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Thread Started by #ffmd216

Hello everyone,

I belong to IT Domain (Networking & VoIP Domain). I have pursued MS from UK and when i returned to India, i was selected in a company in Chennai. I had to leave that company without notice in first month itself(absconded) as i had given fake experience letter and came to know that the company is scrutinizing every detail.

I later got selected in one of the reputed IT firms in Delhi, got trained by the company and worked there for 9months...but due to severe damage of my health i had to quit the company(absconded again).

I have presently all the certifications and educational qualifications which are required. I cant put my previous companies as my experience because i had absconded. The new companies where i am applying now are asking for Form 16 and PAN Card details.

I would request for your suggestions regarding how to get out of this horrible situation, and get a job in a genuine way(i have been gettin new job opportunities but scared to apply for them).

thanks n regards

14th November 2012 From India, Hyderabad
Sorry to say, but remember that lies will not take you any where. Today or tomorrow they will catch you and you will loose your face in front of every one.
There were various scam that had taken place so now most of the organizations carry out employee verification, and it will expose your lies. Now that you don't want to tell lies then you could apply as a fresher and tell you had taken a break due to bad health problem, actually it is not good to tell lies, but this will not effect any other person for organisation.
Hope this will help, but in future kindly restrain from lying. All the best.
14th November 2012 From India, Mumbai
I think Anita gives to better suggestion. You have two option in above case:
1) Apply as Fresher: It may affect your Salary, Position.
2) Apply with your experience: You dont lie at the time of Interview. You tell all your past records, i think one of the company gives you Job definitely.

With Regards,
Vineet Deshmukh
14th November 2012 From India, Yavatmal

Thanks for your prompt reply, i totally agree with your thoughts and i know i have done a big mistake..

I dont find jobs which hire fresher(not speaking of BPO jobs)..the ones i find in my domain i.e., Networking & VoIP do ask for atleast 1 year of experience. I do possess in depth knowledge in Cisco VoIP field and hold some important and valuable certificates like CCNA, CCNA Voice & CCNP Voice too.

I can show 1 year of UK experience which is genuine..but after returning back from the UK, i joined two reputed IT firms but had to leave...

My query is...can i jus apply for jobs saying i worked in the uk..for 1year..and dont show the details about the Indian companies which i left without notice...

Is there any chance where the new company can find out any my job details in Indian companies(which i left) after going though my PAN card details or so...

I jus wanna do a fresh start as i had done when i wz back from uk with genuine experince...

will background verification people find out by any chance about the two indian companies which i am marked as absconded....i mean through my PAN CARD details or any other means...

Please guide me in this regard as i know very less about the hiring procedure in India...


14th November 2012 From India, Hyderabad
Hello seniors,
I have a query regarding the PAN CARD details asked during the recruitment process...
can the new company track the details of the previous companies through the pan card number...??
i had worked in two companies where company itself was paying tax on my behalf every month...unfortunately i had left those companies without any notice...
in future companies, i dont wnt to mention details about the previous two companies.....but as im asked to provide the PAN card details or any other it possible for the new company to track down about my previous companies...
i would b grateful to you if you can shred some lite on it...
14th November 2012 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Mr. ffmd216,

There is an uncertainity in you leaving (absconding) the company when you know the adverse effects on your future to go. Being a well educated and IT experienced person, how have you decided in possession of effortlessly seperating? Did you ever think of....

You've to consider both the voluntary and involuntary reasons of leaving the company and also figure out that how much the employer had suffered in outsome and hiring some other employee and training him. Although, these factors result you in automatic termination. Therefore the best suggestion to you is; talk to your immediate supervisor or a person who is close to understand you and stumble on the moments to talk to the Manager of your previous company (as you worked there for 9 months; there should have been good bonding) to make efforts by writing a letter/ meeting that personnel with prior appointment and expalin the reasons of your sudden absence in plain words. Request the person to help you atleat provide a letter (if he is OK with your confrontation).

Besides mark a word that you will make sure to pay any notice period [as per the appointment] for getting a letter. Let me be very clear; you shall always speak to them in a unembellished voice for a better sake.

Good Luck..!
14th November 2012 From India, Visakhapatnam
Dear Sharmila,

Thanks alot for your quick reply..

i know i have done a very big mistake and its been almost a year i had left my previous company...due to my adverse medical condition i had to leave the company....Actually i had spoken to my manager regarding my health issue and i had said him that i cant continue to work further....he said that i have to work at the company for sure for 2years according to the agreement in the appointment letter....but there wasnt any bond paper i had signed while entering the company....

I had left an email to my manager at last time, but he asked me to work for 2months(notice period)....which i had explained him that i cant and i was ready to pay for it...but he didnt agree...

after recovring from my health...i have been doing certifications and i do possess all certifications in Cisco VoIP domain...

i want to start everything from a pretty sure my previous company will not listen to any of my requests and will not issue any letter...

i have 1yr of genuine experince working at UK....can i start my career showing jus 1yr of experince and not revealing the indian companies i had left...

will the new company get to knw in background verification from my PAN Card details regarding the indian companies i had worked with...

please answer to my queries...thanks in advance...


14th November 2012 From India, Hyderabad
Dear ffmd,

You may very well show the 1 year experience that you've possessed in UK and start up. Therefore in any unforeseen interview they might tend to ask you regarding the gap. Certainly, you may have to adjust the same explaining the certification(s) you did for which you enforced time. DO NOT work on explaining your health reasons unless you got your medical certificate ready with you. Make sure you tell them that your ill-health was not a major cause and you are fit to work and show the "Doctor certificate" revealing fitness.

Regarding Service Bonds/ Agreements are invalid legally. If the employer provided you with any training; then YES the training costs incurr and you may have to repay the amount for the assignment. Other than that, I donot see any problem with the situation.

Days are gone when you lie and the employer takes it. They are many structured BGV's, therefore do not worry on your past experience. Start fresh and make sure this time you abide by the rules and procedures of the company.

All the best...!!
14th November 2012 From India, Visakhapatnam
Dear ffmd216 Please raise all your queries in one thread instead of opening new thread for same query.
14th November 2012 From India, Kumbakonam
This is a good example of how the past has caught up on you. It always pays to be honest and forthright. Giving false information in the CV is a serious misconduct. My advise is that you take the path of repentance and reveal the truth. To err is human, to repent is divine.
15th November 2012 From Malaysia, Ipoh
You have realised your mistake. Now dont spoil your career thinking about the past. Start as fresher in any small unit at the same time try for the job of your choice. Think positive. No one is going to waste their valuable investigating the past of an exemployee unless any of your action put the employer to suffer loss. GOOD LUCK!

15th November 2012 From India, Thanjavur
Hello sponusamy,

What you mentioned is very true--reg the Past catching up.

While 'to repent is divine', how many would have the courage to admit their faults/mistakes, let alone correct them clearly & squarely?

Frankly, even in this very case mentioned by Ffmd216, after realizing his mistake, he doesn't seem to gather enough courage to admit & correct his past mistakes where it finally matters [with employers]--he seems more intent on finding ways on 'how to avoid getting caught'.

It's like saying--I did a mistake & have decided NOT to commit any more from now. But who will bear the cross of the past mistakes?

In life, there's nothing called 'i want to start everything from a scratch'. It's better to pay-up early than postpone things, when the burden of pay-off will be MUCH LOWER--if you watch the happenings around vis-a-vis the various scams, you know what I mean. A case in point, had Satyam Ramalinga Raju made amends early on in his fiasco drama, how LESS would have been the loss--both to him & others effected by it?

Coming to this specific Posting, there's one thing that seems amiss in Ffmd216's posting--logically, anyone who has health problems would apply for leave rather than leave employment--who would take the mental load of being without any job while undergoing treatment?

This seems to be all the more a reason for suspecting that there's more to this issue than is mentioned in the posting--since Ffmd216 mentions "Actually i had spoken to my manager regarding my health issue..........................but he asked me to work for 2months". The very fact that his Manager insisted on serving the Notice period indicates that Ffmd216 was DEFINITELY NOT bed-ridden or hospitalized or so serious as to not attend work.

What he mentioned MAY be True, but I do suspect MAY NOT be the Complete Truth--hope the difference is noticed.


15th November 2012 From India, Hyderabad
I am surprised at your gumption in admitting two serious misdemeanours and asking the Forum how you can hide them!
I think the only right way out for you is to start free-lance work and face the results yourself of your actions instead of making an employer be the sufferer.
15th November 2012 From India, Bangalore
There's already another thread active for the same issue I guess.
15th November 2012 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Ffmd216!
1) Get up and face the issue squarely.
2) Always carry the truth with you. Always tell the truth.
3) Truth always prevail. It will give you freedom. It will give you wisdom.
4) Truth is God!
Hope this helps.
16th November 2012 From Philippines, Cebu
PAN card issue or starting from scratch per se is not the problem.
However, what has changed now that you won't abscond the third time? I don't mean to judge you - you did whatever you did. But, the questions are why did you do it and how can you be sure that you won't do it again. Unless this is resolved, a new beginning will not help much.
Mind you, a new beginning is possible and it won't be too difficult - but how do you convince yourself that it is indeed new and not the third re-run of the old story - this would determine whether you are able to rebuild your career or fritter away everything.
16th November 2012 From India, Delhi
I think the employer ask for form 16 only to verify your salary and to know your income tax deduction.PAN Card is mandatory for those who are not exempted under income tax, mean salary above 2 lakhs annual. So no need to worry,just ask to your previous employer to issue the form 16 and submit pan with form 16 to your concerned company. You may say that you have leave your prevoius company due to long time sickness and you got abscond.
Adi Tiwari.
16th November 2012 From India, New Delhi
Hellow Sir,
Pl. do not mistake me..... you have messed up everything. Once you have joined any company there is always a solution to leave the company amicably in your language...\"without abscontedness\". In the first Co., you should have approached the top authority to explain your case and no one will stop for further education. You should have come out with all the proper certificates for having worked for some days. Forget this.... since you have worked not even one month. In Delhi also you have done the same thing running away from your responsibility/job without even informing them. You have mentioned that you were having severe health problem...... the same thing you should have informed in writing to your reporting authority and also the higher authorities.Had you been done this properly even in case you get LOP your name should have been maintained by HR in their attendance role. Then you should have resigned for which they would have happily accepted. Now you are left w
16th November 2012 From India, Bangalore
Dear ffmd216
This is a good lesson for you dont repeat it in your future..
U made misconducts, but it doesn’t mean that u will not get job in any corporate, there are chances but you have to provide them the trust that you will not repeat this again (which is difficult) , be truthful to yourself and put the things in right manner , and they will not come to know your previous employment details through PAN unless until you are getting into Financial Institutions.
16th November 2012 From India, Hyderabad
Dear ffmd216...
Its a good thing that u realized the mistakes u made in your suggestion is face the reality of life n be truthful to your employer and to yourself as well.
U can surely get a job by showing your UK experience..n about the Pan Card can be traced but at the time of interview in your future explain the reason to your employer with your supporting medical doing so u can somewhat build a trust in employer\'s mind n he may give u the opportunity.
All the best :)
16th November 2012 From India, Surat
1. It is impossible to get rid of your past permanently. even if it is not detected at the time of recruitment, BE sure u are answerable in the near future.
2. given the situation, there is only one way out, i.e, tell the complete story to the interviewer and if you are really talented you will set it once again.
3. You will surely be looked with suspision in the beginning, but with the days passby, you hardwork can get rid of your bitter past.
All the best.
17th November 2012 From Qatar, Doha
Dear friend,
Past is past, I'm sure you can't go back, reopen/relive those days. Let's come to the present days. Now U begin with your foreign stint, give your PAN and say NO to your Form 16 (as you were abroad and hence doesn't arise) and face whatever arises henceforth. Try to put things straight and right. One more suggestion, file a fresh IT return for the yr.2011-12 with relevant information as NRI returned to India (may be a nil Tax return, may have to remit penalty for late return) and keep the copy of Ack.form for your requirement. That should solve your immediate problem.
Good day pal,
20th November 2012 From India, Bangalore
Thanks Kumar.S,

Your words and thoughts morally helped me alott...i know i have done a pretty huge mistake in my life and shall not ever think of it in future or suggest my friends not to b in such situation anytime....nyways past is past as you said...we cnt relive those days..

I havent worked for past 11 months as i was preparing for certifications in VoIP deployment and by god's grace i have successfully gained genuine indepth knowledge in the domain and have cleared 8 certifications...Im happy that i am a certified VOICE professional now...

The main problem is that i cant apply for experienced positions now(obviously)..but ve to do a start all over again..I waz with the previous company from June 2011 till Dec 2012...if i dont mention about it...i have to say that i was preparing for the certifications from jun2011...I jus need a chance to face d interview...

regarding about the it returns you have said..i need little more details about how the things need to b done according to my situation...

I am really thankful for you for a positive reply...and positive encouragement...Thanks alot


21st November 2012 From India, Hyderabad
NRI - Please note the definition given for NRI under IT Act. in the attched notes.
Would U mind indicating the following details:
1. Yr.e-mail ID
2. Wat is the date U left India and When U landed back in India
3. Wat was yr. income -bank interest, house rent received, salary, consultancy or any business income during 2011-12 (i.e.1.4.11 to 31.3.12) from all sources and the sources of income- only within India, arising from India & your savings if any, such as LIC/mediclaim policy premia, PF, PPF, housing loan & interest repaid, tuition fees in respect of your children ( R U married ?) for 2011-12.
4. Have U ever filed IT return so far in the past, if so for which year.
Going by the details provided I may give some suggestions thro' yr. mail ID before that pl.send/provide these details to: .
Till then bi.
24th November 2012 From India, Bangalore

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