My firm got notice to pay professional tax.
I wanted to know what are the 'Professional Tax Rules for
partnership firm
and Company differently.
If any one can through more light on Provident fund and ESIC wil also b better.
Waiting for your valuable suggestion.
11th September 2012 From India, Nagpur

Profession Tax is same for all kinds of establishment and it is not based on the constitution of the company as proprietorship, partnership or company.
ESI is applicable to an establishment whether constituted as proprietorship, partnership or company if it engages 10 or more employees. EPF is applicable to an establishment in which 20 or more employees are employed. In case of Cooperative Societies the coverage of PF will take place when the number of employees become 50.
11th September 2012 From India, Kannur
dear Madhu,
i have one doubt, we are a partnership firm and one of our partner exist and we taken another partner please let me know the procedure for amendment.
please revert back ASAP.
Thanks for your valid time and useful information in advance.
14th September 2012 From India, Bangalore
This matter is not an HR/IR issue but still let me say that when there is a retirement and or admission of a partner, the existing partnership deed will become invalid since the same was entered into between the old partners. Therefore, you have to make a new partnership deed and register it.
15th September 2012 From India, Kannur
dear Madhu thanks for your information.
we taken steps to get new partnership deed, but my concern is for PF N ESI we given the partnership deed along with forms, but in case of Professional Tax i dont know what the procedure to follow.
anyways once again thanks for your valid time
26th September 2012 From India, Bangalore
Hi what are the documents are required for professional tax registration of partnership firm please help me
23rd December 2012 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Madhuji,
With due respect you, Sir I wish to correct you. We are all in learning stage and this is very good platform we have. PT, as you said is not our subject, we are bound make mistake.
It is state law. Law is different every state. Some states go not have this law.
PT, we i.e. HR know only PTR. We make deduction from salary of employee towards PT and remit it in PTR number. PTR means Proff. Tax Registration.
PTE is another term which means Proff. Tax Enrollment. Company is liable to enroll its name under it and pay PT payable in the name of company. Also, each proprietor, partner and director is liable to enroll his name under it and pay his PT accordingly.
In Maharashtra,
23rd December 2012 From India, Mumbai
Sorry Madhuji & others, I have some problem in my iPhone. I will complete my response aeap.
23rd December 2012 From India, Mumbai
Dear Mayuri ji,
In Maharashtra, private limited and limited companies are liable for PTE number in its name and pay PT annually Rs. 2500/- under this PTE.
Till 2006, partnership firms were liable for PTE and PT. But now excluded.
Each proprietor, partner and director is also liable for PTE and PT in his name. PT is Rs. 2500/- annually.
Any person can be a proprietor, partner and director for more than one firm / company. But he is liable for PTE and PT once only.
23rd December 2012 From India, Mumbai
Dear Parimala,
I suppose you are from Banglore. I am not aware of PT rules in Banglore. But still, in my views it is an individual liability and responsibility of a partner to obtain PTE and pay the PT accordingly. Whenever any new partner is inducted, he is liable to obtain PTE in his name if he is not having it.
Likewise, outgoing partner is liable to apply for cancellation of PTE in his name if he has no income from any business.
In this context, same rule is applicable to proprietor and directors, if PTE is applicable to them in your state.
The term Induction of new partner and outgoing partner, please do not take in real sense. There is no induction of new partner or outgoing of partner in partnership firm. There is a formation and dissolution of partnership.
Hope I answered your query.
23rd December 2012 From India, Mumbai

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