a lesson of not fighting on road as these type of fights are just meaning less and does not resolve any issue.

Lastly your friend should not worry about the boss and just understand if he give good performance this type of Boss will be the best person to help him in building his career. So tell him to think positively and apologize for his behave on that day and forget everything of the past and look for a great career in this Company. Most important lesson to be learn is never fight with strangers as it can have really dangerous after effects.
30th January 2013 From India, Delhi
Dear Chill,
I feel he must weigh the risk vs compensation & career prospects. It seems the Ops. Mgr is a professional looking for competency above personal squabble. It is also possible he found yr friend's negotiating skill useful for the job. Join the Co & on the first day apologise to him and thank him for selecting. Anyhow he can win the situation with his skill and competency.
30th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Let me tell you onething that everything is already prepared by God for everyone. The thing which was happened by the God Permission only and you selected because God wanted to be selected.
Onething which is important in life is always try to do the work in that place where you think is wrong because there only you will learn more which will help you to stand in future.
So take it positive and go ahead.................
Kasim Ansari
31st January 2013 From India, Mumbai
I am agree with you guys, im adding my opinion, this is the best place to work, as you are selected by the panel, not directly by your would be boss, 2nd - there must be other seniors as well, whom you can contact, if he is not behaving positively with you. 3rd - As a person he may understand that it was his fault not keep personal & professional things separate.
BUT first ask your friend to forget all the incident, otherwise he will start blaming his boss for each and every thing, and in this situation he will not justify him and org.
Ram Chauhan
31st January 2013 From India, Perungudi
I am sure boss who hit your vehicle will become your good friend. While selecting you he has judged your ability. He has ignored accident incident. Yuo must join the organisation.
7th February 2013 From United States, Cambridge
I know very well that this is not platform for joke.According to yours posts and arguments create impact of de motivational which is not good for yours frnd.
According to my & others hr member post, Conway the message of motivational that he should join but you can't understand.
12th February 2013 From India, Ludhiana
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