Dear All,
One of our ex employee has cheated our company. Previously he was working with our account section and he has issued some big amount of cheques by his name and get the authorized signatory signature on the cheque. Now he has withdraw all the amount. the total amount is more than 18 lac. we donot have the photocopy or receiving of the cheques. we have received the cheques copy from our bank and there are no overwriting on the cheque. Pls suggest me what to do? how can we take action against him? shall we lodge an FIR against him. all the cheques are account payee and when he has changed his address also where he was staying according ti his bank account address.
Plss suggest.

From India, New Delhi
Certainly must take action against him. Also you need to contact your Legal department or Company lawyer to handle this case.
From India, Gurgaon
First of all you need to go for an manhunt, If I not wrong he would leve the county shortly or stay in some remote Areas, for this an legal case has to be filed and need to track him down, you should have substrate evidence for the same, and I sure he is not alone their would be some else or more to help him , try tracking them , it not easy but sure it would give results.
From India, Mumbai
Dear Pankaj,
The incident that you have quoted raises certain questions. These are as below:
a) When the cheques were issued? After how many days/weeks/months you have discovered this fraud?
b) Why "Authorised signatory" signed the cheques on individual's name?
c) Don't you have procedure to put up PO + Invoice + cheque while signing the cheques?
d) If there was shortfall of such high amount then why it was not detected in account reconciliation? What your internal auditors were doing?
Yes that Accounts clerk is fraudster and should be brought to book but then "Authorised Signatory" and your Accounts Manager have perpetrated this fraud. Their complicity or negligence cannot be condoned.
I recommend you conducting the proper domestic enquiry and then with the evidence approach the police. If your HR has that Account clerk's photo and finger prints then provide these to the police.
Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Dear Mr. Pankaj,
This seems to be a case of criminal offense. I agree with Mr. Dinesh. Detect how this happened, coz you need to know that a person can't entrust such things without help. To commend this act one definitely needs partnership. Evidence against these fraudulant methods practised determines the crime that has to be taken for appeal.

From India, Visakhapatnam
Dear Mr Pankaj and Friends,
This is a clear case of misappropriation. You may go ahead and lodge complaint with police after verifying all the facts thoroughly after taking the consent of Top Management. It is better to take legal opinion before lodging a complaint so that you are ready with all the required evidence to make the case more stronger.

From India, Hyderabad

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