Dear all,
pl help me to get solution for this. Till now, could not find any relevant post on this.
Company has issued appointment letter with different T&C for different employees. for instance, for one employee, they gave 20 earned leave for a year and for other employee, they gave 30 earned leaves for a year.
in this condition, I want to make a policy that all employees will be given only 25 earned leaves per year. If this step is taken, how suitable will it be from legal point of view?
If I change leave policy like this, those who are getting 30 earned leaves may start questioning like.. on what grounds such leaves have been shortened after being specified in their T&C.
pl enlighten me how can I cope with such serious issue. :(

From India, Delhi
You can definately harmonize the policy and copmany has the right to change the rules and regulations as per business needs and bring the partity among employees.
There is no legal consequences on this. Please follow the procedure as under.
1) Make the list of employees who will be benfitted. Anyways they will be happy.
2) Make the list of employees who will loose the benefits (5 days). You have to manage this by propoer communication and adding one time settlement in salary (for example 5 days salary in yearly CTC. (e.g. If Gross salary is 300000/-:- then 3 lacs divided by 365 multiplied by 5 days is equal to 4110/- per annum so their new gross will be 304110/- PA)
However you do not have the obligation to compensate but as a good practice and to make them positive, you can do this.
Further you have to do the propoer and position communication with justifications as you can also give the reason of benchmarking with other industries.

From India, Pune
Dear, Good solution given by Mr. Vinod Bidwaik. I agree with this solution. Kiran Arya Executive-HR Printman Associates(P) Ltd.
From India, Delhi
Mr. Vinod,
Thanks for your valuable response. Can you please guide me in what ways I can convince them. .
some of the employees may start criticizing management for reducing their annual leaves. So, what sort of justification can be told to them... pl let me know of it also.

From India, Delhi
Hi Vishal,
You can make the presentaion on the same. Why are you chnaging the policy? What changes are you making? Then what will be the benefits for gainer? Benefits for loosers will be gross salary increase, further increment will be on addiotional salary in future, benefits in PF & gratuity etc etc. You have to cook the positive story. And you also say that copmany is not reducing the benefits, in fact adding in the salary so copmany is fair.
Vinod Bidwaik

From India, Pune
Each person is unique, you can not use the same key for every lock.
However given that you are looking for some tricks to convince them try explaining them that In order to bring harmony, fair treatment to each employee company has decided to provide same number of leaves to all the employees. Explain them how important it is to be treated fairly. Also tell them how would they feel if they have not been given some privileges which other employees have.
Again convincing is all up to you there are no magic tricks, you just need to understand what they want to hear and tell them exactly the same.
All the Best
Sagar Gulani

From India, Surat
Vinod Ji,
if I consider your suggestion, there may be some obstacles from management side. They may not be willing to increase their CTC in lieu of reducing no. of leaves since it would affect other things also like liability towards gratuity, bonus etc. claims.
In your first post, you are asking to make only one time payment. But in 2nd post, indirectly you are asking to make increased salary payment every year.
Pl make me clear on this !!!!!!

From India, Delhi
It is not increased payment. If the leave is adjusted one time, employee may get the future benefits like increase annual base salary. This is shwoing the benefits to employees.
However if your management is not willing to do that, it is management issue. Management is expected to be fair in such cases.
You still can reduce the leave without the compensation, but does taking the benefits is your objective or harmonization si your objective?
You will end up dissatifying your employee and employees are smart. They will remember this and definately taek care in future.
HR should be sensitive.

From India, Pune
Increase the CTC arenot possible pratically. You can give 5 spl leave to employee who get 25 Earned leave on behalf of management in a year. In this case their are not confusion between those employee those get 30 earned leave. Increase the CTC may be object the other employee in same organisation.
If my view not acceptable pls write back

From India, Delhi
Good Morning..
Appreciate both the suggestions given by Mr. VInod and Mr. Sanjeev. Will discuss of same with the management and will conclude the thing favourable for both employees and company.
Thanking you all for your kind cooperation.

From India, Delhi

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