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Bringing a new topic to ponder over and get new ideas, inputs and Pros & Cons about the same. Sincere inputs are expected on the topic.

Topic is :

Four & Half Day Work Week

We have been working in the companies and are well aware of 5 days working atmosphere. But now there are companies which are introducing 4 & 1/2 day working culture.

To understand more about it kindly go through the below mentioned links.

Particletree » The 4 1/2 Day Workweek

Our Four-Day Work Week | Unit Verse <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

Please share your points of view about below mentioned queries...
  • What are your points of view about it?
  • Will it really help in improving productivity along with quality of life?
  • What drawbacks can be there in our country if it is well introduced?
  • Can all level of employees be included in the same scheme? Or it can only be industry specific?

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From India, New Delhi
My Point of view
First it sounds great! WOW
Thinking over 4 and ½ day work week!
This means bringing change into to the existing work culture. (Challenge)
The work schedule needs to be categorized strategically; more time needs to be spent on continuous work, which means less time for distraction, leisure and discussions.
This 4 and ½ day work schedule will fit better for smaller teams and would be mostly Industry or Project specific. As flatly this system will not suit all teams eg. Places where there is more human dependent coordination of work then the given tasks will get delayed as the entire environment in which the system is present, is not in the system of 4 and ½ day style of working.
Any change needs effort, time, careful planning, execution, support and coordination, as they are the key for success.

From India, Madras
A business exists to fullfill specific objectives & expectations of different stakeholders e.g. investors, shareholders, society, employees, customers, unions, etc. What are the implications and impact of this impending change to these stakeholders? Once you gained this insight, you should be able to know which direction to take.
Autumn Jane

From Singapore, Singapore
Ideally your work duration per day should be 9 hours as of now, what are your projections for 4.5 days a week? need clarity. If you say 40 working hours + 5 break hours per week It can be achived though !
Productivity will defenitely improve. If you believe that you need atleast 15 mins to get into the groove of working mode(concentrating) after each break you take.
Mind you, providing long weeknd may lead for early logouts before they are done for the 4.5 days of work. You need to have strict guidelines so that everybody adhears. Most important thing is why do you want to increase your weeknd expense????
I work in a IT service desk 12 hours and 4 days a week. I dont think you can include all level of employees be included in the same scheme. It is industry specific

From India, Hyderabad

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