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Thread Started by #avloc2003

I got an offer with 40% pay hike & promotion, but it involves relocation. my present company on resigning promised me a 30% pay hike with promotion in the coming appraisal cycle which should be in 3 months. i know for a fact, they will not go back on their word. The new company is in the same domain & my job would be pretty much on the same lines with what i do at my current company.
I am at the lower end of the pay bracket for the role in my current job & even with a pay hike of 30%, i would be at the lower end of the pay bracket after the revised designation which i would get after my promotion. I am not sure what to do, because my initial decision was based on the low salary & designation which my present company is taking care off. Please help.
23rd January 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Hi, You can further describe the size of the NE to that of CE and the scope you see with NE. By scope I mean technology, growth prospects & profile with package.
23rd January 2013 From India, Ahmedabad
Hi Hiral,
both companies are 200-500 emp strength. with the NE i would be working with a niche domain/market. the company is a bit more into specialized solutions. growth prospects and other things like performance reviews shift timings n all i have yet to speak to the reporting manager cause during my interview i was told its confidential and he could not divulge info right now.
an addition to my earlier question, does it look ok now to speak to the line manager about such things, least it sounds i am not a confident person.
based purely on the pay hike, would it make sense to relocate?
23rd January 2013 From India, Hyderabad
Ofcourse not. I didn't understand how would disclosure of shift time hamper company's confidentiality. Anyway, you might even want to consider the cost involved in relocation. 40% hike with relocation expense might equal to 30% hike staying in the same company.
There are two ways to it;
First stay with the same company - you don't need to adjust with culture, people, policies. You prefer being in comfort zone.
Second opt for new opportunity - you get into effort zone. Develop new skill, meet new people, grow scope for your future, learn new things & with that adjust with all the above.
Your goal in life will help you take right decision. But now that your NE is ready to wait for 12 weeks you can clarify with the HR rest details. You would surely not want to risk your future with vague structures & policies. What if you end up in a trash. By this I surely would not want you to stick to your current employer only but suggest you to analyze before its too late.
23rd January 2013 From India, Ahmedabad
Accepting counter offer, after resignation is not ethical.It can back fire also.If company was carefull to you, they have taken care initially. What you will do, if comittment not fullfilled?
Again next year will you do the same thing? When you deicided to change job, thats why applied & got selected, then why going back?Think and decide.
24th January 2013 From India, New Delhi
In my view you should continue with your current employer for 2 reasons : (a) 30% increase with promotion and enhanced role would make you much more relevant not only in the present job but also in future. This shows your company puts premium on your performance and are keen to retain you. Your staying back would further improve your bond with the Company (b) Relocation has its own hidden costs, in adition to financial viz., cultural fit, local adjustments with the environment etc. Further since the job profile is almost same you may not get opportunity to learn anything new.
Please consider your decision in the above light.
Ravi Thakur
VP (Corp) and CS
Purearth Infrastructure Limited
24th January 2013 From India, New Delhi
It depends how long you have been working in the CE. At times change helps in growth. However you have to take a call depending on your personal preferences. Some people do not like change, while others compulsarily look for change so that they do not get stereotyped.
A new work culture and location brings a change which prompts better performance, for some it is opposite. If you like taking risks, go ahead and join the NE. if you do not like taking risk and are happy in the current location, continue in the CE.
Whatever you do, enjoy yourself
24th January 2013 From India, Delhi
I agree QUAMAREAZAM ,Accepting counter offer, it will not ethical & It can back fire. What you will do, if commitment not fulfilled?
So if at all you stay with the CE. asked them to give the raise W.E.F as same your are going get there . Or Tell them your ready to stay if they give you in writing that you will get pay hike of 30% automatically after three months.B'cos in today's corporate world , any thing can happen , they may make a arrangement of new staff in coming three may asst. to you with same caliber . & might create situation that you have start looking for NE.This things are happening in today's world . So be careful & take a decision
Most Important Opportunity knock the door its we who have see whether it right time to accept the same or not.
24th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Dear, You must not bank on a gentleman’s (verbal) offer. Make sure that you have all offers in writing before you make a decision. A promise that is not on paper is worthless... Regards, Riaan
24th January 2013 From South Africa, Johannesburg
you should accept the NE offer of 40% and move on your career path. Since you have already been with CE for 5 yrs. Later on after 1 or 2 year you may come back to your CE with further rise.
24th January 2013 From India, Kolkata
A difference between 30 and 40% is not very high

In addition, with the new company you have to relocate, which has its own problems (what's the cost of housing in the new location?)

Further, they are going to give you a higher designation and higher pay after 4 months, which will definately out you higher than the 40% the new company is offering.

About your being the bottom of the bracket, you need to speak to your manager and hr to work out how your career can be accelerated and what you need todo to move up faster.

Taking up the counter offer after resigning is not unethical. Sure, you put the new company in a spot as they have to recruit someone else, but you need to think of your future, not theirs

Having said that, you also need to see a few other things :

- is your existing company looking at this as a blackmail ? Meaning they are reluctantly offering you a rise ?

- how will this affect your future relation with your company, managers and others ? You can't keep threatening to leave every year

- the possiblity of future growth in your current industry (as compared to the niche you were going to join) and the chance of moving from here to elsewhere in the next 2-4 years

The decision is going to be on a combination of all of that
25th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
Firstly you should have taken it up with your present employer as to offer you are getting & whether they are interested to match that.Firstly why should they want you to wait out for 3 months when they are interested to retain?If they insist on waiting then put a clause as to receive these 3 months hike as pending bonus,coz why should you lose out on hike amount just because they want to wait.If they are serious they will wait it out.As someone rightly said they maybe looking for replacement of you in between who knows.Everything should be in writing as people may not keep their commitment.Morever if you have exp of 3-4 yrs having new exp in a different co always gives a boost to your career.So if relocation is to a city you like think no more.Morever if you are competent enough why are you in the lower bracket of salary structure?It means co take advantage when they can,so who knows they wont in future?
25th January 2013 From India, Bangalore
Hello sid.biswal123,
Your view is so correct from employee's point of view but just because I know this due to the poster's earlier thread am sharing it with you -
CE has put a clause of hike in salary after 12 weeks / 3 months as the notice period is equal to 12 weeks / 3 months & hence even if decides to leave he has to work at same salary for this period.
Also it has a different angle to it. I feel no company would give you rise now when the appraisal is just within 3 months. Company would also want to check employee's loyalty. What if the employee again demands hike on the incremented amount and leaves within 3 months with some other NE.
I agree to what you mentioned later stating that the hike of 30% should be ensured somehow or increased to 40% & to weigh the opportunity in terms of growth. But when the CE has offered 30% hike it has weighed the opportunity cost. Am sure the poster would have mentioned about relocation & hence CE took an advantage of it.
25th January 2013 From India, Ahmedabad
I agree with QUAMREAZAM.
After resignation, accepting counter offer is not ethical,
even if company agrees to pay you equal to what other company offering you, and right from this month.
What will you do if this year and again next year you are not considered for your regular increment/ promotion?
Now you are leaving the company with good gesture/ relations, they may welcome your entry as a friend.
If really satisfied with your working, they may offer you new designation & better salary at a later date.
25th January 2013 From India, Delhi
then he can always ask his new co to buy out his notice period.An employee can jump after appraisal hike too if he thinks he has been short changed.Company & employee have to show a little bit of faith in each other drawing from past exp with each other.You have to give in a little bit to receive a little bit.As i said company can pay 2/3 months hike as additional bonus after appraisal instead of pending salary so that employee doesn't think he loses out.As employee is in the lower bracket then co is not losing out much by over paying.Morever it will get a dependable employee for future.My question is co don't want to pay till it is a must.This is what hampers relationship.If you think he is contributing to your profit then pay the market rate.Coz sooner or later he will be aware of his value & then he will feel short changed or work with a grudge.A disgruntled employee is never good for work force morale.Why do co are very agile in CEO pay hike without commesurate performance but think of all angles to wriggle out of a hike/bonus for a performing employee?
25th January 2013 From India, Bangalore
Dear Avloc2003,

I would put it like this. It's U who sought a change and U should be the better person to decide which is better.

However, all said and done, both the options being equal, consider the following aspects which may help U to decide finally -

1. How about your family ? R U married, with children, what is the impact on this family life on the change, change would be for better or worse.

2. Do you personally like to work in a new place, new office environment, new colleagues, new assignments, new world, new opportunities, new challenges vs. uncertain growth in CE Incidentally how long U worked in the Current Employer, do you consider it adequate, enough or not enough. Was your experience during this period good, average or bad. Can U Rank it. Do you have the job satisfaction

3. It is true the CE offer you 30% hike after 3 m. What if the person who offered himself switched over in these three months. Who would stand guarantee ?

4. Have you studied the prospects in the NE co., is it promising ?

If your tenure with the CE is reasonably adequate for your domain then a change over always helps for your CV, as you would have experienced more than adequate.

Yes, I would have evaluated all the above questionnaire and compared with the 30% hike to come to a decision.

All the best.

25th January 2013 From India, Bangalore
Dear Avloc
All experts would keep on advise you for all time to come. In the end you would be more confused than clear. Close your eyes, weigh your options, as you are the best judge of your situation and position and than decide. Please thank everybody and close the discussion.
Ravi Thakur
25th January 2013 From India, New Delhi
Hello All,
thanks for taking time out & sharing your views, these have been extremely helpful. However, i read these after taking the final step. Nevertheless, it helps reinforce my decision which has been a difficult one.
I finally decided to call it quits. The counter offer sounds practical but i would not have been happy. In my heart i don't see a future with the present company.
Maybe i am successful, maybe i am not at the new job. but then again at least i tried to grow and was not given a handout. at the end of the day its all about experiences and i want to experience a new place a new job and if i can recreate my success.
Thank you all for the help.
PS: Please close this thread.
4th February 2013 From India, Hyderabad
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