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i left my last organization in aug 2012. I left that company because there was no understanding of hr policies and employee dissatisfaction. But i am little confused about the reason if i am going for the interview what should i say?
kindly suggest...

From India, Delhi
Dear Ms. ,
You can specify many reasons while in interview this may not seem fair to be heard by the interviewers. Please explain why did feel that there aint no fair/no understanding of HR policies and what are the dissatisfaction that you felt (acquaint your situation). Unless you let us know the factuals it is always misread and misconceptualized, you may not get the response that you are looking. There are many experienced and eligible seniors who do not riposte without perceiving the situation. We intend to help you; if your query is accurate.

From India, Visakhapatnam
Hello shilpa141982,

Further to what Sharmila Das mentioned & her queries, frankly, you should have thought of this situation BEFORE LEAVING.

I presume you are into HR yourself. If that's true, it's all the more a reason that you need to figure out your action/decision--what to say in the interviews would come later.

When you faced the situations you mentioned [' understanding of hr policies and employee dissatisfaction'], don't you think that even the best of organizations have flaws? You haven't given any details about this company--that would have enabled the members to give appropriate suggestions [you have been a member of CiteHR since March, 2012 & you quit in Aug, 2012--hope you get what I mean].

Looking @ the situation from another angle, do you have the courage to mention the REAL reason [which you mentioned in this thread] in Interviews? Most likely, NO.

Then don't you think that any other reason that you would end-up giving in the interviews would MOST LIKELY be LYING [whether you think-up the reason or is suggested by anyone else]? Which would lead to STARTING your new job [whichever it is] WITH A LIE. And sitting in HR then, would you be able to handle with a straight face any candidates you would be interviewing for positions in that company when he/she fakes his/her resume or tells white-lies?

If all this logic doesn't make any sense OR doesn't seem very important at all [worth giving a thought], then I think you are missing out the bigger picture.

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad
Dear Shilpa,

No human being would ever want to work in an organisation where the systems and policies are not right.

However, when you say this, are you sure you are not just pointing fingers and blaming to find a better place to work ? Your role in the company may not have allowed you to change any thing there. Did you think through why such a system had formed and if at all any correction could be made ? My apologies as I request this only to help you analyse the situation and not find a custom-fit answer for your next interview.

Now that you have come out the system, let us for a moment imagine, you find a job in a firm bearing similarities to your ex-employer. Would you change your job again or understand why things work that way?

Often , seeing the bigger picture and then finding a foothold to the changes that you can bring in, can create 'the best place to work' . However, thats an ideal situation.

We have our limits to adjust with a toxic situation . As we work through levels , these situations will eventually cease to have any impact on us , as we can see through them.

Think of the problems that were there with your ex-employer, from a point of view of a mid-level manager who needs to deliver , but may not have the authority to change.

I strongly believe , whatever happens , happens for the best. You have left the job for the right reason and this experience have helped you build your professional acumen and maturity.

The interviewer would only be interested in your skills and how easily can you deliver on the duties you are going to be hired for . Hence, during the interview remain focussed on your skills and what more would you want to learn, with in span of opportunities with the new employer. Stay focussed on growth and learning. Your answer would be honest, if only you have brainstormed through your last situation . Remain focussed not just on problem but solution-orientation . Wish you all the best !

From India, Mumbai
Hello shilpa141982,

I hope the responses so far would have given you an idea of how to stay 'solution-focused/oriented' & 'the timing' for any step we take--whether it's career or life.

(Cite Contribution) is right when she says: "whatever happens, happens for the best". Maybe this situation happened for YOU to learn on 'how to' & 'when to' respond for any situation that occurs that isn't, either to your liking OR something that you can't handle. In fact, going one step backwards, maybe the very fact that you joined in this company was an opportunity for YOU to correct/rectify the HR policies there & learn in the process?

Coming to what to say in your next interview, suggest use the line 'you left due to pressing personal reasons'--you aren't lying here nor are you opening-up fully, so to say.. Usually, such reasons [frankly, especially for women--no pun intended pl] aren't disputed, UNLESS there are any tell-tale signs to the contrary.

However, TWO words of caution while using this reason: (1) Don't use it every time you want to take the easy way out--it is bound to boomerang. (2) Wholeheartedly LEARN from this situation.

One of my favorite Quotes is: A mistake is a mistake UNTIL: one Realizes it; then Corrects it, to the extent possible & necessary; & Learn from it. Then it no more is a mistake--it's EXPERIENCE.

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad
Shilpa - You being honest to your work has written this and we appreciate this. However almost 90 % people have this confusion. Organization those are rotting and not listening to Voice of Customers or Voice of Process (includling employees opinions) are tend to deteriorate. However that is not your fault. The point is no one wants to hear negative comments or bad things from an interviewee as most of the elements or conditions might be there as well - which you would realize after joining and getting in.
Best bet is to talk positives and diplomatically handle negative connotions. Pls bear in mind that its you who is at stake - not your previous company. Never discuss any negativity about your past experiences.

From India, Mumbai
Hai Shipla,
First let me know ur total years of experience ,wht is the thing that made u dis-satisfied .Is that much serious to leave the organisation.As far as concerned to me ..only when there is an alternative job u can take that decision.
I think u may not need job .,,,if it is so u would have searched for the alternative and quit the job.

From India, Hyderabad
There is no need to explain about u r previous employeer or company just go ahead in interview and if they asked that why u left previous company say different story to them or say any personal reasons but don\'t say about actual reason because even in big organizations or any MNC there will be many policies and total work will be dissatisfaction. in some companies they will see u r work style and u r capacity or flexibility in company timings so no need to say truth

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Shilpa, You should not hide the truth,and speaking true facts will give you enough courage to explain things in better way and I am sure every thin will be clear. Regds
From Singapore, Singapore
In the Interview, talk about the Organisation you are aspiring to join,rather than your previous Organisation and your experience in it.If the Interviewer asks then always it is safe to talk about your future aspirations and things you want to do,which you did not get in the Organisation you left.
From India, Bokaro

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