As an employer, it is your responsibility to provide a safe work environment for all employees, free from any hazards and complying with all statutory requirements.

Health and safety in the workplace is about preventing work-related injury and disease, and designing an environment that promotes well-being for everyone at work.

Knowledge is the key ingredient in providing a safe work environment—if everyone knows the correct procedures then accidents and injuries can be kept to a minimum. Regular training is required for the same.

Employer responsibilities with health and safety

Occupational health and safety procedures must be implemented wherever the work is being conducted, be that in an office, factory, construction site or home.

You should develop and have in place an occupational health and safety policy to meet the following standards:

• Ensure that the way work is done is safe and does not affect employees’ health

• Ensure that tools, equipment and machinery are safe and are kept safe.

• Ensure that ways of storing, transporting or working with dangerous substances is safe and does not damage employees’ health.

• Provide employees with the information, instruction and training they need to do their job safely and without damaging their health

• Consult with employees about health and safety in the workplace

• Monitor the work place regularly and keep a record of what is found during the checks.

• Conduct safety and Health audits regularly.

• Policies should be developed in consultation with all employees.

General Safety Issue Practices

• Keep the work environment clean. Throw away trash and empty the cans often, and keep floors free of obstacles and unnecessary items.

• Spills should be cleaned immediately to avoid slips.

• Immediately report any defects in the workspace such as loose tiles, broken railings, broken doors, broken steps etc.

• Refrain from participating in any form of horseplay.

• Keep sharp objects such as scissors, tacks, and razor blades in closed containers.

• Use the right tool for the job.

• Any neckties, long hair, jewelry, and other loose clothing should be kept well clear of any moving machinery parts.

• Air vents and air registered should be kept unobstructed.

• Furniture, equipment, or other materials should not be positioned in a way that they obstruct air movement or thermostats.

• Any pest control related problems should be reported immediately.

• Pest control chemicals should be used only by experts.

Always have :S : Safe

A : Accident

F : Free

E : Environment

The most important way to prevent safety issues in the workplace is to use common sense at all times.

From India, New Delhi
Dear Ramesh,
Thanks for the post.
Being from Kolkata you mmust be aware of the root cause of the AMRI Hospital fire.
There must have been news in local papers as was aserious issue claiming 92+ lives.
If you can update on what is the present status will help all forum members.
Thanks & Regards,

From India, Nasik
Dear Sudhir,
Thanks for your comments and appreciation.
I am not from Kolkata.I belong to Punjab..........
Many times I tried my best to change the location at my profile page but unable to do. Kindly suggest.....

From India, New Delhi
Dear Mr.bhardwaj Ramesh,

First of all i would like you to welcome our forum on behalf of our citehr EHS team.

Lets go to the topic and start discuss about '' How to provide a safe work environment'??????

You had shared a good write up on this topic 'its not only a employer responsibility its also a employee responsibility to make his workplace safe.

You had mentioned Occupational health and safety procedure must be implemented. Yaa how employer going to implement and enforce the OHS procedure in our work place that's the important thing that will leads to safe work environment. we need to know howwwwwwwwwwww?? they will enforce the things??

we never called good house keeping, right tools for a job as safe work environment .

I'm not said am right my understanding was regards safe work environment. The employer provide and given the opportunity to employees to make a safe work environment. even though employer is the primary responsible to provide safe work environment. Once employer enforce the OHS (Whatever u called ) rules, employee should follow and implement the with his/her co-worker.

I'm strongly agree with you the ''way to prevent safety issues in the workplace is to use common sense at all times''....

If we need to create a safe work environment as a employer responsibility they need to create a guideline etc.,, how to implement and enforce the rules and as a employee they are also responsible for follow employer guidelines if any one failed to execute no one can't create a safe work environment in our site/work place.


From United States, Fpo

Dear Friends
Normally the employers are thinking the safety is waste and escalating cost. But they are forgetting that if they provide safe working environment, it will obviously increase the productivity as well as in future and in long run it will prove the profitability too.
Now it is time to analyse the point, how to impart the knowledge about the safety in the minds of the employers.

From India, Kumbakonam
Dear Friends,
We all should bear in mind that :SAFETY IS NOT CHEEP"
As Safety Professionals it is our responsibility to make and implement the Safety Rules for the well being of our organisation,the employees and the interested parties.
If we make understood the management the importance of Safety implementation in the plant or in the organisation they will assurely committ to the same.
Further as the employees are concerned, thay must be provided Safety related training regularly. We can initiate Safety Talks Programmes during Tea breaks / or other breaks.
It is not one day job..............Folow the safety rules at workplace has to become the HABIT among the employees.

From India, New Delhi

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