Hello, i need proper guidance on how to control attrition.. our company is a bpo and we are facing a bad time with attrition.. please help. regards, sneha srinivas.
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Dear Sneha, Are you taking exit interviews?? Analysis the reasons for leaving and then take appropriate steps. For any clarification feel free to write or discuss.
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The issue of attrition has always been the bugbear of all HR professionals. Broadly the reasons for attrition have by and large remained the same across industries, countries and cultures, with issues like low salaries, poor work conditions, lack of motivation, ineffective management, frustration with the job itself etc. taking center stage. Then there are other more personal reasons like growing ambition of the individual, a need to balance work and home, an urge to get away from stress and toil and live a more sedate life, work pressure, bad bosses etc.

However we cannot generalize these issues for the issues that actually trigger attrition vary from organization to organization, industry to industry and at a micro level from individual to individual. In a BPO for example, the employees are by and large very young and their motives for joining a BPO would drastically transform as they mature and their aspirations are higher. Similarly, the odd shift timings to suit overseas client requirements would at some stage not be viewed very kindly by those employees who believe they can find better alternatives. The point that I would like to emphasize is that you would have to study and analyze the reasons for attrition in your organization and then seek solutions to address those issues. Prasenjit Mishra in his reply has also reiterated this and given you a suggestion to use exit interviews as one tool to identify the reason for high attrition.

As a balm for your immediate relief, I am sharing a link sourced from this site, in which Amit Seth has given a host of suggestions to tackle attrition. You can access the same by clicking on this link https://www.citehr.com/51382-how-control-attrition.html

To motivate your employees you are welcome to check up the contents of the following Inspirational and Motivational blogs for some additional inputs

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You can not change the biggest issue of low salaries but Some quick steps that may help you to curb attrition rate is, convert their work station as fun place to work, be close to their family and ask bosses to be human beings with them. - birthday celebrations, small team lunches, movie outings etc
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There is no solution to this problem.

You can try doing these things:

1) Be nice to people. Smile. Sometimes give people a huge. Talk to them about them. Make jokes, etc. Listen to what they want, etc.

2) Spend money to make them happy. Promotions, out of the way increments, gifts, picnic, etc.

However, these techniques are also not guaranteed to work. Because, by nature, human beings tend towards pleasure. They have no ties or loyalty towards anything except what will give them pleasure.

They will leave you if someone dangles a nicer carrot (higher pay, nice office, cabin, nice girls to look at, whatever).

Companies must realize that. They also don't really care for their people. When they have to downsize, they downsize. They don't go all touchy-feely about people that time?

You have to realize that attrition is not a problem. It is one of the side-effects of institutionalized and organized business.


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Hello Sneha,
In such situations, the BOSS has to take centrestage.
Ego issues if any floating within the organization, should be shown the door or the right place for EGO is the dustbin.
I also entirely endorse the view points of Prasenjit and Jacob.
There is no quick fix solutions to Attirtion, Stable HR policies evolved over the years, talking to people openly, understand them etc may also help,

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Hi Sneha,

Attrition is one of the biggest challenges an IT/BPO company is facing today.Again this is an cost to the company considering once an employee leaves you have to start the process again of recruitment,training ,on boarding other expenses not to mention the gap left because an trained employee just quitting.

what you can do:

1) Make ,maintain and Share with the Top Management-the monthly attrition turnover rate-this will help the undertans the take notice of how deep the problem is .You can also submit the cost ratio incurred because of this.This is necessary because only the management can take some decisions to reduce the attrition rate

2) Tool to be used: Exit Interviews-employee who dont open up during their employment will share their true view during exit interview

ii) Periodic Employee Survey Reports: You can do a employee satisfaction survey maybe in 06 months

iii) Employee suggestion box: you can provide an option of an Anonymous login so that they can give suggestions without any apprehensions

Analyse the said reports generated by the abocve tools,try to pinpoint the reasons mentioned by the employees.Highlight the top 05-07 reasons and work for its solution

You can segragate the reasons into headers like-Salary issue,Facilities,employee motivation etc

a) Salary issue: Do a comparision of the salaries of the industry-level wise,try to find the median salary and see what you pay.If corrections are required then seek the management's help(this is why you submitted them the attrition rate report and cost because of attrition report)

B) Employee Motivation: try to maintain an friendly workplace: you can create an employee commitee to organise events,get together ,fun events etc

This si just an brief idea,hope it helps.



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Dear Sneha,
One of the major reasons of attrition is non transparency at the time of hiring. To attract workforce, we show the candidates green gardens but when it comes to deliverance, the picture is different. This can be tackled by either painting the real picture so that only those who are in actual need of a job join, or by deliering what is promised.

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Hello all....
Thank you for all your timely and useful suggestions... will definitely try out all these ideas.
I want few suggestions regarding placing a box in the office for our employees to jot down their feelings. This can be useful for us to know the employee's perspective.
Kindly tell me the pros and cons..

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As per my personnel Experience, bpo/kpo sectors are not giving salary & incentives on time that is reason for Attrition in that kind of companies.
another reason is all the employees are sitting in same hall at same work & designation.so if one say that i get another job or one start to speak negative about company, it effect to all because all are at same designation....
so if possible impress those employee who feel negative about company.
do negative reimbursement personally & positive openly....
this is way what i had tried in my past company & it was successful.

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