I am working in a reputed company currently and also pursuing MBA for ICFAI (Correspondence).
The profile which I am working is not related with MBA, working only to earn some money.
Now the company is sending me abroad for training so is it going to help me after completing my MBA?
And do anyone has any scope in correspondence MBA.

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Correspondence or distance learning mode is not considered highly. Full time MBA is the most valued, followed by part-time mode. Knowledge gained by whichever mode does not go waste, even if it is not valued by others.
Please also see Google where links are provided to material on this topic.

From United Kingdom

i have completed my studies from ICFAI distance and currently associated with a reputed company as a HR Manager so doing studies from distance education is also valuable.
From India, Delhi
Gaurav Sareen

I totally agree with Simhan's comment that correspondence studies don't have much importance - especially in India. And, there are a number of reasons for this - some objective others archaic. But, that's not the subject of discussion in this post.

But, what does have better acceptance (also mentioned by Simhan) is part-time MBA. Essentially, this is a correspondence class with an integrated face-to-face (classroom) element. And, most good B-schools (including IIMs in partnership with NIIT) offer these programs aimed squarely at today's working professional (especially within the first 10 years of their career) who do not have the luxury (economical or career) to take a sabattical to pursue higher education or learning.

In fact, even in the more developed economies, a correspondence degree will only be of any value if the candidate was pursuing full-time employment at the time of enrolling and completing the course. Like nisha_delhi123 rightly states. Her correspondence education is of immense value because in the time it took her to complete the course, she added 2x value to her CV. First, she continued her profession where she added (I suppose) 2 or so years of experience. And, second, in that same time frame, she simultaneously also added the correspondence qualification.

Now, whilst there may be a number of employers who are fixated on full-time or part-time MBA (rightly or wrongly), you must be extremely careful in taking a decision that goes against the grain. There is no point in shouting fairness and equality from the ramparts if the fort has been abandoned since Adam ate the apple. There's simply no one to hear those cries!

So, if you are on a strong and viable professional wicket, are convinced of the value that higher learning can add to your career and personality, are unable to afford the time or the cost of a full-time or part-time MBA, then I do believe that you must actively consider a correspondence MBA.

However, what you MUST NOT DO, is consider a correspondence MBA purely from a lifestlyle and convenience standpoint. And, never consider a correspondence MBA if your professional 'present' is not well established or not on a strong foundation.

But, the truth is, that at the end of the day, done for the right reasons with the right conviction and belief, any MBA is better than no MBA - provided it is from an institution of repute so that when the time comes, you are at least able to 'cash it in'!

I hope I've helped you in your thinking.

All the very best, Good Luck and Have Fun!


From India, Gurgaon

I cannot buy these statements. It is not like that; Distance Study has no value but yes regular has more value, which is acceptable.

Iím sorry seniors but if it so and you believe that distance study has no value than why it is taking as a giant form all over the world, why students are enrolling themselves for distance education daily while it has no value and not gonna help them in establishing a good career based on distance education. Why universities are offering these facilities to students/aspirants and must object over providing distance education, which has no mean to us according to the statements, and perceptions given above. I would request you to take appropriate actions and help the students.

These statements can demotivate students who are studying by distance education or planning to enroll, and can become a scary situation for them too. I second, Nisha, can prove it wrong. Many students on this place are studying by distance education and are working with a good industry/company. I also know many of them personally and my few of friends, who have completed their distance education, are well established in their career. Although I never ignore the value of Part Time MBA, which is, also a good option after regular study but the value of Distance/Correspondence education must not be ignore here.

One who is studying by distance education is also earning experience and practical knowledge, which is far most important and matters a lot. Understanding of a subject/concept, willingness to learn / learning skills and self-motivation helps them to establish a good career.

For example: one of my friends who are studying from SCDL used to organize a regular study meet with friends at a common place. They share, discuss their issues together and sometime avail the facilities providing by SCDL such as online chat with faculty and serving by many others seniors at personal level.

Hello Mr @123456, well first I would like to congratulate you that you got this opportunity to attend training program by your employer and please do not forget that they have found something good in you that made you happy with this opportunity and you have to maintain their faith on you too. As they have decided to invest on you and sending you for training purpose, you just have to prepare for this and give your best to it. I buy that you are studying MBA from ICFAI ( ICFAI ) which is one of well recognized institution in India. Certainly, this will help you until you forget hardwork and study well

From India, Gurgaon

Dear Anil,
Thank you for your comments. As you rightly state, the value depends upon ones status and where (s)he undertakes the degree and what job one applies for. As my wont, I do not give elaborate replies; instead, I direct the bloggers to sites which contain different view points for them to read, digest, and make their own mind up. I do not consider myself an expert or knowledgeable enough to make firm statements, especially about the situation in India.
Please also see Do recruiters value distance learned MBAs? | TOPMBA <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

From United Kingdom

Thanks all of you for your reply.
all the valuable feed back are higlhly appreciated.
But the question is still there
The profile which I am currently working is not related with MBA the sole purpose of doing this job i to earn money.
So taking this in light i do not have any experience in MBA.
keeping all this in mind do this MBA is helpfull to me.


Dear Friends
Daily we are having so many discussions. Out of which something whatever we have answered aptly during the discussion, we remember and something we are not remembering. If we analyse those types of discussion we can conclude that something whatever we are remembering is we have applied in our life and whatever we did not remember is just we have replied.
Like that whatever you have studied is valued as per ones utility. If one study merely for certificate purpose then the reputed institution degree or even doctorate is also waste and of no use to the society and for self. But if one study for acquiring knowledge then even in correspondence or evening college education is also have more value.

From India, Kumbakonam

Dear 123456,

We need more input to give you output. For example, what work are you doing and why are they sending you abroad? What would you like to do once you complete your MBA? What do you mean by you have no experience of MBA? Many freshers who are doing MBA do not have experience either. Whether your present experience is useful or not depends upon how much you reflect on your experience and link it up with the subjects that you do in MBA. Let me give you an example for that.

A student studying for MBA was working as a cleaner (including cleaning toilets) in a university. In an interview about customer service and how important his job was, he said that his job was as important as that of a research scientist that generated revenue. He was asked how. He said that once a panel from foreign Aerospace Industry was visiting his institution (not the wing he was working in). The panel had to pass the toilets when going to the Professors room. The toilets had not been cleaned and the stench was too much to bear. The panel members were disappointed with their experience and cut short the visit and the university did not get the funds.

May be there were other reasons; but the way he reflected on his work and its importance and articulated it, he got the job.

From United Kingdom
Gaurav Sareen

Dear Anil,

Thank you for your passionate response.

You and I are saying the same thing.

If you read my response carefully, you'll see I've used Nisha's experience to highlight how effective distance education can be when coupled with a full-time employment or another equally valuable pursuit.

I personally am a great fan of distance education. In fact, all my tertiary qualifications from Australia were obtained by distance ed when I was working as a full time police officer. Even now I'm enrolled in 2 distance ed programs - one from India and another from America.

But, unfortunately, in India there is a huge stigma with distance ed (just like with so many other 'different' things). And, being a consultant to many organisations now, I believe it is largely due to the fact that it is a rather new phenomenon which is definitely picking up speed, but its sanskritisation will probably take a bit longer.

But, thank you for posting a passionate response which compelled me to provide clarifications to my previous post. Obviously, that wasn't transparent and communicative enough.

Take care!

From India, Gurgaon

If you are knowledgeable about any fact, resource or experience related to this topic - please add your views.

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