Dear SirMadam I have an experience more than 5 years admin cum Sr assistant in manufacturing company Now i am not able to qualify interview because of my bad communication skills when i speak English my pronunciation is not clear and i commit mistake to use grammar and i got confused Pleas help me to improve my self

From India, Chandigarh


At the outset let me tell you that the problem you have shared is quite commonly encountered by many people. However, very few people take proactive steps, like you have done to make an effort to tackle the problem by seeking help.

It is essential also to remember that for anything you do in life, a clear goal /vision, adequate motivation / enthusiasm, hard work / discipline and the ability to take risks/ challenges are critical attributes. What you also require are the key attributes called 'discipline' and 'enthusiasm' with which you can achieve anything you want.

Your enthusiasm is the reason you wrote in at Citehr. The next test is to be disciplined and follow the suggestions given here.

1. My first suggestion is to read aloud as much as possible in English ALOUD. A standard daily English Newspaper and the Readers Digest have very good reading material. If possible record your voice and listen to it to know the areas the sounds, words and alphabets that give you trouble and on which you need to work. If possible read aloud to a friend who can give you his/ her feedback based on which you can work on improving your pronunciation as well as articulation.

2. The mother tongue influence is a problem for many considering that very few of us are native English speakers. To reduce that, make more English speaking friends and make a determined effort to speak only in English, even if you keep forgetting words, or tend to stammer or your friends tend to laugh at you. This will require a lot of will power but believe me you will soon improve. If someone corrects your pronunciation don’t take offense, instead be grateful that he/ she is helping you correct yourself.

3. I would also suggest you try to learn at least 3 -5 new words and look up the meaning in a dictionary. then try and use these words in your daily work and in your communication to improve your vocabulary. Find synonyms for words that give you trouble and use the synonym.

4. If you still feel that professional help is needed then you will have to attend English speaking classes

5. Finally, if you can, do visit my blogs listed below regularly and try to learn the new words in it and also be inspired by it. Try to read the blog content aloud and you can be sure it will be worthwhile since the blogs have a good response from the readers. – Over 1,22,500 views and 750 followers – Over 37,500 views and 200 followers

Best Wishes

From India, Mumbai
Hi Naresh it was been nice to talk you on the mentioned subject, earlier i also have the same problem, i've tried on formula which was helped me to improve my communication skill, what i've done.
1. improved reading skills, ( i read one artical atleast 7 to 8 times.)
2. Reading loudly as well chew in mind.
3. Understand through verious meanings of each word.
4. check how much word you will read in 60 sec. ( Good- 250).
5. check your thinking speed, normaly, what you have prasent your mind will say 1.5 times faster than that. ( It will help you to read person inneraly.)

From India, Pune
Perhaps you must do a through self analysis taking the help of some friends. Then attend some mock interview and get the feedback.
Sometimes we are not clear in our communication because we are not sure of the answer or we are unprepared. You must prepare fro the interview and work on answers to sure shot questions like
tell me something about yourself
what are your strengths and weakness
what do you know about our company
why should we hire you
When you go prepared you will be able to give answers confidently.

From India, Pune
To clear interview it is not compulsory that you must know the english, you can also give your interview in hindi so that you can answer all the questions easily with complete explanation but to improve communication skills doesnot means to improve in english. Communication relates with transfer of messages & english is totally different from that.
To improve the english you must read tense book (hindi to english)
For further quiries call at 9872425006.

From India, Ludhiana
It is said that Abraham Lincoln initially delivered speeches to pigeons to improve his communication skill. Do you know who is he?
From India, Delhi
Here is the way.
1.Buy a tape recorder.
2.Narrate before it to record what you did today.
3.Play to listen the quality of your narration.
4.Observe the poor qualities and amend.
5.Go on changing the topics till you become satisfied by your own communication first.
Even stutterers and stammerers can set themselves right by this method.
Best of luck.

From India, Delhi
You need to focus on reading, speaking/listening and writing.
Spend an hour or two reading a good english newspaper.
Also listen to English News and try to focus on the pronunciation.
Lastly write one paragraph of 10-12 lines everyday and have it reviewed by your friend who is fluent in English.

From India, Pune
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From India, Mumbai
Communication cannot be taught in isolation .Higher awareness level is essential.
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the ppt on being acceptable will give you guidance.
Hear the video also.
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From India, Delhi

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