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I am 39 yrs old, based out of Pune having worked for 12 yrs in IT Services Industry and rest 3 years in Logistics \ Supply Chain Mgmt industry. For quite some time now, I am feeling "unfulfilled" in my role - both in terms of joy/job satisfaction as well as in terms of ability of my skills to give me a sustained employment over next 20 yrs of work life. Thus I need an expert counseling on following topics:
1. Which are my skills & personality traits which contribute to my USP in job market?
2. For these skills, which are the associated jobs available, across industries? (I am not limiting myself to IT Services Industry)
3. What are the trainings that I have to undergo, so as to deepen my skills - to suit various industry requirements?
4. I would also need recruitment assistance, to get into this new role.
Can you please guide me to reach any Pune based experts?
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Dear Confused fellow,

When you ask advice to seniors then foremost requirement is to disclose your name properly. I do not see merits of withholding your name.

Following questions arise from the information that you have given:

a) What is your qualification?

b) In "IT Services Industry" what did you do?

c) What do you do in Logistics / SCM Industry? What is your designation? What are measures of performance of your job?

d) What are your strengths? Are there any outstanding achievements in your career?

e) What are your weaknesses? Ask others if you do not know reply to this question.

f) Do you like to use mathematical or statistical tools in your work? If yes, where you have used them? What was the outcome?

g) To develop your career, have you acquired any Diploma? If not then you may refer website of Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM) and choose a suitable course.

h) Have you taken capsule courses (of say 2-3 day duration) related to your field?

i) Have you taken capsule courses (of say 2-3 day duration) on soft skills?

Any advice is possible provided you furnish the above information.


Dinesh V Divekar

Dear Confused Professional,

Congratulations on having the courage to know that you don't know it all (especially after a long working life). And, even more congratulations for identifying that you want to know more and that you want to know different! Believe me that while these conclusions themselves aren't that difficult to reach, the trick lies in accpeting them and then having the courage of taking action to address them. And, in this post, that's exactly what you've done! That is why I congratulate you.

A couple of suggestions for you:

1. Please email me your most current CV on (In this email also pls include your mobile number)

2. Please have a look at the 'Coaching' page on Corporate Training, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching | Training Studio | Gurgaon, India and go through the list of Coaching Topics provided therein

Also, please feel free to ring me on +91 8800 666 770. It will be a pleasure to speak with you.

Once again - congratulations!

Dear Confused Professional,
Do not be confused. You should feel fortunate as Dinesh has very wisely put forth the post pertinent questions. Answer them and seek his help. Do not waste time as you are already 39 years old.
Dinesh it is very heartening to see someone with such clear thoughts. Thank you for being a member of this site. It needs people like you to succeed and also be helpful for other professionals.
Warm regards,
i would like to some information
i have been working as a JDE functional support consultant / business analyst in UAE since 6-7 years. actually i brought up within the group where i was working in other field. IT dept. selected me based on my experience and skills. So, they didnt prefer about my qualification. anyways still i am working in IT dept. i jointly implemented JDE modules in the group companies. day to day support, trouble shooting.. and business process......
is it possible i can work in other company based on my experience
or qlfctn will be an issue?
what is the solution
pls let me know /advice
Dear raoofck,

The truth is that your question doesn't have a black and white right or wrong answer.

While recruiters and HR pundits will encourage formal qualifications (which I totally agree with as well), there is ample evidence of people without formal qualifications, accreditations, or courses continuing to do technical work - including in IT.

But, one thing I always caution people about is that they must be very clear about the reasons they want to pursue technical studies. Why? Because they are not cheap and because they require a significant time, effort, and energy investment.

So, starting a technical qualification without a solid reason to do that study, will almost always keep that person on the back foot (as it were). And, there are thousands of such cases in Gurgaon where people have the requisite technical qualification, but have absolutely no interest in that technical specialty. They did the course because their friend, brother, sister, neighbour, colleague etc did it. And, they felt it would be 'sexy' to do it.

Now, coming back to your question - 'What is the Solution?'

That's a simple one to answer. SHOW EVIDENCE OF YOUR COMPETENCE - Regardless of whether you have the formal qualification or not.

Because, the truth is that with your years in the workforce, qualifications are only good for getting past the automated computer screening that most recruiters do these days. Beyond that, its your work history, your technical achievements on the 'shop floor' (as it were) that matter. In other words - Show Me That You Can DO What You Say You Can DO!

You've sailed past the fresher stage where they have no experience, and the only sifting criteria boils down to technical qualifications and pieces of paper.

So, the point I am trying to make is that you are not at a disadvantage as much as you may think that you are. But, yes - if you can complete a couple of key technical studies or accreditations in your area of work, they would definitely add to your candidature's appeal with prospective recruiters and employers. Because, if all experience between a couple of candidates being equal, the deciding criteria almost always would be their qualifications and other studies.

Thus, essentially, the ball is in your mind! And, if you still can't decide and have the time and money to pursue technical studies and qualifications, you may as well do them. Because, even if they don't help you in the future, they certainly will never hurt you in any way! So, its a win-win situation either way.

I hope this helps you! Good Luck!
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