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Dear friends,

One more sacrifice by HR professional for the cause he learnt to live for. One more murder of General Manager-HR by workers .One more occasion for all of us to shed tears for few hours or days…

After that..? I know and you all know. The names of such HR professionals in last seven years who laid their lives for organisations are increasing. But issues came up out of this whole incident committed by persons with criminal mind (Whom we address workers) will remain live and keep haunting us till properly addressed.

Avinish kumar dev, General Manager-HR of Maruti Manesar plant was burnt to death by mindless criminal workers while setting ablaze the Adm. Building of the plant on 18th july. Along with him around 100 officers also got injured including two Japanese officials. Issue was neither of any wage demands nor of any "exploitation or arbitrariness". It was a simple disciplinary matter. One shop floor executive when simply expressed displeasure on work attitude of worker and advised him to be more concentrated, that worker slapped the executive and assaulted openly on the floor. Worker was suspended pending disciplinary proceedings which is minimal action in any industry in such a situation. Union made it a point of prestige. Negotiations went on to resolve the matter. Management even reportedly assured that worker will be taken back shortly but union leaders were adamant to revoke his suspension immediately. This inability sparked the appears to be quite abnormal. Workers of A shift stayed back in the plant. B shift workers were also in plant. Workers used Factory tools and car parts to attack managers and everyone whom they saw. It was riotous. The events of incident suggest it was high level of conspiracy hatched out by workers to attack management officials and lay the fire. Management was caught unawares. Side door beams were used to attack management officials. No worker is reportedly injured. In this fire of Adm. Building, Avinish could not come out as he was attacked brutally and burnt alive to death.

BM condemns this organized act of crime by workers and union officials. we have no words to condemn rather feel speechless. Violence in industrial relations can not be justified in any situation whatever it may be. Avinish family is ruined for no fault of him.

But through this unfortunate incident we should analyze the basic issues which are raised every time after such incident but appear not addressed properly by organizations to prevent such happenings.

The issues which come up are:

Was it not a studied calm boiling inside workers since last year labour unrest and were looking for an opportunity to vent out and 'teach' a lesson to management which could not be smelled by the management well in time?

Could management not sense the ulterior motives of workers well in advance who hatched the conspiracy to attack and resorted to violence while negotiations were going on the fateful day?

Should such incidents of organised violence, riot and arson in the industry be investigated to find out the influence of outside trade unions having political affiliations on workers and expose them?

Are not international HR consulting firms advising many MNCs in India for devising 'Innovative ways and measures to 'engage ' Y gen employees and keeping 'good and harmonious' employees relations proving to be a big failure and unsuccessful?

Are not such agencies always advising organizations to think globally, and not giving proper strategies to equip managements act locally?

Is it not that rampant outsourcing/hiring of people without verifying their antecedents could also be a cause of such mindless violence by workers who are not keen to understand and adapt to the industrial culture and discipline?

Has time not come to redefine the dynamics of employee relations specifically for blue collar employees and understand the total environmental impact on them in which they have born and brought up? Should managements not invest in developing HR / People management skills in Shop floor executives who are first one to face the heat of estranged relationship with employees?

Is it not the high time for the trade unions to introspect as to where their movement is going on? One can read from the history that the workers/ union who have indulged themselves in violence have almost lost ground?

Should managements not accept the challenge of educating their workers and union to be on constructive side always and keep away from any act which harms the organization and themselves?

Should HR professionals be not fully empowered to decide and execute employee relations strategies and not to look at top managements for decisions?

Unless these issues are addressed by organizations, these unfortunate incidents of violence will continue to happen in the industry and HR Person will fall prey to it. This time Avinish has laid his life, next time may be someone else…..


Anil kaushik

Chief Editor, Business Manager-HR magazine

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From India, Delhi

Excellent write up....
Now management should think the alternatives...Everyone says HR is a powerful department,but it is not like that even for small issues we have look for management decision to solve it, meanwhile everything spoil waiting for decision rather than took the decision.. it is not only spoiling the our career growth spoiling personal too.
From India, Chennai
Excellent write up Sir ...
There are many factors which comes to mind after reading this :
Where was the security in the factory premises when all this happened ?
After how much time the police arrived and what was their role in handling
the situation ? What provoked the workers to take such a extreme step ?
was it only suspension or anything else ? and it is very essential to know
in what way the law will punish the workers and union leaders .
What could be the preventive measures to avoid such incidents in future .
More views awaited .
Rajeev Dixit
From India, Bangalore
Really appreciate what you said... Decisions needs to be decentralized...

First of all, I strongly condemn this inhumane & illegal act of the workers of MUL. Such shameful act can never be justified at any cost.

But this incident have left us with many lessons to Learn.

I feel that the companies have to reduce this significant gap between worker & management , in terms of policies, facilities, involvement in strategic decisions etc.

Certain practices which increase this Gap between Worker and Management,needs to abolished. Like :

-Separate canteen for Staff & Workers ( There should be single canteen and similar food for all )

-Seprate sitting place for Management & Workers ( concept of separate Admin Building should be avoided i.e. staff should have office space within the production area and workers seats be alloted in that area, proper connect between staff and workers, involvement of families of workers in HR Initiatives.)

-Seprate shift timings for staff and workers ( There should be no G Shift at factory premisis)

-Seprate Increments, Bonus shemes and declaration of these Seprately etc.( Everything has to be in similar pattern )

-Role of supervisor should be limited to only production related Instructions to be given to workers and all behavioural and discipline related issues should be dealt by HR / IR Team.

Though this incident has left a black spot on the function of HR but has also left us with lessons to be learnt as the dynamics of workforce are changing with time.

Also the salary should be linked with the Work load & Performance and not with Work Experience especially in the Industrial Units whih are expanding at similar locations and are paying lesser salary to the fresh workforce having lesser experience, though they giving better output.

Its high time for the HR Minds to think.


From India, Delhi
Dear All
Please go through this thread :
Maruti-Manesar incident - Prayer meeting by National HRD Network, Delhi & NCR chapter
Warm regards.
Attribution: https://www.citehr.com/420722-maruti...#ixzz21QZWSYIx
From India, Delhi
Why HR is the such a thankless job? HR job has got brain and heart too. HR has to think and act for management, for employee welfare, tries to bring balance between management and employees but still never understood by any? I am sure every HR professional has a passion towards employee welfare! Why are we not rewarded for this passion. Instead we are reprimanded for no fault of ours but for all the suppressed grudges that every other individual has somewhere in their heart. The grudge for compensation, the grudge for promotion, the grudge for the mere fact that they have to serve and come to office also... it is all expressed on the HR department.
Is there anyway that we improve our position in the corporate ? It is time that we think for ourselves now!!!
From India, Delhi
What ever happened at Maruti Manesar plant cannot be accepted in a civilised society.
We should not forget that we are human beings first and he has a family that is waiting for him back home.
Who will take the responsibility of his family, if something goes wrong at his home after this?
Sometimes the animal in a person comes out this incident is the best example for that.
For a fraction of second if the group would have thought about this I think this would not have
Ever issue can be resolved on table through proper discussion I think we have to create an open environment for this to happen.
From India, Hyderabad
Nicely dealt by Mr. Kaushik, whatever be the dispute it should be resolved under the law but voilence lead only & only to the disaster which results the death of like GM-HR of Maruti Udyog Ltd. of Manesar unit.I personally condemn the incident took place in the plant and I send my sincerest condolences on the death of Mr. A.K.Dev- GM-HR.
Thanks & Regards,
Sumit Kumar Saxena,
From India, Ghaziabad
Dear Anil ji,
It a second incident which we know one was at Regeny Ceramics, Yanam and second one now in Maruti. Think at once the HR persons roll of work. He was a betel nut in between the management and workforce, any time he will crush. Its a time to resolve the problems faced by HR, in these situations who will be come to our rescue ?
Thanks for posting the gist of the incident.
From India, Kakinada
Dear JJ,
Well said, even I do feel the same.
To reduce the gap among workers we have planned for a regular visit at differnt sites and try our best to resolve their issues and spread awareness about HR policies, and what they can achieve if they participate in company's problem or giving valuable suggestion.
Apart from it there must be an employee who acts like a "VESSEL BLOWER" and timely inform if any happening is about to crop up.
Mohammad Noman

From India, Delhi
Such routine exercises exist in every organisation but do the employees feel that such exercises are really genuine?
From India, Delhi
First of all....i strongly condem ..the ..inciditent..that took place...and
its really time ....that the management gives hr a long rope to take decesions...and..we should look at it in a more holistic ways...if it was not regarding the wages....then i think..we must also ....include "ego management" ...as part of hr functions...which wluld help...us to deal..with such...ghastly incidences...and ..yes...i subscribe to the views that..hr ..shuld be given more power to handle .things....
Thns,alok .k.
From India, Pune
Excellent job done sir...
As you have said GAP between workers and management should be abolish but why ?.
If you do that then they will control the management, take the decision and after that u can imagine what will hapen to company.
2nd : similar food is correct but sitting on same table make no sense. Example : if u are taking lunch with the worker and if u are meeting with him at any where he will talk like he is your boss. There should be some distance.
This kind of shameful activity is done by some group of workers only, they does not come for work or to earn but only leadership.
From India, Ahmadabad
Just let me know if you will have food with your Boss on One Table..will you start feeling that you are his boss....Just think and then reply....
This will only increase your bonding..nothing else.... This gives personal connect and doesn't hamper your professional connect ...
Please correct me if i am wrong...
From India, Delhi
i am also joing to this prayer and my deepest condolence for this unforeseen incident, the soul of Mr avinash may get rest and peace

as this type of rioutious is being continued everywhere. just 2 months before one DGM-HR has been murdered by one of the employee at the officers quarters in Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu in a Factory. Reason that issuance the suspension order to him due to his inability and his bad attitude shown in factory.

Management should delegate equal power to HR professionals also as like as the Operational Professionals...

Now a days HR is being noted as one of the divison in an oepration department during this Modern HR Professionalism. Which should be changed again back to the earlier trends as HR was a stronger position where any recruitment HR should have been done all the verifications and antedecent check and everything and finally if HR is OK then Business would take a call further which is totally changed now, particularly in the workmen grade and contractural activities.

I strongly condemned this incident and Management also not to provide any safety precautions during this occurrence ....
From India, Madras
"People leave managers not companies"

I know as Human Resource job is very important to nurture employees.However Hiring Right candidate is very important for the relevant task

However maximum number of times its the boss who is not able to inspire them to stick along.

Wages & Laws

In India workers are paid extremely low,which is very hard to survive with the kind of inflation. An average US worker in a manufacturing gets $200/day,an average Shanghai Chinese worker get about $15-$20

however in India its is less tan $5/day

As an employee if someone is gaining knowledge and increasing the skill sets it become more valuable for the organization in terms of human capital & monetary as well

However as our appraisal system is so prevalent to appraise once or twice a year,notwithstanding the 80/20 rule....it is true that employees would leave in search of better opportunities.

Now,The fault rises in the system to recognize and understand the talent hidden inside-take a step ahead for employee to change some policies and make them benefited.

Which is why such issues arise.This has happened twice in MUL.An alarming situation for all sectors.

Labor Laws is our country need an urgent reformation.notwithstanding the fact that stress and work culture of every industry differs however there is nothing as far as Strictness of Labor laws are concerned.

Proper education:Worker class are not educated and given the growth path.Most of them come from slums.They need better lifestyle for their families.Somewhere deep down their hearts their hard work is unrecognized with proper pay or rewards

Example(Tata's)-They have set a bench mark in Indian Manufacturing industries with the practices they do.People never want to leave TATA steel.There was a time when people were scared to go there.


In times like these Mangers are frighten of their position.To retain their powers.Because of global slowdown.

Most often than not Mangers are not able to direct & Guide coach the employees.

HR Role As organization is only known because of the employees.

Expectation setting about the current procedures.Lot of times I have seen that HRs take one or two sessions about the policies Laws(sometimes only in Induction). & then whatever happens good or bad-is always written in policies which only few have access too.Which is why it becomes very very very important about the transparency in communication & Responsibility in taking proper Decision at right times.

Union Issues:

As far as Union is concerned most often then not its a political ball game.There is no growth when Union is into picture.Take an example of Rickshaw,Collie,Rack-pickers etc-Most of them do the same job for entire life.

We need to educate workers about their benefits and growth prospects in organization.

From India, New Delhi
It's just well understood about violence. One line for a right decision never takes time... and now rest assure the importance of HR is pretty much to stop such hindrances.
My sincere condolences for Mr. Awinash Dev, May his soul R.I.P.
From India, Visakhapatnam
It is really a well defined write-up about the current circumstances of industry and labour regulations and the way dealing with labour issues .
being a HR next time we all will think prior taking any action about the repercussion.
So this is the time management should think at lower level execution and training for them.
From India, Delhi
I think,
I don't thing so that management is not aware about boiling unrest at shop floor because information is tools of every HR professional for solving IR issue, to take action.
HR fail to take timely action on actionable point when it was really need to take.
Lack of worker education (company policy,social etc) & proper communication of supervisor,HR with union & worker.
From India, Mumbai
This incident is a result of total breakdown of communication between the management and the workers. The management must be in the 'know-how' of the pulse of the workers. i have no doubt that there was a complete breakdown of this very important aspect of manager/worker relationship.
From India, Jammu
Hello anil,
This is due to lack of protocol in trade unions cos the relations among the trade union and mgmt is at the lowest in india.
there are law to deal with this kind of event,but in this country the few people wont come under this kind of law so they do this offen.
i am worried that this can be a clue for other organization so the mgmt before allowing the union to exist they should put certain protocol in place which the union show follow.
the union should protect the employee welfare but at the same time they need to think about he mgmt the there future.
by this japanese will pull out of manesar this short note and the state of haryana will the losser.

I think the unions should not be given the liberty which they have currently. Most of the companies where unions exist work under much pressure due to the political background to it.....there should be some amendment in the law safeguarding the interest of both the workers & management.......the union leaders act like they are the owners of the company & spread unnecessary unrest......Why is politics required in place where you work & earn your living?
From India, Nasik
Thanks sir for write up this.
But they persons have no mind, they are not only burnt Mr. Dev also they burnt themselves future. They have no right for punished anyone with reason or without any reason.
From India, Delhi
Ya,sad part for this profession. We don\'t know how that decision came to suspend an employee, but in future (all sectors) should have CC camera\'s and that has to be monitored. regards, Venkat
From India, Madras
Respected all
i would like to address about this topic. I think this accident shows the failure of hr dept. The reason is it was the accident which was pre planned. If your workers and unions are not satisfied then one has to fell the same and has to take prventive actions. If small small things are happeing to your premise, and if you ignores then some day it will take a big form like this. The work of hr is not to sit in office and do the admin work all the time.
From United Kingdom, Basingstoke
Riot at Maruti Suzuki plant:
So far the happening has not raised the issue of just, fair and reasonableness.
Riot is not occurring for the first time.Governments already have well accepted steps-Investigation,prosecution,trial and if the charges are proved then conviction and sentencing.
It is your best guess.
The flawed dynamics of human relation angle is disproved swiftly.
Caste slur did not trigger violence at Maruti's Manesar plant: Probe - Times Of India
Then where is the role of human resource management and more so when no collective wisdom could evolve here? Is there any for future to prevent such happenings?
Attribution: https://www.citehr.com/323657-how-of...#ixzz21jy9wTc0
Caste slur did not trigger violence at Maruti's Manesar plant: Probe - Times Of India
From India, Delhi
Dear All

I am quite taken aback to see a few of our HR friends describing this as failure of HR department or failure of Industrial relations etc . There is just one question lurking in my mind" Does any amount of wrong doing from the management level justify this kind of a heinous crime?" Let us for arguments sake assume, that HR has been irresponsible and has not taken into account the grudges and complaints of the employees/workers for many long years but does that give them the right to burn an HR manager alive after fracturing his legs?This is such a horrifying incident and this should be an eye opener for all HR folks all across the globe that if we do not collectively protest against this then the future and safety of HR managers in such roles is at high risk

I suggest all HR professionals should organize a mass rally all across India protesting this ghastly murder and ensuring that this doesn't happen again

I invite opinions views and comments on this

Thanks and Regards

Indrani Chakraborty
From India, Pune
None is justifying violence. No body can ever justify that.The situation is the breach of cohesion in an organisation. What is the answer to it? The partisan stand has no room in the discussion.
Riots come and go. Companies emerge and collapse. But the happening is a great opportunity for HRM to impress corporate world as well as governments provided that any collective wisdom evolves. Individual eloquence/magnanimity is of no consequence. Here HRM stands.Please understand the situation.
From India, Delhi
The main issue is that HR has to face negativity of workers all the time as there is no limit of expectations from employee's side, in today's time HR is just playing a role of speaker for policies and strategies designed by Management, when we talk about benefits HR is the person who gets least benefits as he/she always in demanding position for her employees and has to satisfy herself with empty plate.
This is a high time to give actual power in hands of HR specially in manufacturing firms otherwise everyday we will listen these type of news.
From India
I am saying the very same thing but to earn power HR specialists are to earn the confidence of the corporate world first.For this the intermediate step is to arrive at collective wisdom.That is lacking. Without that HRM is going to miss this stepping up advantage.
From India, Delhi
Where to go from here?
To the workers with burbling aspirations and frustrations what do you do?
To them you just try to convince by saying "It is company policy" and leave them confused.
You just can not say "It is just,fair and reasonable company policy". The day you will be in a position to say so you will no longer feel your condition to be as precarious as you feel it today.The workers will gradually understand that just,fair and reasonable policy is the standard and not the wild aspirations. This will settle the inherent clashing tendency. So please check up if you can say convincingly - IT IS JUST,FAIR AND REASONABLE COMPANY POLICY .
From India, Delhi
Well, here are the twine course of actions for HRM.
1. To pep up its weightage human resource specialists must promote and demonstrate collective wisdom.
2.To promote and maintain cohesion HRM must be in a position to convince every constituent of its organisation that company policies are just,fair and reasonable.
From India, Delhi
This entire ghastly event happened in front of Policemen and the ACP and this is really unfortunate that the people chose to be the protectors of the citizens of the country, themselves run for the cover whenever any mishappening occurs.

If, policeman at that moment had taken the charge over the situation then today Awanish would have been alive. Even now as well, nobody is bothered about the lose of family of Awanish by his death. A woman has lost his husband and children has lost their father but no one is bothered. Everyone is just speaking about the production loss, plant, cars getting out of stock!! Who will get the justice for the family of Awanish, who was burnt beyond recognition by the brute workers??

This is really sad that the state governments are only worried about the plant location of maruti suzuki, behaving like the slaves of the Japanese.

Now it Awanish's name has added into the list of HR- professional dying because of labour unrest, who know one day it could be anyone among us... The HR- professionals are not safe!! They are the only torch-bearers of the management decisions, we are the people who only implement what decisions management has decided upon but everytime its the HR who is called as bad at the time of Termination etc...

The time has come when govt. HR bodies have to take some action or make some policies which can protect people like Awanish against such labour unrest and union politics!!!
From India, Jaipur
Riots come and go; Companies emerge and collapse; None bothers And the world goes on. So are the issues addressed.
From India, Delhi
Excellent say sir you are absolutely right we as a each unit needs to understand the feelings of the workers otherwise that will come in another way Jagdish Matiya Executive-HR
From India, Ahmadabad
And beyond.
When HR specialists fail to impress and take on they are astrologers whose tino angulionmen ghee.
Astrologer to correct vaastu at Manesar - The Times of India
From India, Delhi
Strongly condemning the violence at Maruti Suzuki's plant at Manesar in which a ... of the social unrest in the zone because of various issues.
From India, Palghar
I really appriciate what you have written here....
Every one other than HR think that any decision related to human is made by HR but this is not true, we as a HR follow what management wanted to do.
Definetly we provide provide our input.
Now, this is high time to take strong decision on such kind of issues to avaid in future.
Every year one HR Person is loosing his life due to worker unrest. now management has to take stong action on this.
May be most of the companies are providing only technical training to their worker at shopfloor which is creating more gap between behavioral and techincal.
now management is required to focus on behavioral training to their shop floor workers to bridge the gap and make them understand the management stands.
From India, New Delhi
Dear All
Three simple answers to these type of happenings.
From India, Hyderabad
It seems that none is from citehr. HR heads too yet to reply either singularly or collectively.
From India, Delhi
Thanks a lot sir for such a write up...
Very sad that besides thinking good about organizations ,HR is the most cursed departmet.
Why they dont understand the impact of HR's.
Evryone blame HR's for making policies and procedures do they understand its the work they do for the betterment of organization.
Management should give that much power to them instead of just using HR's shoulder's for shooting.
From India, Mumbai
Maruti reaches out to other HR heads over Manesar violence
Got all powers.Now exercising powers aptly is the question.What more power you want?
Are the HR specialists apt enough to maintain cohesion in the organisations?
We are waiting for HR heads' strategies in this regard.
From India, Delhi
There is no doubt that the barbaric act should be condemned. There appears to be greater malice between Management and workers which must have been brewing for quite some and management is also to be held partially responsible for not able to read the discontent and for taking corrective action. (There have been many IR unrest scenes at Maruti during last couple of years). Secondly, HR is neither thankless job nor does not have any relevant in the org structure. What bothers is the attitude of the top management that HR is confined to only people management but not entire gamut of the organisation and is not made a strategic partner in decision making. Even if involved, it is restricted to only designing manpower reduction and productivity increasing strategies.
From India, Mathura
Hello Sir,
Nice write up. In fact the sensitivity expressed is more important.
Although such violence shall be condemned but the workplace always have reflection of a society as a whole. We often see and hear many things happening in our society, which manifests decreasing tolerance level, aggression and insensitivity. Let it be Politics, Education or social events. In this case it exploded.
Having contract workers at mfg. plant on a same machine, same shop for years........ The strategies and tactics used to sell downsizing schemes to workers.......... Aren't these practices an exploitation?......These are another forms of violence only.
So I feel both the sides need to correct our ideological base first. And social reflection......entire country has reached to the stage of helplessness.
Any way thanks for such a nice posting.
Anand Gumaste
From India, Pune
very true Mr. Kaushik, you have really came out with the questions and their possible solutions of the issues involved in Maruti case.
See, till now people in HR department has not been able to mingle themselves with the workforce working in plant or in organization therefore find it very difficult to win the trust of people.
May be it appears little harsh but somewhere it is evident from the brutal attack on the officials and not even single effort from worker side to protect them proves that management of Maruti had totally lost their trust, confidence among workers therefore such result.
sushil tripathi
Siyaram Silk Mills Limited
Garment Division
From India, Mumbai
There was cohesion break down in Maruti Suzuki and therefore it collapsed.This has been repeated time and again. But now the questions are
1.How to maintain cohesion in organisations?
2.Are HR specialists apt enough to maintain cohesion?
Meaning thereby other companies also may have certain degrees of lack of cohesiveness,for example, nearby HCL or your company. What is that degree? Is it nearby the degree of Maruti Suzuki which led to its collapse? Please say where does your company stand in respect of cohesiveness.Each company now needs a rating in respect of its cohesiveness. Is not it?
From India, Delhi

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