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I am was working as an XYZ ltd, its been more than 20 months, that I have joined the organisation as an Off role Employee in Jan 2011, while joining the company, it was told that after 6 months, I will be migrated to Company Pay role, but till October 2012, I was not migrated to Company Pay Role... So I planned to quit the company, so when I submitted my resignation, My manager was very rude towards me, saying U bloody get out of my office and am not accepting your resignation, Am terminating You… So next I have directly marked several mails to Senior Management, but till date I could not get any help from the sources… please go thru the mails which am attaching in doc format, so that everyone will come to know and understand, what edelweiss is and how they are troubling me, and please suggest me how to fight against them and get proper justice. As its been 3 months, that I did not get my reliving nor my full final settlement, and more over I could not even join any other organization though I got many opportunity, I being from poor middle class family, suffering a lot because this people… please help me out….

Thank You

Sunil Kumar

From India, Hyderabad
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HR Hiral Mehta

Hello Sunil Kumar,
I have thoroughly read your attached doc & feel very sorry for the same. I am taken aback with a company like that (though I would still suggest not to mention name of the companies in such open forums). You can seek help from a labor lawyer now if they aren't responding. With this suggestion, I would also like to mention that consulting a lawyer will include lot of involvement in terms of time & cost but if you wish to fight back that is the only way out.

From India, Ahmedabad
Sharmila Das

Dear Mr. Sunil Kumar,
Aww; a crying shame by the entire team. These people will have to get a wallop to understand that troubling some one will not do any good to their entire structure. Therefore, your points [PF deduction of employer's is from employees salary + Not providing your Full & Final settlement + Terminating without reason] are very strong to complain at the labour office near the location of the employer to make source to the conciliator work better on your case.
Firstly, send them a letter asking them to release your F&F in a registered post. You may have the acknowledgement for that; which will be a proof for your request letter to your employer and on the basis of the above emails you might also fight back a civil suit by appointing an attorney. Remember the time frame to fight a case is to a limited time i.e; 3 years from the time of your resignation with the company. The procedure goes thereby favoring your concern. This process takes a li'l longer with downright justice to your appeal.
Good Luck...!!

From India, Visakhapatnam
Cite Contribution

Dear Sunil,
I edit the firm's name in your post to ensure your privacy and greater protection to your data. Trust it would help you.
In addition to the solution Sharmila have offered, please maintain a file with the documents you mail to the company. Until, they respond, this remains your declaration of resignation and end to the employment with your employer.
The registered letter as suggested by Sharmila, please include an end date , within which your employer needs to revert. In case they don't , it will then naturally escalate to the next level.

From India, Mumbai

I have gone through the email copies you have attached.

It made amusing reading

There are proper complain management procedure in your former organisation.

You chose not to use them. There was an officer who was assigned to investigate, you did not respond to her calls or to the email you sent. Your first few mails have a complete different allegation as compared to the last one. There are inconsistencies there.

Some points I noted that i do not understand :

1. You are an off-payroll employee (meaning working for a contractor obviously). So the salary to be paid to you is by the contractor not by the company. Your resignation should be to the contractor and not to the company. Further, the company can not terminate you.

2. I see in the mail that you wanted to leave without notice (it says relieve me immediately).

3. There is no rule or law that you have to be made a permanent employee of the company. That is the discretion of the management. If you were not happy with that, you should have simply resigned and left to join another company. Your resignation letter copy (or email) would be enough. The contractor would have given you the relieving letter

4. I do not see any mail or any thing from anyone in the company that shows that they have behaved badly or anything. In fact, Someone was assigned by the company to investigate your complains, you did not respond to her calls.

5. You have made a lot of allegations about a lot of people without any substantive evidence. I am quiet certain others would have made similar or worse allegation against you. What is the use of all of that when you are leaving the company and just wanted your relieving letter. The letter looks like an attempt at revenge against a single person who you hold as responsible for your failure to grow in the organisation. That rarely works. It would be different if you were trying to get some grievance settled when you were there.

6. A Senior person (VP) has offered a way out - asked you to send a fresh resignation (thought i do not still understand why this should be for an off payroll employee) and he would settle everything. You have refused to do that. You have not waited for the 15 days time to pass before sending another complain saying you have not got your money.

Whatever your grievance against the company may be (and i am not in a position to say whether its true or not), you could have simply focused on finding a job, resigning from the present job, completing your notice period and leaving with your experience certificate.

From India, Mumbai
Siva Balamurugan

Hi Sunil,
While understanding the mental agony you are currently undergoing I would like to suggest you that just think coolly and proceed further. Your entire episode appears to be an outcome of an emotional outburst. You could have used grievance redressal avenues before taking an eventual step. SaswataBanerjee’s post depicts your case very clearly. Separating on an embarrassing situation will not help you in your future endeavours also. Try to sort it our amicably, preferably through your contractor/employer.
Balamurugan Sivaprakasam
HR Consultant

From India, Madras
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