I need a list of competency and matrix for our Leadership program.
Currently we just send our supervisors/section heads/managers/general managers for courses selected randomly.
I need a guidance on how to select who should go for which course?
I need a structured best practise that is followed in all Multinational Companies.

From Saudi Arabia
Dear Najam,
About a month ago, you had raised similar query. Were you not satisfied with the replies? You may click here to refer your post.
You could have given additional information about what you want and why you were not satisfied with the comments by other participants. Neither you have given information about what basic work you have done so far. Have you done any research of your organisation?

From India, Bangalore
hi Dinesh
Thanks a lot.
Yes I was not satisfied with the replies I received from my earlier post.
I sent you my email address ([email protected]) but did not receive anything from yourside.
Anyway what I need is a program/system to assess our supervisors/section heads/mangers/GMs etc via some set of questionnaire, score them and based on the result obtained send them for Leadership Courses accordingly.
Hope I am clear now as what I need.
Appreciate your email and feedback.

From Saudi Arabia
Dear Najam,
The route that you are following may not bring the desired results. I would have preferred to talk to you but I am too busy in my forthcoming international assignment. Anyway, we will do it on or after 24-11-2012. Please note my Skype and Google Talk Id:
Skype: - dineshvasantdivekar
Google Talk: - dineshdivekar
As of now send me invite on the above.

From India, Bangalore
Dear Mr. Najam,

I haven't gone through your previous discussions. I assumed certain thingS about LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT in your employees from your conversation with Mr. Dinesh Divekar. Kindly consider my practical views and do correct me if i am wrong as i believe in learning something effective that could help me to distinguish myself from the rest.

1 ) Do you really think that if you nominate your employees for specific LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM will develop LEADERSHIP SKILLS? I had gone through the recorded sessions in MILE.ORG and i am really sorry to that, i am not satisfied with the training programme.

2) Against what you want to map LEADERSHIP SKILLS of those employees? Do you really wanna know the answer. Let me share my experience with you.

As a IN-HOUSE TRAINER, I was employed with a division of ETA GROUP and i had studied the PEOPLE MANAGEMENT SKILLS, TEAM BUILDING SKILLS, COMMUNICATION SKILLS, CREATIVITY, CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS, PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS and few more of DIRECTOR, DM, ADM, HR, ADMINISTRATOR, PROJECT MANAGERS. I found major differences in PEOPLE MANAGEMENT SKILLS, COMMUNICATION SKILLS and CREATIVITY/PROBLEM SOLVING/CRITICAL THINKING is among these employees. These are the most important skill for one to be a EFFECTIVE LEADER. Though these guys knew how to generate revenue but never learn't how to RETAIN THEIR BEST TALENTED EMPLOYEES, DEVELOP & BUILD TALENT in those who are willing to PERFORM BEYOND THEIR LIMITS and lot more.

All though there are certain competencies defining Leadership trait at respective level, believe me or not, there is not much difference between them except THE POWER TO MAKE A RIGHT DECISION which makes a huge sense and irrespective of he being a TRUE LEADER or not. I had posted similar information for one being a EFFECTIVE LEADER promoted by his TEAM MEMBERS. Will provide you link to my thread shortly.

In the mean time, if you really want to know you may seek inputs from respective team members about the qualities they are looking forward in their department heads. Even you can seek feedback from your clients. Compare this information obtained. This will help you to define competencies and map with KRA.

I am not boosting myself but this is the fact. My Director Mr. Kannaian used to discuss many issues with me about his team members and sought my advice even though i am just 35years old having very less experience when compared with him. He truly developed my CONFIDENCE LEVELS and supported me to DELIVER MY BEST to sort out his team's issue pertaining to UNDER-PERFORMANCE as pointed out by the client. The only tool he used to develop LEADERSHIP SKILLS in his team members was MENTORING EMPLOYEE. He gave me an opportunity to pointed out those skills lacking his employees and train them by INTERACTING AND SPENDING TIME as a PSYCHOLOGIST rather projecting myself as a Trainer. I was only focusing on imparting skills pertaining to SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP besides COMMUNICATION & BUSINESS WRITING SKILLS. I am really thankful to ALLAH for giving me an opportunity to work with a LEADER who is DYNAMIC/VISIONARY/STRATEGIST and having gained lot more information and knowledge from him.

If you have ONE SUCH LEADER like Mr. kannain in your organisation, i am sure, your team will transform themselves into THE BEST LEADERS WHO ARE FOLLOWERS OF A ONE TRUE LEADER.

My study revealed that, NATIONALITY has got specific BEHAVIORAL PATTERN as i had compared AMERICANS with INDIAN LEADERSHIP SKILLS and their MENTALITY as well. I had associated with LEADERSHIP SKILLS because their OPERATIONAL STRATEGIES are quite different. I wonder if you had understood this point of mine. Don't confuse yourself if you haven't understood my point.

Last but not the least, as such there is nothing like STRUCTURED BEST PRACTICES FOLLOWED BY MNC's.

I am really sorry and sincerely apologize, if i failed to satisfy you by my pragmatic reply........

With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear Najam,

Choosing a competency model or framework really depends on your organization's needs and culture.

Having said that, there are generic tools and models out there that you could use.

One widely used tool by multinationals is 360-degree feedback. This first creates awareness when the individual inspects the differences between their own and others' perceptions. Then areas of strength/hidden strengths, as well as areas for development and blind spots are highlighted. This is a good and concrete basis to choose who to send to what training. Some may need training, while others may need more individualized approaches such as coaching or mentoring.

If you would like to check out and try such a system, you can check out SelfStir, a 360-degree feedback site with development tools embedded in the system. It is based on wisdom, and includes core leadership competencies, as well as competencies related to leading self, leading others, and leading organizations. Feel free to try it out, or try out other tools on the web.

Hope this helps, and please do not hesitate to ask for any more information,

Best Regards,


From Lebanon, Beirut

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