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It is just a two-letter word, but not a dirty one. It

is the simplest thing to say, yet we hesitate to say

it. The inability to say NO can cause mental stress?we

do not want to do something, yet we cannot refuse, as

we always want to be good. The moment I learnt to say

NO I become happy person and now I can say NO to

people without any guilt.


I have a photo in my office, which shows Rama looking

at the golden deer that Sita is pointing at. If only

Rama had said NO, he could have saved Sita and many

other headaches and heartaches! Saying NO without

hurting others is a skill. When my wife requested me

to purchase a Toyota, I had to say NO because I

already have a Honda City, and thus saved myself from

the stress I could have experienced while trying to

repay the loan I would have taken. If you say no once

you will get used to the word and will say it with

ease and without guilt.


Think about your needs and wellbeing first. There is

nothing bad about it. Don nott feel guilty. Recently a

close relative asked me for a loan of Rs 3 lakh for a

year. Although he had promised to repay the loan in

time and with interest, I said NO and saved myself

from sleepless nights, thinking about the

possibilities of not getting back the money. I also

saved myself from straining the relationship in the

long run.


Years ago, I did not say NO to alcohol and sweets,

which could have saved me from pancreas surgery and

two heart bypasses, followed by diabetes, blood

pressure, glaucoma, and what not! Ten years ago I

learnt to say no to all such goodies and here I am

today, fit as a fiddle. Similarly, saying no to a

friend or a relative also requires determination. Once

you are determined you do not want to give any more,

your day is mad


of not been able to say no. If Yudhistir had said no

to gambling, Mahabharata wouldn?t have happened.

Realise that you need to set boundaries for yourself

and allowing anybody to overstep will be harmful. Your

no should be a firm one and don?t give up under



If saying YES to someone throws your other plans to

the wind, ask yourself if it is worth it. You can say

no to parties if you have other plans. Just because

you have been invited does not mean you have to go.

Learn to do things that make you happy.


Tell your friend why you are unable to do the work for

her. Make it clear that your reason to say no is not

unreasonable. Since I have learnt to say NO to my

friends and relatives?of course, when I feel it is not

possible to accommodate their requests, I am a happier

person living without guilt.


Do not let anybody take you for granted. Saying NO is

your right. Let others respect your right.


If you hesitate to say NO, then buy some time. If you

cannot say no to the person directly, tell him to give

you some time to think. Get back him later and tell

him politely that you could not accommodate his



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I am not sure if I completely agree to this. It shouldn't always be about your own self. Denying a relative a loan of Rs. 3 lacs depends on whether that relative needs it for his fathers operation or for renovating his house. It should be very subjective.
Hi Jaspsal, I hope this is very clear for the posting, that these are only examples and moreover it depends upon person to person. Deepali
Good post
But if you every time say no then peoples starts ignoring you, as in this world frendship only occurs to share some of mutual benifits and if we say no always then very difficult to find frends and in case we want some help from others then they also starts saying no.
Hi Vivek, You can’t always say yes. I you are doing something for someone else which is harmng you. Its better to say no. Deepali
I agree to deepali's post....I hate people who say yes always and unable to deliver at the end.Its waist of time and it will end up in long lasting pain.If u deny one thing which is not possible by u,it will help others to go for another option.....if we are able to tell others the reason for saying "NO",I hope it wont hurt others for a long term :)
Deepali, you posted an interesting an thought-provoking piece.
I believe that the "No" depends on you (the person) who has to say "No", the person to whom you're saying "No" and your relationship with him/her (past, present and future) and the situation itself (your own and the other person's). Also your own emotional state (no point feeling guilty or having regrets, whether you say "No" or "Yes)!
I believe there must be a balance between the needs of others and your own. This is delicate, truly subjective and keeps changing. No one thumb rule can apply...
Also while assertiveness is an important life-skill for everyone to master, but just because you can be assertive does not mean that you have to!
Any more thoughts?
Have a great day, everyone!
Best regards,
well...........it depends on an individual’s perception.One has to be wise enough to decide when to say no and when not.
Good One ,,, The Best reply for your Posting is the implementation of the same in a respective person life,,, Dont Worry about the replies here,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Thanks Peer Sahib,
I am actaully implementing it in my life. Earlier when i started adopting it. It was not easy.
But now, i never say yes for any work that i can't complete in that given time frame and I easily take a stand.
HEY THT was a really gd article.,,, to say NO is the most difficult job for me, and may be also for many others. VEry helpful. thx for posting . Jaina
I prefer saying, "I have a different opinion", than saying NO. Although sometimes, saying strict NO is better, all it depends on the situation.
'NO' to what, when, where, who, & how is very important. I also practice this. But, when you say 'No' or 'a different opinion' it should be with positive attitude not in combination of negative attitude.
Saying NO requires courage.
Saying NO generates alternative way of thinking.
saying NO opens the channel for discussion.
saying no should not be developed as a habit. it should be situation based. otherwise you will be forced to backtrack and say yes.
Hi Deepali,
Good Post !
But dont agree it fully. Saying NO is alway better to be on safer side but life needs to have some challenges. And you have to experience all the facts of life to improve your life, that doesn't mean you should take a risk on your life.
its fine wat ever exampl u suggest but they r not very specific sometimes we r not able to say no when we care someone very much n dont want to hurt him
I have observed that many people have fear to say " NO " initially and then later on they are unable to fulfill their promises, even though they were knowing their incapacities.
What happens after sometime ....this people are only the looser !! And, in bonus they are labeled as not good man ! Means, they are judged by some one!
So, why this happens?
Because, we are not in position for daring to say " NO " initially, when we know very well that we are not capable to do , even though we are saying " YES" !!
One has to be very clear in the beginning, before saying " YES " and must have daring to say " NO " , when there are absolutely not possible to fulfill any commitment to any one.
I think this is good to learn from this posting to keep a better relationship with others!!
Bharath :)

Pls go thro this conversations.....

TESS VIGELAND: Think you have a tough boss? Well at least you didn't have to work for Meryl Streep's character in "The Devil Wears Prada."

Emily character: I'm so sorry, Miranda, I actually did confirm last night . . .

Miranda Priestly character: Details of your incompetence do not interest me.

So how do you deal with a demanding boss who won't take no for an answer? First thing, you say no. Dr. Dory Hollander is the founder of Wise Workplaces. It's a management consulting and executive coaching firm. Dory, isn't saying no an incredibly hard and risky thing to do?

DORY HOLLANDER: Well it is and it really shouldn't be. That's why this is such an important topic, because most people have it all turned around. We're so afraid to say no when, in fact, it's saying yes repeatedly that is the real danger. If you indiscriminately say yes, you're going to get a lot of things that you're charged with that are not part of your job description.

VIGELAND: If you are saying yes to something, is it appropriate to ask for something in return?

HOLLANDER: Certainly, and that's the problem with people that habitually say yes. They don't ask for anything in return. They simply do it. And they do it uncomplainingly to the person, but complainingly to everyone else, which doesn't help. So the thing to do is to say, "I have a lot on my plate and it's really hard for me to do this. But I'm really happy to do this favor for you, and I will make it work. But you know, you owe me." And laugh -- they'll get it. You don't need to say anything more than that, they'll get it. Part of what they owe you could be taking something off your plate so you can help them. The other piece, Tess, of this that I think is everybody's blind spot who doesn't say no, is they think the boss is gonna really be upset if they say no.

VIGELAND: Right. Absolutely, it's a risk.

HOLLANDER: It's always a risk, especially if you have a bully boss, but if you have a sorta average run-of-the-mill boss, not great, not terrible, that boss would rather have you say no and not do a poor job. I work with lots of bosses in the work I do . . .

VIGELAND: Lucky you . . .

HOLLANDER: And they'll say, "Of course I want people to say no, because the last thing I want is somebody to say yes and not do it, not do it well, not do it on time." You know, I want them not only to say no, but I want them to say, "No I can't do that, I'll feel really pigeon-holed if I do that, it's something I used to do five years ago and I really want to grow and develop. Can you find something for me that I'm gonna really like and go up a learning curve on." And a lot of bosses say "I want a person like that."

VIGELAND: Well, Dory Hollander thank you for saying yes to us and coming in and talking to us.

HOLLANDER: You think I should have said no?

VIGELAND: Absolutely not. We're very glad you said yes.

HOLLANDER: I'm glad I said yes too.


hello deepali,
i agree with you n ur thoughts... although it is a very subjective phenomenon but at times you just need to say "no" coz thats wat's the best alternative to the problem unless it is a genuine need.
It depends person to person, some will agree and some wont. Its good to never keep anyone in dark or under any illusion, as we should be very clear in our thoughts and deeds to have a peace at our heart, but our reaction varies as per the situations. If we have to say no for some good its ok but if we have to say yes for a noble reason we should say yes.
It is very easy to say NO but very difficult to say YES.
Bibhutosh Bhadauria

HI Deepali, I think to say NO to Negativity and YES to Positivity holds the key for one’s success in life..... Regards, Rahul
Hi Deepali,
Superb. I should practice saying NO. I normally just can't say NO to anyone for anything. With that attitude, many times I am loosing my private life.
Thanks once again for posting such a nice article. I will try to practice saying NO.
Keep posting more n more.
Best Regards,
I completely agree with Deepali... its an art to say "NO" , which is difficult to frame instantly.
If we know How to Say "NO" others will not take you for granted!!!
Good Post Deepali !!!:D :D :D :D :D :D
Hi Deepali
Thanks for sharing.I would like to add that the first step to learning tosay NO is to determine one's communication style.That needs self awareness.
Most often we fail to say NO because we have been conditioned to believe that it is not right to say NO or that we should not hurt anyone.
But we can say NO by changing our communication style.We don't have to shout or be aggressive. We need to pracitice Assertive Communication and speak from our heart.
Having said that we also need to accept the fact that it is not possible to please all with our decision. No matter what there will be some who will like you for what you are while some will not like you with the best of your efforts.
Life has to move on. EVERYDAY IS A NEW DAY......Today is a beautiful day
Hi deepali, Although ur attempt is good but again it varies from situation to situation. Regards Shweta
I truly believe in saying NO at required times but then people who don't know me well term me as snob and sarcastic. But still it doesn't shake my confidence a wee bit because i know why i did it and for whom-MYSELF. Many times i say YES others but SOMETIMES i gotta say NO for myself and i think its fair enough!
Best Regards,
Sunita Hooda
I would like to ask you something out of subject.
How do you find Honda City's performance?
Any idea how it would compare with the new Maruti Suzuki SX4?
Note: Please don't say no to reply to this.
I think you are a female. Please clarfy about your wife asking you to buy a Toyota ??
A bit confused ! :?
I am sorry if you are following 'AMERICAN CULTURE' :oops:

Well the post says 8 ways to say no..... which it is not..... it is just why u should say no.....
But.. yes.... this is good. Every person must be given the space and freedom to say no.... that too depends on the situation the other person is in...... but never do things that you dont want to do.....
If every one starts practicing it... then i'm sure that the world will be a better place....
Hi Jeev, Frankly speaking i am not find of cars. Sorry, won’t be able to reply to your queries. Deepali
Hi Andrew,
We are Indians and We follow Indian culture too. And its our right to say no for what we don't like. Moreover as far as America is concerned, its growth is in our hand. 70% of doctors, engineers (specially software) and teachers are Indian in America.
Be proud to be an Indian.
Hi Deepali
The post about saying "NO" was a real good one. I guess it realy helps, i will startg following this in my professional and personally life 2
Chou.....take care
Regards, Ronnie :idea: :idea:
I agree and would like to add on, If practised you are sure to be left out of the social group of yours even in work place.
" Those who dare success follows them, it seldom comes to the timid."
"Loneliness is the price to be paid for success." Never Mind.
The leader always walks alone,Everybody else follows him.
I hope that you got the answer that whether to say 'No' or not.
Your frend
What you say is correct. It is our inability to say "NO" that puts us in a lot of trouble. I have experienced this first hand... in professional life as well as personal.
I believe it is very important for all of us to learn to say "NO", but at the same time, we must also learn when and where to say it. If we say it at the wrong place and time, we might be in big trouble.
hi Deepali, Your stuff is gud but i dont fully agree with this...saying NO will vary depending upon the person and situation.. 8) 8) Regards, Amanpreet Bedi
your article is very good ,there are a lot of things to learn from it,defnitely one need to maintain his emotional balance,rather than finding one self in hurdles,thank you for the wonderful post.

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30 May 2007

Maruti Suzuki Sx4 vs Honda City

The most talked about situation everywhere in and outside Indians, is the comparison between the Honda City and the Suzuki SX4, everywhere in forums, reviews, televisions, letters.. Honda has boosted up their sales with the help of the City and now Suzuki's hope is to capture the C-segment with the SX4. Suzuki has made a serious jump from the old aging Baleno to the modern looking SX4, the launch of this car has crowded the showrooms for test drives and a first look, now after all the spread of news lets see how the Maruti-Suzuki holds up with the Honda City.

Engines, Power,Variants and Transmission:-

Maruti Suzuki SX4 - 4.5/5

For now Maruti has provided only a 1.6L all-aluminum engine that produces a 103bhp@5500. This is a 16V DOHC and has Torque of 145Nm. This is latest M-series from Suzuki. Three variants are given to the customers that is Vxi , Zxi and Zxi with Leather Option. The Cost of the variants are Rs.6.18 lakhs, Rs.6.89 lakhs and Rs.7.24 lakhs respectively, these prices are of ex-showroom New Delhi. In fact a lot of other engines have been spread as a rumor, now lets wait and see if these engines really come to India or not, and the engines are a 2-Litre engine that produces a 143bhp petrol that will compete against the upper class Corolla, Civic and the Lancer Cedia.

Suzuki borrows the Fiat's Diesel Engines and are likely to put up the 1.3 Multi-jet DDiS engine that will produce a 75 Bhp, the same as the one on the Swift and a 1.9 Multi-jet 105Bhp as seen in the Fiat Bravo. The SX4 only has a 5 speed Manual transmission. The SX4 engine is a bit more powerful than the remaining competitors, even more than the City. The Engine is the latest M-Series from Suzuki and is planned to put up in the Swift also. But we will have to wait and see when this car with a diesel options will be launched.

Honda City - 4.5/5

The displacement of the Honda City is 1497cc and produces a power of a reasonable 77Bhp @ 5000 rpm, has a torque of 125Nm and is a SOHC valve, just like the SX4, the City also has 4 cylinders. But the city offers more variants and with different prices- they are - the EXi, GXi, V-TEC and the CVT 6.77 Lakhs , 7.27Lakhs , 8 Lakhs, 7.87Lakhs respectively(ex-showroom Delhi). An automatic transmission is also available in the CVT model, that the Suzuki SX4 does not have an automatic transmission, this is a boon to the driver, and to get this boon it will be costlier. The City has no diesel options and is selling well without it. The City too has a 5-speed manual and an automatic transmission.

The SX4 has more powerful engine and has greater torque and the Honda City's engine is more refined and reliable. The SX4 comes with a reasonable price, whereas the city has a dragon in it that will burn your pocket, unless you go for the EXi, that is around 6.77 lakhs. And in the case of choosing, the City can help you. If you want a more powerful engine, go for the SX4.

Exteriors and Safety

Honda City:- 4/5

The City's exteriors were all made to make the interiors roomier and The City is still on the block of style and people still like it, and a little bit of styling had been done recently to keep it standing. The City still looks good with the sleek and dynamic styling of its features. The V-shaped Grille with Chrome finish is the main styling feature of the front, with the headlights and the roof mounted antenna, at the rear the new styling given, just to keep the city going in terms of styling. New Design 3D Multi-reflector Headlamps do help a little bit of styling, there is nothing much to say about the styling of the city as its talked about it in many magazines earlier and are found on the road easily since the early 2003.. so lets move on to safety.

The city's does not have ABS, airbags, even as an option. This is one of the main concerns for Indian customers, but the City got good remarks at the crash test. Honda City gives the tag "Safety for all" which is shown in Honda India Site. The "fuel tank, the car's body and even the specially designed seats, with City ZX, you are safe". They made the car in such a way that everybody in and around the city is safe and sound. Lets see what this means:

The City 's fuel tank is located in the middle of the vehicle, which will be safe because it is the farthest place from both, the front and rear impact. For protection against front impact, Honda has used arch-shaped front side frames that improves the absorption of collision impact and reduces danger. The City ZX's neck shock mitigation seats are designed to reduce neck injury in case of a collision by distributing the impact equally between the neck and the torso.

Safety For Pedestrians:- City ZX has been designed to reduce pedestrian injuries in the event of an accident. Various features of the exterior styling of the car are created specifically with pedestrian safety in mind.In case of an accident, the impact absorbing wiper pivots soften the force of the collision.The bonnet too, is impact absorbing. There is an empty space between the bonnet and the engine, which tries to ensure that no one is very seriously injured. The collapsible bonnet hinge is easily deformed in the event of a collision to help reduce injury to pedestrians. The impact absorbing fender is structured to reduce the force of impact.In this way, the Honda City ZX not only looks out for people inside the car, but it protects those on the outside as well. With Honda, safety is a concept, a belief, a passion and an obsession.

So, eventually the City is a well built safety car, which explains the shape of the car a bit. Overall the Honda City's safety is good, but if the airbags and ABS are available, this car would have been a great safe car.

Maruti Suzuki SX4 - 4.5/5

The exteriors of the SX4 had been crafted to make the interiors more spacious. Though this car is usually a hatch in other countries and is developed to a sedan, the SX4 is different, different from the competitors, its like a crossover, it has the presence of feel of a mini SUV type of look. This is reason why it stays away from the other saloon of this segment, its looks a bit of a class higher, it has the likes to take up with the Optra 1.6 and even the Toyota Corolla. The muscular styling of this car reflects the power under this bad boy and the cockpit like interiors inside, this car is also the tallest, widest and the longest of the competition and makes it the complete young powerful man machine.This car is made from the influence of the so called "Latest European design" . The SX4 is made to provide the best of luxury to their customers. The SX4 has an impressive ground clearance of 190mm, whereas the city has only 160mm. Tubeless tyres, alloy wheels,stop lamp, rear fog lamp, front fog lamps are the other exterior features.

Now coming to safety dual airbags are available for this car and also 3-point ELR front seat belt pre tensioner & force limiter and 3-point rear seats belts and 2 point lap belt for better catch of the passenger in the seat. Anti-Lock Braking System with Electronic Brake-Force Distribution are available to get excellent control of the car, and also has an Intelligent Computerized Anti Theft System (iCAT System) , all these are available in the Zxi versions. Side impact protection beam and Front door-lock canceler are also available.The Styling is different for different people, so both the cars have good styling of their own characteristics, though the fit and finish of the City is better. The city is quiet old in terms of people who need sporty, muscular and the young look, in this terms the Maruti-Suzuki SX4 scores well..For the people who need a practical, sophisticated and a business like car, the city is the one for that, its not everyday that a person like anil ambani drives a murcielago to his meetings, he would prefer to sit at the back of a rolls-royce with a newspaper. The SX4 definitely looks muscular and will be liked by many people, and also has many features than the city, and in safety, the SX4 scores again, because the city has no airbags and ABS, that the only problem in safety with the City. The SX4 scores because it looks modern and young and can go further and compete against the upcoming car's like the Fiat Linea and Toyota Vios.

Interiors and Comfort

Honda City - 4.5/5

The interiors of the City boasts of luxurious and spacious interiors, Honda had used high quality, upmarket products for the City interiors. The City has Dual Tone Beige Interiors, Chrome Inner Door Handles, High Grade Stereo with CD/MP3 Player, Front Storage Space with Cup Holder, Nice and clean Instrument Cluster and has very good legroom, powerful air conditioners, better than the SX4 and a big boot of 500liters. All of you know the City's interiors and theres nothing much to explain.

The City has a decent amount of comfort features - the city has rear armrest, twin glove box and a center console tray with fordable glass holders. tilt adjustable steering wheel, power door locks and power windows with illuminated switches. The City's interiors are really good and is made from top quality products, but the SX4's interiors are not that far behind lets see it.

Maruti Suzuki SX4 - 4.6/5

The SX4 has interiors is like a mini cockpit, they are so cleanly fitted as they roll down toward the end, a CD-player that goes with the dash look, the steering is embedded with controls and they are great to have, which the city does not have, the SX4 has a climate control and a display to check the interior-outside temperature. Both the SX4 and the City has electronic adjustable side view mirrors and rear defogger and some aluminium pieces are thrown near the console. There is also an illuminated key ring. The SX4 is the biggest and most spacious in the class and also has extra head, elbow and legroom.The SX4 has a height adjustable driving seat for better commanding view of the road, something that the Honda City does not have. The boot is big and roomy of 505 liters. There is a long list of equipments that the SX4 has, and you will be pleased with it. The fit and finish of the City is better though.

So, eventually there is very close competition of interiors between these two in interiors. The City's upmarket interiors v/s the SX4's young and modern cockpit like interiors. The SX4 is more spacious and comfortable and with a long list of features and equipments, the SX4 wins by close points. I would give it a 4.6, its that close though the fit and finish of the City is better. We gave the extra point because of the extra features available in the SX4.

Performance and Handling

Honda City:- 4/5

The Honda city is zippy and is handled a little better than the SX4. The Engine is not powerful and the car is also very quiet and smooth and the manual gearbox pleasure to use. The Honda City with a 77Bhp can do quiet well in the Highway and with that power this car is pretty well in city driving. With the McPherson Strut with Stabilizer and H- Type Torsion Beam Suspension at the rear, the car goes well in handling. But never test another car in overtaking in the highways in high speeds with the City, its not that good enough. The City name itself shows what the car is capable of - it is really a good city driving comfortable car. The Honda City returns a mileage of 10.85kmpl in city and 16kmpl in highway.

So overall the City is a good to drive car especially in the City conditions and returns good mileage. The Servo Assisted Hydraulic braking is good , but with ABS it would have been better.. The City was the best buy in the class at a bigger price. The Honda City sells because of the refined engine,upmarket interiors, reliability of Honda and the Brand Image. Now lets see what the SX4 can do.

Maruti-Suzuki SX4 - 4.5/5

The Suzuki SX4 is also a pleasure to drive, the extra power can be used for highways and with this power you can rip off your opponent. The gearbox is like similar to the Swift and has a top speed of 175 kmph. The ride quality of the Suzuki SX4 is lovable with Stabilizer Independent suspension with gas-filled McPherson strut & anti-roll bar in the front and Semi independent torsion beam with gas filled shock absorbers and absorbs the potholes very nicely and the area of clearance is really good and can take over the bumps quiet well, with Stabilizer Independent suspension with gas-filled McPherson strut & anti-roll bar in the front and Semi independent torsion beam at the rear with gas filled shock absorbers, makes it more comfortable.

The SX4 is fast and fun to drive, and even in the highways.The SX4 also returns mileage similar to the City of 10.9. The car being tall, really rare chances of body roll, because the car has a firm grip on the road. Alloy wheels also help too.


The fight was very very close indeed, we would intend to put both the cars first, but in a fight there is supposed to be a winner, so according to the review, overall - the SX4 wins. The SX4 is more powerful, looks better than the City and looks really modern, it is very much equipped than the city, has ABS, and Dual Airbags and is the longest, tallest, widest in the segment and has an enormous ground clearance with a big boot and great front and rear legroom, iCAT system and lots and lots more..

No other car in this segment has offered so many features, plus with a value for money tag too which is way much cheaper than the city.. So eventually the Maruti-Suzuki SX4 wins with close discount.

Posted by AutoCrust at Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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Anonymous said...

The exterior and the ride might be better in SX4 but the interior is a big let down in terms of the finish and material used. the door trims were pathetic and even the Wagon R has better quality. I was waiting desperately for the sx4 but now i have to look at city or verna(even if they don't have abs and airbags).

1 June, 2007 9:22 PM


Honda Guys are no Pushovers, It is very good that they have found a worthy competition in Maruti, Thanks to SX4, we are gonna get a brand new, swashbuckling Honda City with all safety features like Airbags, ABS and other extras like remote key lock, lighted keyinsert, Better Ground Clearance,etc at a very MINIMAL EXTRA COST. Beware SX4, the ALL-NEW Honda CITY should be just round the corner, Brace yourself for the shattering impact on you !!!!

1 June, 2007 9:41 PM

Roshan said...

Ya.. True, but the new city comes only in 2009 and its a long way from here and it has go the face of a Honda CR-V, but looks awesome.. hope to see the complete pictures on this blog..

2 June, 2007 10:50 AM

Sumeet said...

how about a comparison between Maruti SX4 and Renault Logan 1.6 top end model...

as both boasts about WIDE body ...

Can someone throw light as logan is cheaper to buy than SX4 ..though my Heart says SX4 but mind says LOGAN .... just coz of PRICE difference of nearly 1.75 lacs.. mumbai

4 June, 2007 10:07 AM

shivraj said...

The Logan is also a wise choice. But lacks in refinement and safety and all kind of those stuff. And 1.75 lakhs is not small.. you can buy another car for that kind of money. The Logan has the style to go to the people.. But the low-cost tag does back off some people..

The Logan is definitely a wise choice.. but will your heart agree with it when you see a man machine SX4 in front of you?

4 June, 2007 12:41 PM

CNN said...

i have just bought an sx4 and lemme tell you guys that its one hell of a MEAN MACHINE,its faster more powerful and better lookin than any car around and far far cheaper than the Honda City (what SX4 gives you at 7.47 lakhs Honda gives you at 8.60 lakhs (ask yourself this question who wud yu go with).Besided Maruti has come with the SX4 and slapped all car makers on thier face!! with a cheaper and better car than anybody can offer.I love the pick up/power of the sx4 and the way people stare at it even the ones driving the honda city lol ..its great fun!!!

6 June, 2007 1:21 AM

Anonymous said...

There are fools out there who are ready to sacrifice safety provided by SX4 over interior quality and finish (door trims???) provided by Honda City. Are you guys nuts?

7 June, 2007 2:39 AM

Anonymous said...

If you are really a fun lover then SX4 comes noway near to honda city vtec which makes 0-100 in amazing 10 seconds. VTEC's engine is far far superior then SX4. Like Autocar righly said "Honda's engine is light years ahead then Sx4"

8 June, 2007 4:08 PM

k.sharma11 said...

hey guys if you all want a car just like you then check out this new sx4 by maruti it is simply amazing.The car is huge with masculine looks safety takes the first place in sx4 and the price are the best competitive price that any company can offer to all of us.I am quite impressed with this car and am looking forward to this car.

11 June, 2007 4:15 PM

Anonymous said...

I bought a SX4 ZXi last week. Driven about 600 kms over the week (highways and climb to ooty). It makes a perfect "balanced" package. No need to get into 0-100 shoot outs or digging into the weavings on interiors, or the stuff which means little in real life usage of car. SX4 is a great, practical, safe, fun to drive and value for money car. Damn the overpriced badges... you will see how they tumble themselves and their prices in the days to come. Kudos for Maruti.

11 June, 2007 7:44 PM

Trevine said...

hey just wanna say that the Honda City manufactured in India is rubbish the car has nothing compared to wat the singapore & malaysian models have to offer the re-conditioned ones v get from singapore has so may options than the brand new Honda City v get in the Honda showroom which is from India. Options would b Leather Seats, Alloy Wheels, ABS, Airbags etc and these are the 2004 Models. Other than for the swift the rest from Maruti sucks.

I dont know y they even started a plant in India if they are to manufacture these rubbish vehicles. i lov Honda but they better research first where they are to hav a manufacturing plant and not for the sake of having 1 just because the labour cost is low



12 June, 2007 4:24 PM

Anonymous said...

hi just wanna say that Honda city manufactured in india is rubbish coz the 2004 re-conditioned models which v get from singapore is waaaaaaaayyyyy bet than the shit City in India. Tha indian version doesnt hav ABS or Airbags that sucks coz ours do (Singapore version) no leather seats, no alloys is not worth but i guess wen u pay that amount u really cant ask much. are car dealers guarantee not to buy indian vehicles as they have poor rubber bearing :( india being the biggest rubber suppliers to the world has very poor quality specialy in there vehicles. Sorry but its the truth.

as for the suzuki except for the Swift which i adore alot the rest is rubbish again apart from the vitara and again v c the difference in the swift versions.

12 June, 2007 4:37 PM

Anonymous said...

I must admit honda have the better edge in india,honestly speaking car market in india has always been a great letdown as compared to foreign market.Maruti suzuki in d form of SX4 offering such safety features has given a great boost to the indian market for value for money.Thumbs up for Maruti!

13 June, 2007 1:00 PM

Anonymous said...

What about automatic transmission, Hybrid models in India, in the US it is becomming common now, and what is the offering for those who worry about the future of the world ? :)

17 June, 2007 7:03 AM

k.sharma11 said...

hey friends

with beautiful colours,safety features such airbags etc,190mm of ground clearance,"m" series engine with 102bhp power has already hit the indian roads.If you all enjoy driving then you must go for the car.

22 June, 2007 11:21 AM

Anonymous said...

There was a Maruti service camp at my office a few days ago, and I happened to have a closer look on SX4. I sat at the back and to my surprise, my head got banged on the roof. The big it looks from outside, the minimal roof height is there at the back. To tell you all, I am just 5ft 9inch. They have not learned from Swift which is bigger from outside and has lesser space inside. I dropped the idea of buying the SX4, I would rather go with Verna or City.

25 June, 2007 2:51 PM

k.sharma11 said...


now all you 5`10 or above you dont have to worry as maruti has solved this problem and has made sx4 whch has enough of leg space and head space with 190mm of ground clearance."M"series engine with 102bhp power has been provided in the car which gives your ride equal to that of a SUV.

26 June, 2007 1:57 PM

Anonymous said...

I am keen to know the mileage for SX4 both in city and on highway. Also how does the mileage compare with Honda City. For me the running cost is more important than the initial buying cost. Also any idea on the after sales cost of maintenance for both.

31 July, 2007 2:37 PM

mark said...

Price: 7.60lakhs (ZXi - Leather. Ex-Showroom, Mumbai)

0-100kmph: 11.9sec

Top Speed: 175kmph (Estimated)

Mileage: 10kmpl (City); 15kmpl (Highway)

4 September, 2007 8:29 PM

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