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Dear HR Fraternity Can you suggest me some fun activities that aim to build teamwork in an organization and can be played with 14 -15 participants. The duration of the activity should be 30-40 minutes.
Awaiting your reverts.
Warm Regards
Abhishek Srivastava

From India, New Delhi
Dear Abi,


games for Team building are


Hand out copies of any of the following "IQ Tests". Each block represents a well known phrase or saying. You may divide a large group to teams of three or four. Give a time limit. The team with the most correct answers wins.

PLASMA - H2O - Blood is thicker than water

Arrest You're - You're under arrest

HIGH CLOUDS - High above the clouds

1 3 5 7 9 WHELMING - Overwhelming odds

PICT RES - You ought to be in the pictures

Head/ache - Splitting headache

EMPLOY T - Men out of employment

LESODUB TENNIS - Mixed doubles tennis

KJUSTK - Just in “Ks”

WRitING - Put it in writing

LOV - Endless love

T RN - No U Turn

24 Hours - Call it a day

B ILL ED - Ill in bed

PETS A - A Step Backward

Gettingitall - Getting it all together

1 T 3 4 5 6 - Tea for two

Serious Teambuilding Activities

These are more involved teambuilding activities:


This game usually takes about a half-hour. The organizers of the game begin by finding multiples of objects. If you plan to have 3 groups, then find 4 objects, ie. 4 binders,4 pens, 4 pinecones, etc. Then, where none of the participants can see, arrange one set of the objects. Maybe place the pen horizontally in the middle of the binder open to page 4 and put the pinecone centered above the binder. Then gather the participants, split them into three (or however many) groups, and explain the game. Each group has 2 builders (3 builders works sometimes but 4 is not recommended), 1 or 2 runners, and 1 looker. The looker of each group gets to see the original model.

Each group's builders get a pile of the objects in a separate room from the other builders, or at least where they can't see or hear the other groups. The runners are spaced between. The interaction goes like this: The lookers look at the original and go half or a third of the way towards the rooms with the builders and meets the runner. This spot must be the same distance for each group. The looker tells the runner all of the details he can remember about the model. Then the runner goes to the builders. If the first runner has to go to a second runner, the first tells the second runner all the details he can remember. It's similar to telephone in this part. Then that second

runner would go to the builders. When the runner, be it the only one or the second one, gets to the builders, the builders can only ask the runner yes or no questions. "Does the pen go here? Is the binder open? Is it open to this page? to this page?" There should be a non-participant at this location for each group to make sure the runner

only says yes or no. When the runner can't remember anymore details or wants to confirm a detail, they go back to the point where they can meet the looker (or first runner and then looker). They can converse freely about the details. This back and forth goes on until all of the groups feel they are done or are pretty much done. Then everyone gets

together and looks at each groups’ finished model. Then everyone can go and look at the original. Replication builds communication skills and is a good teambuilding effort. It's fun too to look at the different results.


This team building module is an icebreaker and designed to get the participants to look at how they work as a team.

On completion of this module participants should have an increased feeling of self-awareness and have greater knowledge of what it means to work as a team.


The procedure is as follows: The participants are divided into small groups. The objective is to get all members through the rope in as short a time as possible

The rules are

1. Each member has to go under the rope and go across to the other side of the rope as it is being spun.

2. Someone has to cross with every spin. If the group misses a spin all those who have already crossed have to return to the beginning.

3. On crossing you cannot touch the rope or all those already crossed have to return to the start.

4. Repeat until all have crossed, take a note of the time taken.

Approximate Time Required

45-60 min


Out side place.


John N

From India, Madras
Indoor Team building -

• Helium Stick - Participants balance the stick on index finger, balancing the stick and finally they need to keep the stick down on the floor. During the activity the contact between the finger and the stick should not lose.

• Roller Coaster - Building the rollercoaster with the given raw material like bamboo, duct tape etc.

• Newspaper Tower - Build the highest tower using only newspapers in given time.

• Great Egg drop - Make egg cover using straw / tissue so that they do not break while dropping / throwing from a distance

• Paint a canvas - Small pieces of canvas are give to team to paint individually at different locations and which should make sense at the end when combined.

• Keypunch - Scatter the number 1-50 on floor and team needs to step them in order in a given time.

These are few games which you can do it yourself and need only very basic raw material.

Outdoor Team building -

• Jungle survival

• Cob Web

• Raft building

• Acid Walk

• Blind fold tent pitching

If you seek help from a team building company, themed events like Back to school, beach Olympics, jungle survival, spy ware can be organized which have multiple team building activities and are great fun.

PS: I run an activity travel and team building company Thrillophilia

From India, Bangalore
How about a real-life Cluedo team building? Follow the basic rules of the game but with live re-enactment with your team members participating? More details can be found on this page: https://esculturaeventos.com/en/even...10-activities/
From Spain, Seville
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