Hi all,

There is a guy in our office who seems to be always on tours or undergoing training.When in office, he hardly works and spends the time chit-chatting with the bosses. Still he is the only one who never got dropped for promotion.

What is his contribution to the organisation? How he is more competent than others who are slogging it out all the time? Others stay back till 7 and come on weekends too. But this guy seems to have all the fun and get paid for it too.

Still another case is where a senior manager went to US- on leave, joined a job there for 1 year and came back to our PSU and got promotion. While on the other hand, a guy in his batch who stayed back and worked hard never got promotion.

Is it really about networking and having higher up contacts ?

Another case is wherein two batch mates were due for promotion-both ladies-the one who got dropped was the one who had taken maternity leave during this time. Is it justified? What if her work contribution was more?

How should I ensure that I get regular promotions.

From India, Delhi
Dinesh Divekar
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Irrespective of whether you work for a PSU or a private organisation, it's all about whether your face fits in and whether you are in the good books of the bosses and what connections you have.
Regarding the case of the person that went to States, he got exposed to a different culture; more exposure helps.Same happens in MNC's: when a person gets wider exposure he gets promoted.

From United Kingdom


I think what was explained was the harsh reality!

As an individual especially at lower rungs of the hierarchy, one is not expected to be a custodian of organization's morality, ethics or management culture. As one walks oneI come across many obstacles o the path to his objectives. One has to tackle them, circumvent or overcome and keep up efforts towards achievement of objectives. Whether in this process to opt for short cuts, unethical practices and to go with the flow (like others do!) is strictly one's personal choice and depends upon his own ethics, values and morality (in short, his formative influences or "sanskaars" and what one has done with them in his years!)

Even if you follow such a path, I do not believe that favourable results are guaranteed! Further we do not enough about the methods these people use because what is not seen in such cases is far too important than what is seen!

My recommendation to your focused question is to follow your mind and since this questions suggests that you do not approve methods of people and organizations you report, and are a values oriented person, let MERITS be your guiding light!You may not with in the short run, eventually you will and that is the price all value oriented people have to pay in this world!

Further stop comparing yourself with WRONG examples and invite only stress for yourself. You are unique, you are on your own and you do not have to "follow" some methods that you do not approve of!

This long answer may provide an answer to your short but pertinent question.

If you need to interact further, welcome!

Cheer up!



July 29, 2012


From India, Pune
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Rupali,

This is in addition to what Mr Simhan and Samvedan has said.

Problems of this kind arise when measures of performance are not defined. In Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) Performance Appraisal (PA) is based on the subjective attributes like honesty, integrity etc and not on measurable factors.

PSUs or Govt offices are still following the methods of the British era. They are yet to come to terms with 21st century.

The gentleman in this case keeps on attending the training because he is not made accountable for the implementation of the learning. What was increased or decreased by implementation of the learning? No audit is done. Training department has certain funds and they are accountable to exhaust these funds and nothing beyond than that.

Nothing can be done in this case. The change has to come from top. To make the bureaucracy accountable, the government has to free bureaucracy from its clutches. But then whether this will ever happen is a matter of surmise!

Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore


What the guy is doing is clearly unethical and illegal.

Commercial and business organizations are oligarchies. The are not democracies. Their moto is: oppress the poor, pamper the few murderers & rapists at the top.

The business owners also don't want these murderers & rapists at the top, but they have to live with them if they want to sustain their rulership. That's a characteristic of all rulerships.

If someone in the ranks and file were doing the same thing, he'd either be fired as soon as his behavior was brought to notice, or he'd be promoted, depending on how he handled the interview/confrontation with the adjucatory panel.

The world is a shithole. We are a wild species, no different from any other. In this world, as Sir Charles Darwin wrote in his epic On the Origin of Spicies By Means of Natural Selection Or The Preservation of Favoured Races In The Struggle For Life, in here also, the strongest, meaning the most impervious to atrocities and the most brave will survive.

If you need to climb up the corporate ladder (and I'd say you'd be barking up a wrong tree. If you're still young, and you've got some financial support, get out of it as soon as possible and start something of you own, something you love doing), then you need to develop:

1) Emotional Intelligence

2) Leadership skills

3) Salesmanship and People skills

In short, read books on selling, schmoozing people, getting work done out of others, etc.

For starters, follow these tips: 10 Tips For Success At Business Meetings

From India, Ghaziabad

Dear Rupali,

As I seemed to have responded to your earlier queries,I checked CiteHR and found two other threads started by you. They are at

I was rather surprised to find that you have copied and pasted a portion of my message (including typo), in one of your responses. We are not privy to what goes on in your organisation. Do you know what does the person that goes on tour do when he goes there and what training courses that he attends. Are you also willing to go on tour like him?

As I gather from your other posts you do not like developing software like your husband and you would like to do something other than watch TV. Kindly tell us how satisfying is your work? Do you have enough work to keep you busy? The reason that I ask that question is most PSUs are overstaffed. My friend who worked for a local authority, tells me after retiring that if the organisation had reduced staff by 50% still they would not have much work to do.

May be you are in the wrong job and you have lost the motivation to progress or the family ties prevents from going on tours, which may be necessary to get promoted. If you give us more detail of the nature of work of your PSU, we will be able to give you some advice.

From United Kingdom

Dear Rupali,
According to me making right contacts with the right people always helps a lot in your career. You should not only have good relations with your boss or seniors, but also with your clients and other people you have to work with.
I have many friends who have got their promotions only because they were sweet with their clients and had contacts. Remember, getting a job done becomes much easier when you have good contacts and know people who can help you with the given task.
Remember, companies don't need only hard workers, they need smart workers, who can get the job done. And job can be done easily only if you have good contacts.

From India, Pune

Thank u everyone for all your good words. A bad boss is the only problem I have.Otherwise the work nature and office environment is all cool.Touchwood. I read in TOI Ascent once that in Private sector people resign from their jobs citing "personal Problems", where in reality their problem is their boss.Its really hard coping with a boss like this.
From India, Delhi

Dear Rupali,
Please watch Swami Parthasarathy - Happiness Within - YouTube It will highlight that the boss whom you dislike or can't work with is liked by some. So, our happiness depends upon how we react to a situation. I know that it is easy to PREACH than PRACTICE.

From United Kingdom

Thanks Aakriti for your beautiful insight. Even I was well behaved in the beginning.But the person is really really whimsical and unreasonable.

He would call us employees to office on sundays when he would come clad in his multi-coloured T-shirts :D :D :D and tell us his wife and life's stories.We only smiled listening to him. If he is so fond of his wife..why is he not devoting the sunday to her and passing time with us poor juniors? He would offer tea and I said no sir i dont take tea and biscuits.Then he said " your husband is really lucky- saving lot of his money".. we are supposed to smile/ laugh at his every "unique" observation.

He would call us all for a meeting and then waste time over phone talking to arbit people in his native language and laugh loudly. We all had no option but to sit quietly for 1-2 hours.

He once even told my junior guy to come to office on Sunday just to give company to another person who was working that day, because my junior lives close to our office. Is this reasonable/acceptable behaviour?

A hefty Punjabi guy got transferred to our office recently and he comes to office at 10:35-10:40 am-can u believe that.Our office timing is 9:30am. But my boss is scared to scold him.Only once he softly pointed this out to him that too in his own cabin!

If any other person is late, he yells at him/her right in front of the entire office.

He only picks on the really well-behaved and hard-working ones.

I asked him to nominate me for any 1 out of 3 training schedules taking place in our city, to which he smiled broadly saying "its good you are yourself taking initiative" ..but no he did not nominate me for any training.My last training was in June 2011.He joined our office in July 2011 after coming on transfer from corporate office.Everything went topsy-turvy after that.

I went to Vigilance and Hindi Training and won 1st prizes prior to his arrival in this which he says " Arre ye toh bakwaas training hain"

He himself is not even able to pronounce the word "paper" :D :D :D... but he makes fun of the Odisha site office people's accent. Racist guy really.He talks rubbish. He once made an issue out of the word "manpower" written in a note by site office person.He said " Arre these site office people are really sick..(actually their english is poor)." Really disgusting man..I wish nobody ever gets a boss like this one.

I have applied for transfer since December. Lets see what happens.My husband jokes what if the new boss is worse than this one.:D

From India, Delhi

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