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Dear Admin Team,
I appreciate your efforts you make to give something new daily to readers/members.
In the series of novelty a new punchline now- " citeHR- FOR PEOPLE & HR"
very good and shows that yes you are really concerned for people.
warm regards,
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Thanks Akhilesh,
The idea is to send out the right signals to the visitors of this community. Many times people forego interacting with the community thinking this is primarily for HRs - but the intention of this community was always to create a ground where HR issues could be discussed. So people could reach out about HR issues and HRs could discover the various issues that are a concern in the real world.
One small suggestion to the Admin Team..
Instead of Research, which many youngsters dont really understand, you can add some other catchy phrase.. where freshers can seek templates, formats, presentations etc. For even very minor things, they do a posting and expect seniors to do miracles, but in ordinary terms, just a format for a leave letter. Perhaps, it is high time CiteHR starts coaching and training people, especially the new breed of HR professionals to read, write and speak good English, decent English, which can help them a great deal in their day-to-day functioning.
Best Wishes
Hello Sid,

The logic is definitely a good & practical one.

I guess, gone are the days when HR was limited to just large organizations. Now, any typical people-to-people interaction situation gets under the gamut of HR--NOT within the regular scope/meaning of HR [Human Resources] as we have known, but under the more larger definition of HR--Human Relations--all thanks to technology which has made all of us a part of the Global village where distances no longer matter.

Having said that, I think N.K. Sundaram has a point about the many threads by freshers. But I am not sure if his suggestion of CiteHR starting to coach and train people is realistic & would really matter to such people. What they need to know is that they have to put-in their part of the effort to 'learn'--'how' to make this happen is the key & challenge for all of us I guess.

There's also another aspect/issue that may need to be handled--many threads get posted with issues needing to be resolved BUT WITHOUT the bare facts of the issue/case--quite often leading to members who wish to give sincere & well-intentioned suggestions MAKE ASSUMPTIONS, which again, quite often, turn-out to be misplaced/mistaken. The core issue here is: how to make such members realize that everyone's time is valuable--NOT just THEIR time?

Just a few thoughts for food I guess--to make the experience of participation in CiteHR more enjoyable & worthwhile for all.


Hi Sateesh,

Thanks for your inputs. It's amazingly difficult to get people to follow simple rules or read through the guidelines. When I had first started I really wanted to curate every thread properly - but I soon realised that it was impossible without a huge work force (we are still 3 heads running show). Almost no one reads the guidelines, very few use the browser built-in spell checker and very few actually use the search at the top.

I think the main reason is probably because people don't see any lures in our network (like the linkedin connection count and use of real names), they many times take what they need and leave. In part this could be due to some of my utopian ideas of not indulging in loud mouth marketing. For example, we are in talks with Aon Hewitt regarding a sponsorship spot - and their representative was asking me "So is CiteHR like the leader in the online HR community space" - I had to tell her, "I have absolutely no idea... going by the traffic statistics it probably is... and most HRs know about citehr... but I have no idea if we are number 1." A good sales guy would've said "Absolutely! we are the greatest ever hr community that ever existed... have you seen the traffic charts!"

I intend to keep this space public where real issues could be discussed and we are ramping up our quality control and may eventually hire a couple of more dedicated people to run the operations. Right now the idea of a mobile app seems like a good direction for development but unfortunately the cost is prohibitive ($15K). So we wait, save up and then build it.


Hello Sid,

Further to what you mentioned about members failing to follow the simplest of rules/guidelines, I was wondering if changing the Threads Posting process for NEW members [BEFORE the member is declared to be a 'Contributing Member'] would help.

I guess sometimes 'enforcing' would be needed when the users fail to have others' perspective in mind.

Like many portals have Forms needing some inputs as "Must be filled" before he/she can proceed to the next step, why not have a similar process in CiteHR too? The Thread posting screen for such NEW members could be in a Form format with 'fields' for each of the info/input that is generally expected @ CiteHR--like subject, actual query, background details for the query, has the reSearch facility been used before the thread posting is resorted to, grammatical mistakes [not sure if this can be implemented realistically, given the SMS culture in vogue], spelling mistakes [thru the SpellChecker] & so on--with which field is Mandatory & which is 'Suggested' being decided along the way. Obviously which aspects/points would be a part of such a list depends on the practical/implementation aspects too.

Once a new member completes a given set/number of postings/responses/participation [rather than the timeframe/duration of having been a member]--which decides when the member gets designated as a Contributing Member [I presume this is already the current practice]--then he/she can be allowed to participate in a free-mode instead of thru the Forms.

Given the financial implications, I think this could be the best bet than adding more people to CiteHR workforce, since such processes could be automated--adding more members WITH quality than just the numbers.

Just give this a thought--everyone.


Hi Sateesh,
Thanks for your inputs. I'll see if anything can be done - usually the issue is that the forms are set up to mirror the database entries - adding any new fields and that too conditional may require a lot of changes both in code and database.
We can work on the messaging which is displayed - but you are right they will only work if they are read. No methods will work until we make the moderation much more stringent. We are already removing accounts which just post company profiles on service request threads - we need proper engagement when a service is requested. Also the HumoR section is still being cleaned up by purging all posts of accounts which have too many violations.
Everyone please do also give your views on this
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