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Dear friends,
Now a days you will frequently find articles in print media on loneliness/singlehood. Is it true or just academic?In the India Today dated 7/11/2005 there is a long article under the heading-Alone in the city. The opening para reads as:
"In the late 1990s, the county's private sector work force was learning to cope wth stress emanating from high pressure jobs and demanding work schedules. Today there is a silent killer that's stalking the corriders of large companies-loneliness. It's classic Bridget Jones syndrome; the only difference is that it's just not limited to the fairer sex. Thousands of young professionals who are moving to India's metros to take up jobs in the booming services sector are forming a giant pool of loneliness"
Is it a fact? Are they self sufficient to combat the malady? What is the way out? It needs discussion.

From India, Delhi
Dr Ji,
It is a fact. You can see that in the mushrooming mega call centres and BPO's. Almost everyday i see tens of BPO employees walking in and out of our apartment complex. Getting dropped or picked up in oversppeding Qualis/ Sumo's etc. You can see the loneliness and boredom on the faces of them. Is it the other side of the BPO boom coin?
Yes, what can be done to comabt the malady? Good question and we need to discuss, debate, rack our brains to find it. It is essential for the well being of the society.

From India, Madras
Namaskar and thank you for your observations.
Being lonely and feeling of loneliness are two different levels. It is the latter which is damaging. It is not the monopoly of BPO employees alone. The humanity has moved a lot from individualism to feeling of loneliness. To me it appears that tendency to self agrandizement and belittling others is the most potent factor in psychologically distancing one from the others.
Let us see what are others' observations.

From India, Delhi
hello friends,

Joining the discussion,

I think and also as far as I see its not only the call centres, but also the iT companies and most of the private companies have contributed to this problems, infact I really appreciate these IT & ITES companies that atleast they consider this for their employees and take some actions to overcome it, but otherwise private companies if not in work timings, put different kinds of stress on their employees..

what's the use if you are working though in day timings yet dont get time for your families, what if you reach home after 10pm and find your children asleep.

the job pressure, streched working hours, target pressure etc. not only cause a kind of psychological pressure which though with your family . you not actually are, that again causes a kind of feeling of loneliness when you can not give time to your family members even if they are not away from you. Literally, I have seen this with many of my colleagues and friends...

Now the second view is for those who came to metros far away from their families to work . No doubt some or the other times they do feel the loneliness... The best option i have seen is Friends, most of these people find friends in the same company or in neighborhood that try to spend their time with them...

Again , a routine schedule if exercised can work out against this problem...See, how much time we get after our jobs and what are the daily activities that we do. We can organize them to utilize that time..

well, all for now...

in the process of thinking, will post if something strikes right...


From India, Delhi
Hello All,
It is true that a typical knowledge worker in IT/ITES sector face some kind of loneliness. Even though the company he/ she works for boasts about conducting weekend parites and trips, the fact that internal bond between two or more humans remain decreasing. There is no belief in each other.
In a pursuit of making money, people run around crazily and end up draining or loosing themselves and their identity.
I wonder do they live or merely exist.
This is the ususal DINK syndrome (Double Incme No Kids), where the husband and wife are professionals who seldom meet. May be they meet only in the elevator or pantry.
In such a circumstance people do feel alone. And the worse part is that a person does not even have the time to think that he is alone.

From India, New Delhi
I fear the workaholic pattern of the current generation would be the cause of many estranged marriages.
From India, Madras
Very learned observations but before I respond on points of discussion, may I like to know from sree whether it is DINK or DINKY(doublle income no kid yet). regards
From India, Delhi
Hello Ji,
Well the DINK or DINKY, I feel, progresses with age.
I mean : Double Income No Kids Yet (DINKY) for people who are married not so long ago, and DINK for couple who married long ago and forgot about reproducing, or rather they do not have the time to think about their future genetation.
Your views anticipated

From India, New Delhi
I agree with you. To redefine it scientifically,
DINK - People who avoid bearing children for the fear of having setbacks in their career.
DINKY - Couples who are married and who cannot bear children(infertile) due to occupational hazards like (excessive stress, excessive smoking etc.)

From India, Madras
hi all,

this indeed is a nice discussion going on....

i agree with the point that ppl coming to big metros for jobs experience loneliness. initially it is fun, getting used to new surroundings etc., but it is only till this phase that one does not have time to realise the lonely feeling. once this phase is over the feeling creeps in.

i am stressing on the word "feeling", coz i have seen instances where even though the person was not alone so to say (relatives were near-by, friends were there too) but the fact that everyday was a fight ... right from going to office to surviving there n coming back .... that the person became a clamped shell ... totaly introvert.

big cities take away the real life from the day... days r measured in number of trains missed, or number of coffees had!

i guess that is where my defination of standard of living differs..... its all finally about the quality of life one lives .... n quality does not mean the brands u wear or the malls u visit.

n this rush to earn more is also to balme. it is leading, rather forcing ppl to get into professions they might not really have a liking for. knowing the way man is he will succeede wherever he/she tries. but that might not really make him happy.

and it is this internal loneliness that shows on the outside .....

n it is dangerous .... coz it is for a lifetime, if appropriate changes are not made wen there is still time!


From India, Pune

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