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HI Everyone This is Sushma..I work as a Trainee HR In a US Based IT staffing company based in Banglore... My Query was How to Manage my staff working hours in the month of Ramjan (as they are coming late & going early ) from work... Someone Please help me on this
25th July 2012 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Ms. Sushma
In the month of Ramjan its quite common most of the Muslim staff will come late and go early due to their fasting and prayer. More over even in lunch time few will go for prayer. Those cases we should exclude. We can't restrict on humanitarian base. Except this month they may come early and work bit late too and why do we wanna bother for this particular month for late coming and going early.
25th July 2012 From India, Bangalore
Hi Sushma
Its true that we should give flexibility for religious belief wherever possible but at the same time ensure that employees should not misuse it.
I also got the similar request from my staff. what we did is made their timing (upto 1 hr) flexible but they are required to ensure total 8 hrs of working. And if they are not taking any lunch or tea break you can also adjust them.

25th July 2012 From India, Delhi
But you know wat happening...We work from 6.30 Pm - 3.30 Am (on IST)
my staff are coming at 8.30 & going at 3 o clock (morning) (they are not covering any extra hours)..& My manager in US was not quite happy about it...So i really need to work on it...
25th July 2012 From India, Hyderabad
My manager do respect their religious feelings,He dont mide coming late..The only concern is company was loosing 2.5 hrs a day for every single employee..He is not quite happy on it...
25th July 2012 From India, Hyderabad
hi in that case you can council with them and ask them to come office bit early and leave by 3.30. they can even leave 4.00. it is not a problem. Any how their prayer will start by around 5
25th July 2012 From India, Bangalore
But they were telling They can have their food only after 7.30 PM & before 3.50 really dont know wat to do
25th July 2012 From India, Hyderabad
ok. even I am not so sure abt their food habbits. you shall discuss with others and can proceed accordingly.
25th July 2012 From India, Bangalore
But they were telling - They can have their food only after 7.30 PM & before 3.50 really don't know what to do.
25th July 2012 From India, Hyderabad
In that case you shall request them to come early. and by 7.00-7.30 they can have break for prayer and food.
25th July 2012 From India, Bangalore
change their shift i dont think if in a batch / shift there are 100 people all 100 are muslims, those who dont have any issue in working at that times you give them that slot. Also depends on peoples mentality and seriousness of how they take religion, i have seen many doctors , people working in sensitive posts taking the religion apart and doing their duty sincerely, ever seen a doctor in between operation or army person in duty taking time off for prayers. My post is not to hurt any religion or caste. But management really dont care about such things , especially companies who are at the mercy of uncle SAM .
25th July 2012 From India, Madras
Hello Sushma Reddy,
What your staff is telling is correct--Iftar food is taken only between 7.30 PM & 4.00 AM [in the nights--basically AFTER Sunset & BEFORE Sunrise i.e.].
This topic was also discussed recently by others--Link below.
Since you say that your company is into US staffing, you would be having a 5-day week. Also, I am sure there would be off-line work involved [when they don't need to talk to anyone in the US]. Why not ask them to work for some hours on Saturdays/Sundays also in the Ramzaan month--to be utilized for all off-line work [i.e. IF they REALLY want to say their Prayers]? This would also need a greater amount of planning & co-ordination between your office & the US-end--but that would be better than loosing so many man-days.
All the Best.
25th July 2012 From India, Hyderabad
I have had many muslims working in companies and we never faced any problem No one organisation can give flexible rules for on religious segment. Then every month on Amavsya, people will ask for permision to come late and go early as they would be fasting There are muslims who do not follow this fasting and they are supposed to make some payment towards this. I had ma ny muslim friends who used to stay late and have lunch and make payment. Ther are a few who still stay late and will fast.
Every eligion has its own peculiarities and organisation can not devise flexible rules for all religions.
In my early schooling days, Amavasya used to be a day where schools will start at 11 am instaed of 9.30 am This practice has disappeared now
If you want to devise flexible rule, then takeinto consideration the requests that could come from other religions as well
T Sivasankaran
25th July 2012 From India, Chennai
My manager who sits in US didnt say a single world about this,he just want to cover extra working hours...
But in reality they (Muslim) they break their fast at around 7 PM..So they want to start at 8 &
In morning they should have their by 4 AM,so cant ask them to stay longer & cover their hours..
I said the same to my manager,even he dont know wat to do..He wants me to work on...
26th July 2012 From India, Hyderabad
Sunrise in mumbai does not happen at 4 am
So woudnt there be enough time for them to work late and still have time for meals ?
(note : I do not know the details of the requirement) which is the reason for my question)
26th July 2012 From India, Mumbai
In my opinion you should go by your HR policy --that should be common for the people of all religion and faith.
If you want to give special consideration then discuss with your management -- as its a policy matter and I think you being at junior level may not be able to take decision.
Once the decision is taken please communicate it clearly to these employees -- they should not take the management for granted.
26th July 2012 From India, Bangalore
Hello Ms. Sushma, its true that muslim can\'t eat after 03:50 or 04:15 am & before 07:00 or 07:30 Pm. I think they are right... Can you change ur working hours ????
26th July 2012 From India, Jaipur
Hi Sushma,
I know this problem is there. If majority staff is non muslim then you can even agree to grant some employees a leave & adjust it to their leave entitlement ,for a few hours in this month. Or agree to these short working hours which can be adjusted by them by working extra hours rest of the year, or even both as per the need.
In Mumbai , we do not allow any extra benefit for this period. However, leave can be availed or adjusted as mentioned before, in some companies.
26th July 2012 From India, Mumbai
Hi Sushma,
It is month of Ramzaan & all muslims are very religious towards their religion. They are coming at 8:30pm it is ok because they have to break their fast around 7:30pm. Give them a break of 30 min. at 3:30am & tell them they can bring their food & can manage from cafeteria. You just make arrangement of their prayer like assign a room for namaz. After taking 30 min break they can cover their hours.
We do respect all the religions but management won't suffer for it.
Nisha Sharma

26th July 2012 From India, Delhi
To cope up for the loss of time, ask them to work on weekends as the work gets affected. T
26th July 2012 From India, Hyderabad
THis is OK and we should ignore it and at the same time, once the festival period is over, we should ensure that the lost time is being compensated by them.
26th July 2012 From India, Mumbai
Ms Sushma,
We in India respect all religions, religious sentiment is a very delicate and sensitive affair, as such being rigid in timings may not be correct. At the same time as HR executive you need to raise to your Bosse's expectations also. You can adjust their timings to meet the requirement of the Management by making them understand how you are being pressurised by the management. I have observed every Friday this sort of practice taking place in most places, they take a break on Friday for Namaaz. In normal course they cannot mix such sentiments with their work and working hours, this is India and such things only happen here and you can't take a chance with such.
Best wishes,
Joga Rao
26th July 2012 From India, Eluru
Hi Sushma,
In my company we too have Muslim employees who are fasting during Ramjan. For maintaining their work timing (Which is 9 hours) they come early in office and utilisize the break timing of 1 hour as a time to take their first meal in office itself. For their initiative we have arranged a place also where they can have their Namaz and later have their meal within those 1 hour.
26th July 2012 From India, Kolkata
Hi Sudhma,
In my opinion what Nisha Sharma has said is very appropriate. Fast breaking time (Iftaar) in India these days is around 7:20pm and then again next morning the fast opening time (Sehri) ends around 4am. Normally a muslim would need around half hour break during both these times. So, they can come by 8:30pm (or so, depending on their office commutime time), and get a break between 3:30am and 4am, after which they can easily work for those many hours that they would have missed the previous evening. Management need to make some arrangement where they can have their food and offer their prayers (Maghrib namaz soon after their Iftaar and Fajr namaz soon after their Sehri).
Any further queries are welcome.
Isar Ahmed
26th July 2012 From Hong Kong
Hi Sushma
I accept with some people who have said is correct that as the Ramzan is only the major festival for muslims and they should absolutely be allowed because there may IR problems raised if you don't allow them and you should have meeting on the working hours adjustment if it is so important in your place and adjust the timing for a month so the problem is simply solved and no issues.
P.Venugopal Reddy
26th July 2012 From India, Hyderabad
With due respect to all religions, commercial actives of any kind should not be influenced by rituals and methods of carrying out ones faith. All industries give paid holidays on major festivals for individuals to fulfill their religious rituals and celebrations. It is therefore prudent to isolate requests for any adjustments in working hours to any group of individuals which would effect the viability of the business . All professionals should rise above such beliefs in order to make our Country a preferred destination for International communities to invest, thus providing a strong economy.
27th July 2012 From India, Mumbai
Hi sushma is there any chance to shift their timings then u can do something. Otherwise company has to give the concession since this is a religion matter. Y.Gangadhar
27th July 2012 From India, Bhilai
To Nisha Sharma--
I have different opinion towards providing the Place for worship at the work place during Ramzan. This will send a wrong signal to the employees of different faith . In future they may also ask for the same favor.
We can think of adjusting the working hour for Muslim Employees as a special consideration .Nothing more can be done beyond this . As to run a business we should draw a line and should not cross it.We need to be practical
27th July 2012 From India, Bangalore
We have a similar function, where advisors have to take a break off work for Namaz and Fast purpose. Usualy they have to work 8 hours of login which includes 1 hour of break for 5 days a week, I in ramzan I give them 6.30 hours shift for 6 days, with two 20 mins breaks, this leads to a loss of only 5 hours on a weekly basis. If you still cant afford to lose these 5 hours, you can ask the non-Muslim counterparts to do OT for 1 hour each, keeping your requirements up. Expectations with the Muslims in such cases are kept to make them understand that such co-operation will be required of them during Ganpati & Diwali fests. Works for me well
27th July 2012 From India, Mumbai
Please make it an organisatioonal problem in as much as discuss with all of them by explaining the view of your manager and showing concern for the time loss and seek in right earnest a solution from them. Please try to find out a reasonable and leader-like person among them for this exercise, sure some solution may figure up. Please do not hesitate if you have to make a minor concession but as a part of the formal/informal deal.
29th July 2012 From India, Delhi
During Ramzan period there is no need of separate attention for Muslim Employees. They have to work as usual. The Almighty god have not told us to sacrifice your employer wealth. The Work which we are doing is also given by the almighty god. The Muslim employees would ensure that the employer who gives salary should not be at loss.
Meharunisa Basima BA(Law), L.L.M,
LabourNET Law Consultancy,
Kerala, Labour Net,
31st July 2012 From India, Kochi
Sushma I can understand your problem but at the same time this is also true that they can eat in the above mentioned duration only.
But of curse you cannot justify it to your seniors. Moreover I personally feel that one should do justification with job as well along with religion.And 2.5 hrs a day is a lot approx 1/4th of a working day.
I suggest you should keep 2 options open in front of them & ask them to choose one:
1. They should either come early or go late to coverup working hours and can take a break of 1 hr at the time of Iftaar (7:15-8.15pm) or Sehri(3:30-4:30am).
2. They should cover up total working hours in a month i.e working on weekends/late hours once Ramzan is over.
Hope this will solve your problem.
1st August 2012 From India, Delhi
Dear Sushma,
First u tell him or her pls show their ramjam month timing card. bcoz al days timing mention on this card ok
Ur staffs is telling lie bcoz Sehri timing is before 3:30 am and aftar 6:30 pm.
U just consider 30 mint in the time of aftar, lots of people in kolkata city their worked at night shift 10pm to 7am they dnt want any problem.
also u will tell him they carry their foods at office for sehri.
Any problem cal me.........
Thanks & Regards
Abhijit Barua
9804404138/ 8622855447
2nd August 2012 From India, Kolkata
Dear Madam,
I'm sure you wouldn't mind correcting your grammar, especially if you are in the HR section.
"My Quire was How to Manage my staff working hours in the month of Ramjan"
You actually wanted to say: "My query........."
Sorry, I hope you take no offence.
2nd August 2012 From India, Hyderabad
Dear all,

I guess it's going on too long now. By this time Sushma would have got the answer. I mean, actually, it's very simple - muslim employees can be provided 1/2 hour gap for taking food during their fast opening and closing timings and in return employees can be flexible enough to accomodate the time lost by working additional 1 hour, before or after work hours, or during weekends, as is deemed fit by the employer in consultation with the employees. Fasting employees can bring their own tiffins/food, as they do bring their own lunch during other months, or, the company can provide food, if they provide lunch, evening snacks etc to all employees. I feel it isn't a complicated topic and just needs good faith and small meaningful discussion between employees and management or HR. If muslim employees are given this much flexibility it'll enhance their morale and make them see upon their company as employee-friendly. And, as such, it's justified as they're putting up those many hours and not loosing anything for the company.

On top of this, the month of Ramzan teaches and motivates one to be honest, trust-worthy, and many such good virtues, so in the end the company gains to be having honest people working for it. In fact, every other religion guides people to such good virtues, hence such concessions and flexibility should be accorded to people of all faith to be able to move along with their religious practices that do not hamper others.


Isar Ahmed
3rd August 2012 From Hong Kong
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