Dear seniors,
I'm working in foundry industry as a safety officer.I want to frame a simple safety manual for all staffs as well as workers.I want your kind support in terms of references.
Waiting for your kind response.

From India, Calcutta
Dear Raj,
I dont any presentation and that much exposure in foundry side. Please use the below link you get presentation regarding your query foundry safety ppt - Google Search

From United States, Fpo
I dont have any presentation and that much exposure in foundry side. Please use the below link you get presentation regarding your query foundry safety ppt - Google Search[/QUOTE]
From United States, Fpo
Dear Rajkumar,
I would appreciate if you prepare some presentation and ask for suggestions from seniors.
Spoon feeding would not help you.
Dear Raghu,
Thanks for your updates on this thread.
If Mr. Rajkumar comes with a specific query I shall definately help.
But it is expected that the ground work is done by the member before seeking the help.
Thanks & Regards,

From India, Nasik
Dear my Rajkumar,

Good that you asked for guidance. I really appreciate it. It shows that you intent to act. You probe for giving your best in your endeavor. I consider it my duty to extent possible help to youngsters. It is a positive thought.

On the other hand if you just want to copy something making it easy for you and never intent to exert yourselves; it is not a positive sign and you cannot succeed as a professional safety man. I really do not like to help such ones.

Now coming to the main issue: You need to make a safety manual for foundry.

Founding industry is a hazardous activity. However you can make it the safest one. In order to draw a safety manual one has to know the type of foundry, and their activities.

The activities like melting, handling etc in a steel foundry is entirely different from a non-ferrous foundry like aluminum, magnesium, or copper/brass and as such the hazards also vary.

So specify as to what foundry you have, what are the types of furnaces used, on various sections like sand and raw materials storage and handling, pattern making, core making, molding, melting, curing, fettling, cranes, radiography (Gamma ray), lab facilities health care and so on.

Unlike steel or aluminum foundry magnesium foundry is having serious health problems also.

Post all the details possible, let us see. You surely will get necessary help and make the manual.


Kesava Pillai

From India, Kollam

Dear Kesava Pillai Sir
Thanks for the detailed reply to Mr. Rajkumar... I am sure if he come up with required inputs, surely he will learn a lot more from your end...
Thanks for sharing the expertise with us...

From India
Hi Rajkumar,
I use to manage the safety function for a foundry and suggest you start by examining the presentations below, which have two excellent safety presentations
“foundry safety” on SlideShare
Apart from these you will need to examine your local legislative obligations, checklists, etc to proactively manage the risks
Regards, Ron

From Netherlands
Sir,thanks for your kind response....hope I'll try to make safety manual with my own initiatives relevant to foundry industry & will post in this forum to get valuable inputs.Whatever may be our industry is basically CI & DI based foundry having induction furnace.
From India, Calcutta

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