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I'm an MBA holder working s a Junior executive for a leading private bank in srilanka(just completed the MBA) handling fairly responsible job in the branch and the mean time I have contributed a lot in the branch portflio development up to this level..the problems are the other team members behave selfishly..they finish their department jobs & try to go home early..but i volunterly contribute to all dept works.. always i have to go late
( no overtime is allowed). one of the officer tries to put me in the cash counter..(normally cash counter is handled by the most junor in the branch)as he wants to put me under his control..all are behaving and talking like 100% selfish..please give me some advices to guide me the appropriate behavir with these guys.

From Sri Lanka, Kotte
This is the worst forum in the world that i have come across..nobody replies to the complcated issues..
From Sri Lanka, Kotte
Dear Pratapan,

For a person seeking help, one should have patience. Let me be frank and give you some advice. Long ago a Director of a famous institute had said "If you can't finish your work in the given time, you are either over-worked or inefficient. If it is the former, scream for help; and if it is the latter, do something about it yourself." If people finish their job and go home early, is it their fault? You have not said what else that they do that made you label them as "selfish"?

Another thing just because you have done an MBA does not mean you should not be given "counter work". It's only when we do the lowest job in any organisation that we will realise the importance of that work and also the difficulties faced by them.

Finally, let me ask you a few questions. When did you complete your MBA and how long have you worked in this organisation and in total? How long have other members been in the organisation? How long has the officer that put you in the counter worked for the organisation? What is his rank or seniority when compared to yours?

The questions that I have raised should indicate to you the reason why others may not have responded so far.

From United Kingdom
Instead of showing your frustration about not getting replies, you need to learn how to tackle the problem or behave like a mature person.

You said that you are an MBA and do you really think that you have earned the management skills and what Masters/Higher education develops the skills in someone. I agree with every single word of Mr Simhan above who have very nicely expressed the things and advised you.

But I seriously don’t like your second post and style that you have express here. And wish you’ll learn the same in your professional career which requires Education, Learning skills, PATIENCE, a different style & approaching skills and many more…..

I second Mr. Simhan would like to tell you that you must not care about other but to concentrate on your work. You need to learn the things as much as you can. It is appreciating that you have performed well in and this automatically says about your motivation and confidence about your work but now by showing your frustration that other are selfish or anything, you are not even doing good to yourself.

Why you are thinking about others and taking care of what they does or don’t instead of doing your work what you have been assigned. You have your work (KRA) and difference responsibilities and must not perform the work for others like you have mentioned above. Just do your work asked by your Boss.

This is life where at every step you will find these kinds of people and who will try to compete and beat you and this is the demand of time too, but you have to fight back and let them know what you can do to reach at top or your set targets of life instead of showing frustration or losing control.

Stop taking care about other and their work. Be a smart and active. Life is so selfish and people around has have become so selfish and you cant do anything with them except that you have to follow your rules.

[I can do everything what other can do and beat them in any way but would difficulty not go wrong against “MY” (My Honesty, My Sincerity, My Work, My Career, My Rules) and I don’t care about others but to MYSELF]

That’s what I believe and always motivate me to perform my work and to fight with these kind of thing and I would like to share with you here today”

From India, Gurgaon
Thank you for both Mr.AK Arora & Mr.Simhan for your responses for my frustrated queries.. first of all I have to apologize for my second post..I was frustrated because of the non responses.

Now I have realized the facts..Mr.Simhan, I have 3 years of experience in the organization & this is the first job after completing my BBA. The offficer counts 6 years. completed my MBA recently..there are 10 members in our branch.

I have already worked in the counter during my probation period & ready to work in any problem is I expect that others also must be committed like me..seriousely I'm saying that I'm 100% dedicated & committed and the organization survives in the area because of me only..i believe that the others wrongly percieve my each and every activity.

one more important issue is I'm from a lower caste community & I believe the others may have known that and continiousely irritating me by scolding the low caste customers in their back..I'm so frustrated..please guide me to behave in the organization..please seniors help me..

From Sri Lanka, Kotte
ok but first you need to compose yourself and dont think to much about these things..

Second thing is Mr Prathapan that you must not thinks or feel like that you are lower caste or anything. Even I dont believe that an educated person who is an MBA, is talking like an Villagers though, you actually dont know the reality behind it but just assuming the same.

So please clear you illusions first which is also a reason of that you got too much of irritated with the things are going on your around, and you need some time to recover from it I believe. I understand that the things you are experiencing and have seen is not good to you but it does really not mean that you lose yourself into this running wave. ok!!

If you know your work, are confident about it and skilled person, show them that you can beat the circumstances and treat them as your competitor.

"Critics and Competition need to take as a Motivator, booster, mentor to fightback."

Here are some tips that you need to adopt and I believe if you seriously wanna fight with your problem, and as you have expressed here above, need to promise yourself that you will be committed to them.

here we go...

-try taking things easily.

-dont treat anyone as your enemy or be good to them with whatever situation.

-concentrate on your work and the important thing is that you try to enjoy it. The more you will enjoy your work, more you'll found yourself busy in it which never allow you to think much about other things

-do not react on every things, every comment and dont take anything personally. Some time we feel that some people are talking about us or passing comments but actually that our mind and perception about them make us feel like that which never relates to reality

-do not think that you are lower cast and they are treating you badly because of it

-do not try to differentiate the things more easily bcz you are not in a situation to recognize good things these days and this can only bother you. More often people started differentiate the things and try to get what is good and what is wrong but actually this stated bothering and made the situation worse, so please dont do that

-do not do any work yourself without assigning by your Boss/Superiors (like you mentioned above that you did)

-do not expect anything from other. every individual thinks differently and you cant control them and their work. Your expectation from others and to yourself is your REAL ENEMIES actually. If you'd sincerely try to get it you'll find the same that your these two ENEMIES were always with you. (Thats you also have accepted)

-last one which you must keep in your mind always is that YOU ARE JUST AN EMPLOYEE and your company/organization is not yours. Do not think about your Organization/company but to your work.

From India, Gurgaon
Dear Pratapan,

Did you do your MBA while working, as you say that this is your first job after BBA and you have only 3 years experience.

You have hit the nail on the head. " problem is I expect that others also must be committed like me." It's your unmet expectations that's causing the problem. If your organisational bosses do not care, why do you unnecessarily get worked up. Please watch the following video and digest the contents.

Happiness is a creative force & bitterness is a distructive force @ Auckland 2009 - YouTube

It will help you to become less frustrated, like it has helped me.

You say "seriousely I'm saying that I'm 100% dedicated & committed and the organization survives in the area because of me only.." I can assure you no one is indespensible in any organisation. Take for example Barclays Bank. Both the Chairman and CEO have left; still the bank will survive.

Finally, you say " one more important issue is I'm from a lower caste community & I believe the others may have known that and continiousely irritating me by scolding the low caste customers in their back..I'm so frustrated.."

You label yourself as lower caste others may not know that; and even if they do, why should you care. It's your identification with the lower caste and reacting how they treat customers is the root cause. Suppose they scold 'upper caste" customers, would that be ok?

Rather than reacting to how people behave try and analyse the situation rationally and respond to the situation. Take a cue from how some people have responded to your query and not reacted to it.

Hope this "sermon" helps you.

From United Kingdom
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