Namaskar Vishal
But what are your fundaz on rejuvenation.
Is the spelling"busted" in"whenevr i read mr Jogeshwar mahanta's posts my stress getz busted....." correct as per your intention?

From India, Delhi
Dear Vishal
So you have no fundaz on rejuvenating/rejuvenation.Right?
Now let us come to fundaz on laughter:
1.Laughter is the best medicine.
2.Hundred laughs a day keep doctors away.
3.Provided that one laughs with others and not at others.
What about your funda on laughter? I think:Laugh alone at others.Am I right Vishal ji?

From India, Delhi
Hello Jogeshwar ji,
Rejuvenating means refreshing.
I meant that after reading the story, one feels refreshing that, the life contains so much things.
By the way, I did not understand a single thinh you posted in Hindi or Sanskrit.

From India, New Delhi
Namaskar sree ji.
Chambers dictionary gives the following meanings of "rejuvenate": make young again. restore to youthful condition or to activity.
The meaning of the Sanskrit Sutra quoted by me is:
4.bajrasamhanatwani=touhness like thunder bolt.
5.kaya sampat=wealth of body.
In case you do not know Hindi, I shall translate them into English.
In the meanwhile, if you are interested in the topic, please make a search of "rejuvenating"in the net. You will get 1650000 sites.

From India, Delhi
Hello Vishal ji ! Do I not deserve dakshina for the following?: "whenevr i read mr Jogeshwar mahanta’s posts my stress getz busted..... " Please arrange.LOL. regards
From India, Delhi
Namaskar friends.


1. Sage Chyavan, one of two sons of sage Bhrigu, was doing tapasya in his ashram. An ant hill had grown over his body.The king of that kingdom had come along with his force to hunt. His daughter of about 14 was also with him. In the ashram complex all were spread. Suddenly it happened that calls of nature of all humans as well as animals with them stopped. The king guessed that something untoward might have happened in the ashram. On enquiry it was found that the little daughter of the king saw the ant hill. From there throuh two little holes beam was coming out. Out of curiosity she took took a thorn pierced into the holes. Then blood came out. The king could know the wrath of the sage. So he prayed the sage and proposd to offer his daughter to the sage in marriage. Then everything was repaired.

While living as Chyavan's wife one day the princess was taking bath in a stream Ashwini Kumars were passing through the sky. Enchanted by the beauty of the girl, they landed infront of the girl and enquired her where abouts. She innocently revealed her identity. Then these fellows told her-You are so beautiful and what pleasure this old sage would be giving to you? Marry one of us and you will get immence pleasure. So she wanted to talk to her husband. The girl returned back with Chyavan. Then the Ashwini Kumars and Chyavan dipped in the stream water but when they came out of it all the three were looking alike. Then the Ashwini Kumars asked the girl to choose one of them as husband. In case she was not in a position to differentiate then she had the option to just think mentally. she exercised her option in favour of chyavan and chyavan by then was already rejuvenated.

next i will tell you the story of king Yayati how he was de-juvenated and then rejuvenated.


From India, Delhi
Namaskar friends.

2.Yayati, a common ancestor of lord Krishna and Arjun, had married to Devayani,the daughter of shukrachary, the guru of Danavas. Shrmistha, the princess was cursed to be dasi and had become a dasi of DEvayani.

While living as husband and wife one day Yayati and Devayani had gone to go around the garden where Sharmisth's palace was erected. Incidentally a child of Sharmistha ran unto Yayati, and saying "father! father!..." clung on his body. Devayani became furious by seeing this scene and left for her father. She narrated everything to her father and Shukracharya in turn became angry and cursed Yayati to become old and he became old.

Yayati then went to his father-in-law and pleaded Oh! father-in-law! your daughter is still young and I became old. So you have harmed to your daughter too.

Realising his mistake, then amended his curse-Any of your sons whosoever voluntarily will give his youth to you will become old and you will rejuvenate.

Devayani had four sons, first being Yadu. Yayati approached Yadu. He rfused. One by one all other sons of Devayani also refused. Then he went to Sharmistha's sons. The first was Puru and instantly he agreed to his father's request and Yayati rejuvenated and Puru became old.


From India, Delhi

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