Indian Constitution allows each citizen to practice his/her religion as he/she sees fit, but religion should be a personal matter, not a public one. So no company sponsored Ganesh/ Saraswathi idols/ pictures, poojas or conducting prayers within the office space. But it would be a good idea to create a meditation space, providing access to people of all faiths- so that they can take off some time to be by themselves, or think over things, or just take time off the stressful work environment. They should be free to deck up their personal space with whatever pictures they like. This is how you take care of your employees,

Hello Tracy, Its best you adhere strictly to your policy . If you make allowances for one religion, the requests will be endless and you will have a bigger problem on hand later on. regards Vineeta
From India, Mumbai
I would like to differ with the opinion of Mr. Vineet Raj. Strictness or rigidity in HR policies can prove to be anti-productivity. It may not be treated as religion in office, rather cultural diversity in an organisation, which the HR has necessarily to manage with tact and skill. Some facilities have to be necessarily to be provided to the staff of different culture, religion, sect. so that their emotions or sentiments are not hurt, rather they should feel obliged to the management for such extended facilities to encourage them to be more productive and loyal to the organization and management.

If you compare cultural diversity of India with some Gulf countries, you would be astonished to know that India does not have that quantum of diversity, as the Gulf countries have. For example, Qatar, a small Gulf country, has more than 80% of it population constituted by expatriates, while only 20% are the natives of Qatar. They all come from different ethnic, cultural, national, religious and political backgrounds. So, not only companies/ corporations, but also Government offices consist of a huge cultural and religious diversity in their official system.

Contrarily, the most of the employees in Indian organizations consist of the natives of India, may he be Hindu, Muslims or Christians. So, if that country can manage well and extend facilities to the religious sects to perform their rites, why Indian organisations cannot? In fact, in official system, we should not give any religious colour, rather treat cultures. Giving religious cover does not ensure impartiality towards a particular sect. That some times prove to be a source of conflict between different sects causing to bring dirty politics in offices.

In terms of managing human resources, a management expert, Senyucel (2009) states:

"People are very complex creatures. Not a single person thinks, feels, sees, hears, tastes, understands and behaves the same way. We all come from different ethnic, cultural, national, religious and political backgrounds. This makes each and every one of us unique with different set of morals, beliefs and values" (Senyucel, 2009, p.7).

Thus, diversity has great impact on our lives, priorities and workplaces. If you respect and manage diversity with due respect, the employees of those sects would respect you.

I don't think any office does not consist of any vacant space to facilitate namaz to the Muslims. Even some employees try to do namaz while sitting near their own seating arrangement. That is just for a few minutes job for them, not creating any hurdle in any body's official performance. .

From India, Delhi
Navroz has perfectly replied. Yes, there is something known as "Spiritual Room'' or Meditation rooms in some corporates in India and also in SIngapore. In this employees can relax, do yoga or pray(any religion) without disturbing others or displaying any deities/idols/photo frames. If firms have a little space provided to employees( 4X6 ) this solves the problem.
It has become a tradition in corporates in India where employees celebrate Christmas/Ganesha Chaturthi either sponsored by employer or employee contributions. So there's no question of controversy/dispute or any other ill-feeling as long as it does not harm the firm and the itnerest of the organisation. Some small companies in India have provided space for the prayers on terrace of the facility for prayers.

From India, Bangalore
To CiteHR

Sub:. Room/Space to perform Namaz in Cos.


Apropose to the discussions on the above subject; following points may be considered:

Many Cos. Celebrate & spend for Ayud Puja, Ganesh Festival & other local Festivals to fulfil the Wishes of the employees. Even Some Govt.Cos/Offices. also do it to keep the employees happy. Many Cos. help employees going to Shabarimalai by adjusting Shift, accumulate Leave to help them to go for Annual Piligrimage which is very pious for many in South India. Some Cos. provide Gym, Yoga, Sports like Tennis, Volley ball, Carems etc., to keep the employees fit & happy.

In case of Muslims; especially in Ramzan; some Cos. give Room/space to do Namaz which takes 15 minutes without obstructing their work (as they are on fast & abstain from eating & even drinking water during day time; - their LUNCH Hour is permitted to do Namaz). As Namaz is Farz- Compulsory for the Muslims; especially during Fasting month/period; giving space for Namaz can win good-will of Muslim brothers who also contribute to all Cos. growth; since allowing/asking them to go out to Mosque- which will not be available nearby; do not help them to do Namaz. Namaz is a silent act & donít disturb anyone. Azan- the loud call for Namaz is not done since it is not Mosque but a small room to assemble for Namaz.

Co.s as Model Employer; trying to fulfil wishes of all; need not reject providing room for Namaz as it doesnot cost any- thing extra to Co. Muslim Bros. should ensure that their work & others work are not affected by their going for Namaz. Also; the Muslim bros. must not misuse the room to sleep & it must be locked after Namaz.

Pious acts of all can be respected & it is not intended to hurt any ones feeling or to cause ill-will among anybody.


From India, Mumbai

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