Dear All,
Currantly I am looking for a change. Two times when I went for interiew i was waitng for 1 hours. no body entertain till 1hrs. Reception ppl told to wait.
Same time i took half day from the office also. So I have to rush for office.
Again I had asked to the reception & consultancy and told then that I am waiting for 1 hrs.
Then I leave that place without interview. I am MBA pass out. Where we learn to respect time of others. Even I do respect. From
Is it wrong to quit from interview place. because I think if company's HR is behaving like this then wt the culture they follow?
Need ur suggestion.

From India, Mumbai
Hello dear, what you does was wrong it is one of the creteria to check the candidate paitions , that how much PAITIONS he/ she have to tackle a worst situation
From India, Mumbai
Hi Jayashree,
You are appreciated for your justified opinion.
But one thing you have forgotten, As you are an MBA you have more patients & willing to handle stress because the company HR personnel want to know how much candidate patients. Its not for all company but some of company doing this type of behavior.
If you take your half day then simply contact the hr people and shows your problem. But hr people always follow his/her company criteria. But don't leave the venue with out appear interview because that interview might be your bright future.
Best of luck !
Thanks & Regards,
Prasanta Panigrahi
Executive Assistant
New Delhi

From India, Delhi
Dear Jayashree,
It all depends upon the circumstances; for example, do you want the job more than they want you or vice versa? Once my friend, who was unemployed, went for an interview and had to wait over 90 mins for the HR Manager to turn up for interviewing. He patiently waited, as his wife had asked to to go to the interview and also he wanted a job badly. The Manager came and aplogised for the unavoidable delay; he was tied up with an Industrial Relations problem first thing in the morning. Had he not stayed behind the workers would have downed tools and valuable production would have been lost. My friend got the job.
It is always advisable to apply for whole day holiday to cater for eventualities like that. If you did not have to rush back, would you have waited?

From United Kingdom
Leaving interview place without attending interview doesn’t reflect professionalism. At the same time, not conducting interview at the schedule time is also very bad. If there is any unforeseen reasons due to which interview gets delayed by the HR team than candidate can be informed accordingly.

But as per my experience (being a consultant), many HR (not all) takes it casually. They believe that they will get many candidates. HR is less bothered about the candidates. HR is behaving like bureaucrats.

Many times, it happens that candidates also doesn’t turn up on time.

Preferably, one shall take whole day leave for interview but many a times practically its not possible due to various reasons viz a) interview process doesn’t get over in one day, (b) when one is looking for job than he / she have to attend many (5-6) interview at different company, hence one will not get so many leaves.

Time have come when Candidate (employee) and Company (employer) both respect time of each other. Understand the time commitment.

From India, New Delhi
Once i had to wait for 3.5 hrs but the HR manager apologised before only and offered me tea and told that he is busy in a meeting and would come in 2-3 hours. i went there at 03:00 PM and interview for 10 mins started at 06:30 PM only but i got the job and had a good time of learning in that company, but whenever i know someone is waiting for me , i try to push all the work aside and entertain that person on priority basis. Also being in public service we have to give customer satisfaction to public.
From India, Madras
Please read and digest the contents in the article at Show Them You Really Want the Job - Manage Your Career - The Chronicle of Higher Education
From United Kingdom
It is a valuable posting.
I would like to comment on this topic and would like to put my view on this topic.
Everyone has their time as valued so we should respect the time.
If some one has to judge the patience then he should take the Interviewer can take first round shortly and then ask to sit for some time , because the person who has came for the interview could be able to judge himself whether he could be shortlisted in that particular company or not and after first round he will feel a bit confidence.
Secondly if we meet a person in the first instance then that person feels a cosy atmosphere that atleast he has been attended by someone.
Rest to judge a patience we have lot of other tools to judge then why to make a candidate wait for such a long time.

From India, Calcutta
We are supposed to value the time of others as we do it for ourselves. Whatever be the reason for delay, candidates must be communicated at the very 1st instance about the delay and the likelihood of the revised timing of interview. Bureaucratic behavior is not acceptable whomsoever the interviewer is, as it reflects the culture of the organisation and his own surroundings.

I have personally been through such incident recently with so called one of the big tour & travel MNC called FCm Travel solutions. Ms Sugandha Arora, HR @ FCm kept me waiting for 3 hours and when i left (As i was supposed to pick a train leaving delhi at 3 pm, which was well communicated to consultant a day before), she called me to question the reason for leaving. Though the issue could have been amicably setlled if she would have said sorry but I was surprised to see her reaction and especially the tone of expression which was just a notch below anger.

I was angry as i have already wasted my 6 hours (3 hrs travelling + 3 hrs waiting) and would personally never like to join such an organisation.

From India, Mumbai
Shame on such people, such people are not fit to live in this world. You should have complained to the HR Head or Manager and see that the lady in question loses her job, house money everything.
From India, Madras

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