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Hi HR's,

I have one query form all the HR Personnel, kindly solve this query or Case Study.

A person who is intelligent getting admission in a a very good college and get a placement with a package of Rs.12,000,00 PA and on the other hand a person who is more intelligent than the first person but get admission in an average college in his own home city due to location problem or health issue or some other genuine reason.

He get consistently good marks in that college where placement activities are of average.He is financially weak.

In his last sem. he harden the neck and move to NCR for java training and during that period he started searching the job and faced interviews and he finally got the job.

Initially he appointed as a Trainee with a package of Rs. 5000 PM. The company was renowned MNC. Than after Six months 7000/- PM than after completing one year he started his career with the same company with a package of 2.15 Lac. PA. as permanent employee of the company. After getting an experience of 2 years he switch to another company with a package of Rs. 3.50 LAC PA.

AFTER 2 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE HIS SALARY IS RS. 3.50 LAC. PER ANNUM and where on the other hand "First person" who is in a good college, intelligence level is same of both the guys, get a package of Rs. 12,000,00 Lac. PA. as fresher level.

Can you tell me what the main idea of company people. Why they go for a good or u can say best college, why not for hard work or intelligence.

why company people always offer handsome package to those who are in a good college although fresher.


How second person can get good opportunities as he is hardworking, intelligent and deserving .
M/s Shweta,
It is a well known fact that the candidates who do a less demanded course in a reputed college shall get very good employment offer whereas the candidates who do highly demanded course in unpopular colleges may have to run to pillar to post to get an offer. This would be the case in getting compensation also. Your arguement may be correct in case of retaining the candidates especially from the unpopular colleges.
Proving the talent and job hopping are the only solution to get a higher compensation at a shorter period.
Thanks for the reply, but both are with the same specialization.
But thing is a person with an experience of 2 years and on the other hand a person with no experience get a placement of Rs. 12,000,00/- and both are equal intelligent.
Just because there is a difference in the level of institution, Other person starts his career with Rs. 5,000 PM as Trainee he got praised for his performance by his Project Manager and become permanent employee with a package of 2.15 Lac. now after 2 years of experience he switch to other company with a package of 3.50 Lac only and this package commonly offered by organization to freshers during placement session.
Experience is much considerable or knowledge and if both... than ...
Don't you thing this is bias behavior of organizations.
its called banding my dear..talent can only be shown after getting assignment but to get assignment you’ve to be a brand name/ brand associated
I am surprised that a Brand Name can create a difference of 8.50 Lac. and too when there is a difference of experience...
yes my dear.. brand can create difference.. at some point we all are brand conscious.. its human psyche
But sir, What will they do with branded institution.
I think at the end of the day it is PERFORMANCE that matters and took an organization to the other way.
It is a matter that demotivates a person.
As an HR I am not in a favor of this bias behavior.
you may count your personal opinion but as professional level every one wants to hire cream.. and they are ready to pay for it, at end of day performance certainly count.. but to get evaluated you need to get into system for evaluation, for a simple example one will buy 35k galaxy SIII but they will not buy 12000 Micromax with same feature.. so its brand which puts you two step ahead in race.. some starts from zero and some from +10..
Ok than why Some good organization put job advertisement with relevant experience, say 2-4, 4-8.
Why they don't go for freshers.
What is the need of Management department where there are Managers, Sr. Managers having 5,8,10 or more Years of experience if they are OK with freshers.
Remember Status Become with Good performance, Quality work force NOT WITH BRAND.
Samsung was not a Good Brand when it entered but after attaining the experience of Mobile market they come with different ideas and beat Nokia. They analysed what a customer demand.
People like if they get something different. Micromax on the other hand has nothing new. So people have faith on Samsung.
But here the picture is different. Here Other person has different quality as he has 2 years of experience.
At the time of job posting they set criteria that " person should be with minimum ......years of experience".
Why????? if they are ok with freshers.
experience gives you exposure/skill for andling complex issue.. it has nothing to do with money...let me tell you few factors for job satisfaction which i'd found during my MBA winter project, these are
1- your boss
2- your work environment
3- your colleague
4- growth/learning
5- money
so money is a factor but you cant say 12 lac package is every thing, its sometime luck.
and its not talent vs talent it talent vs attitude
a top b school teaches you nothing super than other schools but they gives you right attitude, its your attitude which makes you successful, sachin and kambli both were same talented but after one hurdle it was sachin's attitude which leads him..(an example from harsha bhogle's speech at IIT)
Please try an understand...
Both Sachin and Kambli started their career together, but here the story is different.
In management we can count attitude an all... but what about other stream.
You are saying experience has nothing to do with money!!!!!!! Don't you think an experience person is more beneficial to a company than a fresher.
Today let say I have 2 years of experience and my company on a campus placement tour recruit a fresher with a very handsome salary package. Don't you consider it a matter of De-motivation where After attaining 2 years of experience I know company culture very well, my project detail, my job, my responsibilities and on the other hand the fresher has to learn everything from the beginning.
its all related to job satisfaction, the reason which i'd given for job satisfaction might be changed in sequence person to person, and i admit it will make you feel degraded when they hire a fresher on higher package than yours, you have to be prepared for these situations,
The persons is satisfied with his job that's why spent two years over there.
Let me give you an example...
Dahi or Curd come with different packages .... in cup & in packet.
Curd in cup available at Rs. 20 and so as in a packet but the quantity is different. In packet the quantity of curd is 2 times more then in a cup with same brand, say "Mother Diary" and at same price. The cup look good but made of plastic so of no use so I prefer to buy curd in a packet rather then a cup.
Dear ST
As you are also follow the same rule in ur life also. for example if u want to buy a biscuit then u order Good Day rather than tiger. the reason behind choosing good day biscuit because of strong advertising, high prices and Branding. Thats why companies choosing or go better or costliest college rather than a low ranked college
i too, but as i said every one has their own views, although packed dahi is of good quality :) joke apart
the point will alaways be same, its only branding and their higher probability in getting success in their job, we cant say they are hired just because of their institute but its also a factor, they also face interview, but here is a basic diff in ideology, let me tell you i met two people back in 2011 both were fresher on was from a good institute of Delhi-NCR and other one was from institute of b grade city of UP, now here come the diff
one from small town with unknown college was even ready to work for 5000 and one from NCR from a known college was thinking to ask 20k for same profile,
so its the attitude, its the difference its we call head start,
Its an average college not low ranked college ...
secondly taste which is biggest quality of biscuit. Taste of both the biscuits are different.
Thats why we choose Good day rather then Tiger.
We wish to have good taste not brand!!!!!!!! So organization people should choose profit for their organization and that is with an employee who already have experience not for fresher.

I don't know friends but do you think the system is correct......
I mean is there any way for that experienced person to move a head with a good package or he will run like a tortoise even if he is equally hardworking and intelligent.

move to some other orgz'n but still the diff will remain of top notch and all others, accept it or not but you cant ignore this, if i ask you to hire some MBA fresher from Harvard or me having 2 years exp.. most them will prefer first one including you..
It is very difficult to measure the ability, aptitude, attitude and likelihood of success of any new recruit - but if you recruit from a good or great college, you are assured that at least at one point of time, this guy performed much better than all others at his stage.
There may be others who are intelligent and hardworking and capable in second or third tier colleges but identifying them from the crowd of mediocre guys would be a tough task. Thus, companies tend to go for the premium colleges.
Thus, premium colleges have more jobs and they can be choosy which pushes up the salaries.
Also, when you are sure that the guy you are recruiting is better than many others (the college brand name ensuring that), you can safely give him higher value jobs than you would want to risk with someone who you are not sure is that capable. Therefore, even the profile of the jobs offered is better at premium colleges.
Hi Shwetha
Why don't we think from the college part as well....Why don't the colleges try calling the branded Cos to conduct a recruitment drive in their college. Companies usually go for top schools to recruit the high calibre students. So i think even the college placement cell can give a try in calling up the tier 1 cos to conduct a recruitment drive.
The branded cos. will go for branded colleges thinking branded students are only there..As u said, the same calibre can be found in normal colleges as well...
Even the students now have an opportunity to communicate with any company HR and forward the details directly. Taking freshers depends on the requirement the co. has. If they really need experienced people to do the current project, then there is not point of hiring freshers giving a big amount.
Any Co. takes a fresher, foreseeing the calibre in him and the productivity they will get in future with that particular fresher.
Hi Swetha,
I agree with you. It is true that two persons having same skill and performance are worth of getting similar jobs and package. But, in reality people are getting different jobs with different packages one higher and the other lower. It all depends on Luck and its true that brand companies opt branded people only. After all, it is human psychology which goes wrong, crazy and unfair some times.
To remove these kind of barriers up to some extent, Interviews should be conducted purely on intellectual basis keeping a condition that their college names and prev worked company names shouldn't be revealed until the selection process is done.
Thanks & Regards,
Srilakshmi Korukonda
Greetings of the Day......!!!!!
A very good question from your side......your concern is not wrong frm any aspect.....but let me just tell you the fact about the mentality of these companies..........they only look for the attitude in preference to intellectual level or skills....good institutes only change your attitudes & even small institutes too!!!!!but moreover HR from good companies prefer brand only because you better know that allen solly or united color of benetton garments are much expensive than any of other Indian brand.....this doesn't mean people don wear Indian brands.......moreover 30% people areonly brand consious because of the prome factor menatlity n other is comfort which they get from a branded item!!!!!
I accept this .... Actually in private organization managers make new clients on the basis of the manpower they have from the branded institute.
But how the other experienced person who is running like tortoise can get the same height, is there any hope for him. What is the best way to search a job and get a job in branded firm.
Most of the branded companies. prefer internal references thinking the internal employees who know the company well can provide good candidates as well. Its always good, to keep contact with the people who are working in the branded companies presently as they will be the first to know when a vacancy arises and if they present the candidate CV, it will give more value than an outsider doing it.
Another important thing is that, such Cos. will not have vacancies always. They will have a time say yearly or once in 6 months where they conduct large recruitment drives and place 50-60-100 new recruits and close it for the current year. So we also need to have an eye on such companies, when they call for the drive so that we can also apply directly
Hi Sweta,
I do not agree completely with this whole case. The collage brand may help initially to get a plateform but at later stage your talent speaks louder than anything. There may be ask for certain adjustments to be made in terms of location, position etc. but with wide range of jobs available, of late one may switch to deserving place.
Anil Richhariya
Hi all
Lot and more confuse argument and in Cite HR forum
Why members can discuss about only developing of HR, benefits of hr, benefits to employee and employer, in all aspects.
don't make any one to harm and discuss with simple language to understand all level of people of our community, (HR community) most of them who flirt this portal all very senior senior person , think about the fresher who finish the MBA HR and just log in to know some tips of HR, will cry like me...............
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