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My previous salary was just Rs. 9000 which was much less than what I deserve. And nowadays even freshers who have same skill set & qualification demands Rs. 20000 or even more and still their expectations is fulfilled. If a fresher come with more than 20k expectation it is valid, but just because I drawn less salary in my previous job the companies are ready to only give 20 to 40% raise. I am aware that in the job market most companies provide 20 to 40% appraisal on candidate's previous ctc. But is it necessary that our salary expectation should depend on previous ctc. Can't anyone expect as per current market rate?

I joined that company 3 years ago & not working with it anymore & looking for new opportunity. At that time I was still living with parents & my focus was not money but it was on getting job asap & on learning experience so I didn't find it necessary to negotiate salary at all. I agreed to whatever they offered. Also the market situation wasn't same as today. Whether you believe or not but in last 3 years lots of changes took place and the inflation has rised and prices of products like petrol has skyrocketed and it is extremely difficult to sustain in 12 to 15 k salary per month. And if freshers can demand 20 k then why can't I with experience. What is my fault if I was paid less in previous job. Does it mean my profile in bind in that salary level throughout life? And if I am applying in same industry then it can be understood, but I am applying in different industries with more challenging position & imflexible timings. After 3 years the scenario today is different. Lots of inflation & lots of price hikes and also my skill sets have improved greatly over a period of time.. But companies expect me to demand only 30 to 40% raise

How do I convince companies that my expectation of 100% or more raise is justified... How do I communicate with the interviewers on this and successfully negotiate my expectation - pls guide

From India, Ahmedabad
You remind me of my situation, way back in 2004. I wanted to change the existing job as the salary was too low and the sector wasnt the one, I wanted to continue for long.
Here's what worked for me, you need to find your own. I shifted from West Bengal to Pune, a city which offered higher salary packages due to the difference in the cost of living. I changed the sector from Service to BPO initially and then into IT within 1.6 yrs.
In the mean while , there was a degree and relevant certifications, added on to my credential.
Finally, all thanks to the credential upgrades, sectoral and locational switch , I received almost 7 times salary hike in following, next 4 years.
Trust you will find your solution too. Wish you all the best !

From India, Mumbai
Hi Pri431, Please send your resume and call me. I shall do my best to get you the hike you are expecting. All the best...
From India, Delhi
That is the beauty of this country / world whatever you call it, bank increases your credit card limit based on how much money you keep in savings bank which means a rich person who has money gets a higher credit card limit and quick and fast loans, even i have been a victim of such HR people, here in this cite all HR tell they wont consider past pay while interviewing candidate but when they take interviews bargain like buying vegetables with candidates. So to survive in this world ,you need to tie up with the past companies and provide fake payslips and then arrange people who till their death will keep on giving positive responses for verification checks and thats all you can achieve your goal and once you get a high rise then with your real payslip you can join anywhere else.

This requires great alertness of mind, and a very planned response.

This is an example of how it should work:

you are getting 9000 salary in XYZ co and I am HR manager of this company i will give you two experience certificates one will tell your pay is 18000 and another will not at all mention the pay, that means pay can be declared by the candidate himself.

Once you get into GOOD company and get a salary of 20000 per month your objective is achieved , during background checks etc everything i will help you,

then after two years when you resign GOOD company and join SUPERGOOD company then you need to show that your pay in XYZ Co was 9000 and never show the experience certificate with 180000 salary to SUPERGOOD or any co you join after joining GOOD company, the experience certificate was issued only for a specific purpose and once its achieved then its all honestly till end.

, GOOD Co pay is 20000 and you expect raise of 40%, mainly verification agencies concentrate on previous employer , so if SUPERGOOD company asks verification in GOOD CO they will tell his last pay was 20000 and SUPERGOOD will never ask GOOD from where you came or what was your pay in XYZ co, supergood will directly ask XYZ the verification of experience certificate whether is it true or not, which the amt 9000 is true as since we have achieved our goal no harm in telling the original amount to SUPERGOOD co, and even if your HR manager is not there the truth records will show 9000 only, so in this way you can increase your pay and get a good pay.

No person will believe you that why you should not be paid for your skills , it may be right to tell that most HR / Management people are like HERDS of Sheep / Goat, oh this Co is giving him this CTC we will raise 40% more than that,

All the best, also please dont take any foolish step like faking experiences unless you know how to do it, because even faking is a skill and its not everyones cup of tea, requires great mindwork, which goes above the thinking of normal HR people.

From India, Madras
Dear Mr.Ravi,
Never misguide people by giving fake certificates. Obviously many of us are facing the same problem in India since there is no scale level in middle and small level companies.
As the previous member suggested let the candidate can try in a positive way by pursuing some additional courses to kick start his career with current level.

From India, Madras
Nothing wrong is asking for 100% salary hike- provided you are discreet enough why are you asking the price- and more importantly if your employer is ready to pay for your skills upfront.
Another point to remember is that - Not every HR Personnel would be the same. There are some who go by MBA Bookish knowledge and then there are others who go by spontaneous dynamic HR practices. I have never asked any candidate in 3years the question "Tell me something about yourself"- because this question is prepared to be answered by every tom, dick and harry & also lucy, nancy and mary. HR personnel should not go by the questionnaire to recruit. Its what potential they see and analyse in the candidate that makes them raise questions and get an indept idea about what the candidate is all about instead of trying to fit the candidate in what they want them for.............................rgrds

From India, Mumbai
Dear Pri431

In my opinion I would recommend that you take the 40% hike in the prospective company. Prove your worth in the next few years as you have mentioned that you have upgraded your skill sets and look forward to see if this company recognises potential performers. If it does not recognise your potential then look for a company that offers you pay package matching your expectations and skill sets.

Never ever fudge in your credentials as this could lead to loss of confidence. Yet another aspect that occurs to me is never quit your employment without getting yet another employment. This could be a factor for your prospective company to coerce you to accept a lower salary. They may not have the confidence to give you the hike though you deserve it because in their eyes you may still get the 100% hike and quit the company as according to them your aim is only to enhance your monetary gains within the next few years as you had lost out in the past few years. Moreover, assuming you quit after getting the 100% hike within a short span of time, it will set a sense of insecurity and discomfort for the employees of your prospective organisation as a new candidate was offered a substantial hike (unless your prospective organisation has a policy of maintaining confidentiality of pay packet of employees) while they did not get such an increase.

Hence, my advise would be that you still need not go behind money. If you committed, with right skill set and positive attitude, your employer will certainly recognise you above all other employees. Put in your best in all facets of your employment and you will be rewarded.


From India, Madras
Nothing wrong in expecting higher remuneration, but we need to assess our capabilities to demand for that hike. Further, it depends on organizations paying capacity too. If it is a big organization or products are of high margins and if you can convince during interview that you are worth of it definitely will be paid. But if you stick to your dream without hard efforts, it may be just a dream. Pull your socks, prepare well and justify your demand.
Yes, there are organizations which pays more than 100% if they find you suitable for their requirements.

From India, Hyderabad
Hi Pri431,

I would like to comment as follows:




Career growth, from an individual perspective, depends on the following:

1. Knowledge or command over the subject.

2. Charisma or confidence that you exude.

3. Your profile - as in, Strategist, Operations, Compliance - - whichever category you fall in.

4. Behavior that you display whilst performing your job.

Having said the above, Let me give you a small example:

aa. Upon self introspection, you realize that your capability is to be an entrepreneur. You will go on to be an entrepreneur. All tumbling blocks that you face in the way - will be resolved one-by-one.

bb. Upon self introspection, you realize that your potential is to be a CEO - - your conscious will work to it and you will be a CEO.

At the end of the day, it is in your hands. Your committed mind leads you to the designed goal.

The above is the optimistic side. Let me paint the other side of the story:

In most of the cases, individuals draw an imaginary boundary and try to confide or be within the boundary. It is this boundary that made you stick to your earlier job for 3 years.


Reputed companies have a pay-philosophy in place. They are not governed by what you draw in your earlier role. They are very much governed by the pay band defined for each grade.

Set your aim for a MNC or a reputed Firm / Organization with systems and processes in place. You will make it.

Best wishes.

From Kuwait, Kuwait
The role of HR in job/salary offer is to ensure that both internal equity and external competitiveness are achieved. HR does not just pluck a figure from the air to make the offer. A jump of 30% to 40% is in actual fact a very attractive amount. The multi-correlation must be between salary increment and accountablities, knowledge, skills and experience; plus the industry & demand and supply....
Autumn Jane

From Singapore, Singapore

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