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I have been working in a company as a softwre engineer trainee and as i m a trainree no proper training was provided to me And the CEO of compant totally harrsed me for my mistakes and put pressure on me As training period was for 6 months but i have been workins as a employee since four months so what step should i take to compensate myself against company
From India, Chandigarh
This is your judgment of harassment. In the absence of any collective wisdom nothing can be said. In your situation the best adaptability is the best answer. Best of luck.
From India, Delhi
Hi Sanjay

According to me your concerns are:

1. No training – Company had preferred you as a trainee and given you opportunity for on job training. On job training is most used and effective method of training. Sometime due to various reason organizations do not use other methods of training. It doesn’t mean that they are not training there key assets. Same time continuous learning and development is responsibility of employee also so try to learn as much as from your seniors, colleagues, friends, online, books etc. Try to understand the need of business and your role and focus on it. You will get positive result.

2. Mental Harassment – It is subjective and without knowing the actual facts of the case commenting on it will be not right.

You are new in organization learn fast, work hard and show result. There is well known proverb “Trust and respect are two things which everybody have to earn.” In spite of all your efforts if things do not improve or you are not happy then it’s time for change.

“Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about those who don’t. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would most likely be worth it.” ― Harvey MacKay

Welcome to corporate life and best of luck.

From India, Hyderabad
Just start learning how to relax!!!
In coming time life will load you with many such situations, which you would be able to deal with positive attitude and not to loose focus from real issues ........
Remember good learnings and dividends in life comes to all the hard way, which makes you comfortable in dealing such situations for long run in future....
So I suggest persist with positive mind not for company for your own sake!!!
Identify or seek help to identify, on the issues which are being overlooked despite your capabilities and may be few issues where you need knowledge to tackle them. Believe me experienced people feel happy helping others as they have also passed through this phase some earlier day......
Good Luck

From India, Delhi
Hello Sanjay,
As u are on the job training there,so u have an opportuiny to learn more.
See in the starting career stage,everyone faces some problems due to lack of proper knowledge of the facts & figures,simultaneously company culture......So if you are facing problem in this stage don't worry, take it as an opportunity to learn more b'coz this pressure makes u a open eye to see the prospect of the problems in depth........
Sunita Dhoundiyal

From India, Delhi
Dear Sanjay,

You mention harassment for your mistakes... Not sure what you mean either by harassment, or the nature of the mistakes you made. Some mistakes are often perceived as worse than others.

Not sure also what you mean when you say you want compensation from the company - for what? For informing you of your mistakes? I assume you are getting paid a salary? Is this not compensation?

I believe working environments can be difficult, as pressure and competition mounts daily. We all need to armour and protect ourselves. Understanding oneself can often be key, thinking about what you are doing in this situation to add to the angst you feel. It may be (as suggested by colleagues) simply a matter of mindset, or perhaps it might be behaviour - what you actually do.

Work is essentially about meeting the expectations of your employer. If you feel you are unable to do so, then you need to re-think why this is so. Only then will the path before you become clearer.

Hope these brief comments help you - Good Luck!!


From Pakistan, Karachi
Your expectation, lack of understanding, your mistakes and lack of concentration and dedication toward your work are actually main villains here.

I agree with the people above and would like to say that you must improve your work and change your perception towards seniors first. Seniors always expect their juniors to work and sometime work under pressure that actually test their perseverance, which make them best with their work/field. They always expect new people/trainee/juniors to put their best efforts to learn and work but most often juniors take these things with wrong ideology and PRESSURE of work that actually started bothering them.

You said your CEO totally harassed you and I believe that you do not know the meaning of Harassment and taking it in very wrong way. Are you direct responsible for his work or reporting to CEO. How can a CEO bother a trainee is surprising to me.

You also accept that you have done mistakes that actually need to recover first. You are a trainee and from last 4 months, also making mistakes and now claiming that, you have not given proper training. For you, it is important to learn the things as much as you can and need to maintain a good relationship and understanding with seniors. Until you take the things positively you cannot be a good learner and get success in life.

I wish that you will understand these things. Please remove bad things from your mind, concentrate on your work.

From India, Gurgaon
Dear sanjay your problem is totally diffrent but you are in learning position so think and harashement is totaly complet wromg nagaraju
From India, Kurnool
Dear Sanjay,

As a learner or as a trainee, everyday should be a learning experience. Do you mean to say that finding your mistakes is not a kind of training. Only when your boss guides you, you can understand as to what are your mistakes. If he is not letting you know what your mistakes are, then you would never know where you are going wrong. You would never know what your boss is expecting from you.

You've been working for hardly 4 months & that is not sufficient for you to become completely perfect unless & until somebody is pointing your mistakes. Appreciate your boss that he is guiding you to find your mistakes. You can only learn & correct yourself when you understamd where exactly you are going wrong. A problem should be removed from the root of the tree.

Just update your knowledge in every minute chances that you get. Learning or training is not only by studying or reading books. You can also get trained by your everyday experiences & OBSERVATIONS.

Observe what your colleagues are doing. Atleast some part of it might be related to your job. If you just spend some time next to your colleague & observe the way he's working, you might get some idea on how to get on to your job without anybody's help.

Moreover, this is the kind of environment you get when you have little knowledge. Donot expect a better environment than this coz the world is like this. ACCEPT THE WAY IT IS & DONOT EXPECT ANYTHING....!!! EXPECTATIONS ALWAYS HURTS..!!!



From India, Bangalore
The matter of communication skill.
TS expected answers against his blameworthy boss(as per him) but his communication backfired and every one including myself advised him to amend himself for better adaptability.
Virtually we do not know who is wrong and who is right but the communication of TS could not elicit the desired responses. It is a lesson for every one. Are our communications skilled enough to elicit desired responses? If not, at times we pay heavy prices.
So be sure before communicating that your communication will fetch desired responses.

From India, Delhi

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