please provide me some good reason if i am going for the interview and employer wanted to know that why did i left the organization. what should i say kindly suggest....
23rd January 2013 From India, Delhi

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Dear Ms.
I appreciate the way you questioned, certainly, if you are a candidate suppose to answer this what should be your reply?
Nonetheless, we assume from your post that you've left your previous organization and didnot mention us the exact reason for the same. Give us the aggregate details to respond you with best retort.
23rd January 2013 From India, Visakhapatnam
Dear Shilpa,
I echo Sharmila's thoughts, please dont search for a tailored answer, but a real one. Its very easy for the recruiters to see through a cliche and find the truth. Framing words needs one to be an expert, yet holds no good, if aren't real. We are certain that you would want to maintain your integrity. Looking forward to hear from you.
23rd January 2013 From India, Mumbai
This question gets asked over and over again and we continue to discuss the same points.
Please, when you have a question, check first to see if someone else has already asked the same question. Use the Research Box at the top of every page.
Rather than we discuss it all again, please refer to previous discussions here:
why did you leave last organisation
Thank you.
24th January 2013 From Australia, Melbourne
I think best answer to this question may be Better prospects Travelling distance is more or this Job is more suitable for my profiles
24th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear Shilpa,

As such there is no "THE BEST REASON" or "THE WORST". Everyone has their own genuine reasons for leaving their ex-company. Few are wise enough to leave their employers if they nothing seems to be working in their favour or as per their planning. None is perfect in this world and we humans are born to make to mistakes. So we learn from our mistakes but few employers are habitual of treating those employees with a negative vision, as if they had committed CRIME/SIN. I would love to say that, i seriously hate recruiters/employers/HR professionals asking the same question for years now. Past is past and for many it was a lesson to learn. Recruiters/employers/HR professionals must focus on the PRESENT & FUTURE by making best use of their past rather holding on to it.

There is no such HARD & FAST RULE that, a employee must continue to offer his services for xyz period which is beyond minimum service period says ONE YEAR as most of the International companies hire employees on contract basis but the scenario in India is different.

Whatsoever may be the reason, EMPLOYER must accept the GENUINE REASON for leaving ex-employer/company, though it may sound NEGATIVE. Just because an EMPLOYER is holding all POWERS, he/she can't take granted everything.

With profound regards
24th January 2013 From India, Chennai
Dear Shilpa,
I hope you must be having a valid reason for leaving this job... but it may not be right at times to reveal the same as it may affect your current offer. One should always be diplomatic in answering this question and see what the company demands or expects from you...
You cant say, it is because of the pressure, low salary,timings etc as your reason for resignation as it may pose threat to the new organisation hiring you and may think you as not suitable fr this position.
So always be positive in answering this question... you can say that you are looking for better growth oppurtunities, willing to take more responsibilities, better environment to work and grow., more apt profile
which suits your interests and carrier..and so on to mention a few...But make sure you are relevant ....
Wish you gud luck...
Warm Regards,
24th January 2013 From India, Chennai
there should not be a tailor made answer, a recruited maust have interviewed many candidates, every at employer curiously asks about this reason, many candidates blame the present employer like not treating well, salary doesnt pay in time, salary paid in instalments, did not get the inceremnts as expected, ,industry is sinking, what ever the reason we have to mention that better prospects.
best regards
24th January 2013 From India, Bangalore
Hi, In my opinion,One leaves job only when dissatisfied for any xyz reason. If one is true to their own selves and feel that he/she have requisite talent and skill to reason it out for ones own self,You need not to ask such questions to others.You will have answer ready with you and confidence to face challenges in life too.
25th January 2013 From India, Vadodara

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