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MY query is without warning letter can my senior send me home without asking any justification please revert
The base of this i had a fight with a girl staff because of sales she was a new joiniee i was just telling her what she done is wrong but i was little rude and i m working with my firm over 3years
From India, Mumbai

Kindly check your company policies, if your behavior with that lady is classified under "sexual harassment" then you can be terminated without notice and without explanation.
From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr. Anshoo Kapoor,
I wonder why your senior will send you home for being little rude with a female sale's staff. This matter need to be sorted out once for all. If you knew that she was wrong, there is a way for explaining things. In case, if you can't explain her in a easiest/simplest way, you could have updated your senior about her mistake and made her learn and unlearn procedures/process or whatever it is.
If you had realized your mistake, its better you apologize and ensure that it is not repeated again in the future.
Kindly don't take undue advantage of being with the same firm for the past 3years.
With profound regards
From India, Chennai
Hi Friend,
Please clarify the following;
* Whether the girl made any complaint against you to the Principal Employer?
* Fight Means Verbally or by Physical movement?
* Refer Sexual harrasment policies in your company standing order :
Please note that handle women employee's genuinenly. Because this policy is applicable to women, i.e., if women harrased by phsically or by sight or by any symbols and etc., it will be against to men.
Also beauty of this law, if men harrassed by women, this will not do anything against women.
From India, Madras
Dear Mr. Sanjeev,
Kindly consider my advice below.
You assumptions will definitely confuse all those member reading this thread. Kindly try to acquire more details/information before you post your comments. A verbal fight with a LADY arising due to xyz reason cannot be classified under SEXUAL HARASSMENT POLICY.
I hope you understood what i meant.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear Anshoo,

Going by your brief description we are not able to make out what went wrong. In the first place, legally speaking your so called senior don't have any power to send you out becauz he is not the appointing authority.. Legally other than the appointing authority no one has powers to do so. Friends have touched upon a sensitive subject of "sexual harassment to women in workplace" . I think everybody should understand the topic first and then discuss whether Anshoo is in this bracket or not. Please refer the attachment for some details about it.

I'm not sure whether you R covered under Fatories Act or Shops Act. But provisions under both are more or less similar.

Secondly had she complained against you, what picture she described about the incident which weighed more heavily in the whole episode ,that you have to talk to your senior or Mmt. to find out what went wrong. Most probably her part of story should have been very severe as it resulted in the marching orders to you.

If you consider yourself genuinely blameless, which could be supported by eye witnesses, you can fight it out. Otherwise choice is yours.

From India, Bangalore

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File Type: doc The Gender Sensitisation -Sexual Harassment to women.doc (58.5 KB, 423 views)

The very first thing what I dont understand is why you came with this thread tittle "RESEARCH WHY"

Are you here to resolve your query, to get answers of your question or to know what is right and wrong after what has happened with you, or you are here to make a research on this kind of issues.

"You are here to know what your senior has done with you is right or wrong and how can you proceed now to save your job" so you must have come with a similar subject/tittle not with RESEARCH WHY.

I hope next time you will take care of that and consider these things while choosing your Thread/Discussion Topics.

Second, I agree with Mr Khadir and Mr. Amit, this kind of issues can be sorted out easily without showing this unprofessional behavior what your employer/seniors has shown here in your case.

A warning letter of MISCONDUCT according to the general procedure could have been issued to you or any employee whoever found with this kind of act, but cant be terminated. But if found with this kind of act/behavior again under company/organization premises for two or more times even after issuing Warning Letter, can be terminated without further warning or notice, and in your case there is nothing like that, therefore, they certainly have done wrong with you.

And this is not a Sexual Harassment case, not at all.

One more thing, Mr/Ms Anshoo Kapoor, I would like to say here is that you must have control on yourself while talking to your Juniors as they are not just your juniors/trainee but new at the environment, and have no experienc and maturity at work like you have. Mistakes are expected by them as it is a learning time for them being a new one and just have joined you. And if they found with any mistake, it doesn't mean you have right to treat them like you have done. (You have accepted above.)

Even it is your duty to take these things wisely and let your trainees/juniors know how can they prevent making mistakes and you need to play a role of guide/mentor being a senior person.

Now back to your case, from how many days you are not continuing your services? and if they have not issued you any termination letter yet, you need to speak to them again and say sorry to your seniors even to the girl whom you have done this. The situation at the time of act, we all can understand what has impacted on your seniors but now the time has passed and you must visit them again. Im sure this will work for you and also you can set an example for others.

Do not make phone calls or speak to any one in your company but need to make direct visit and speak to your HR personnel first and later to your Senior/Boss/Supervisor
From India, Gurgaon
Hi, Everyone

thanks for replying but i have going to explain every thing , it was 12th may Sunday afternoon every body on the floor and sales really not happing in our company we have to attend costumer turn wise every other staff is on 0 till afternoon and my sales is around 44 thousand individual so my manager calls me and tell me just help others also so i just stared with girl and help her by attending her costumer and that costumer bought stuff for 17 thousand it means her turn was finished after couple of costumer walks in i was try to use my turn suddenly girl come between i thought she trying to help me so i step back those costumer bought around stuff of 6 thousand when i tried to punch the bill the girl staff snatch clothes from me and telling me in a rude way that this sale is mine i told her we talk later about this she not ready to listen so i just punch the bill and say thanks & sorry to costumer after costumer left the store i just hold girl hand and tell her lets discuss this out side after that my manager settle down the matter we all go home , Next morning when i open store my manager & regional manager comes to store and said me what you think about your self you should leave for home its been one week they dint ask for clarification then they ask me put my resignation and they take back the girl and hold my salary so i just put the resignation but i was so upset after giving more than 3yrs to company as a best employee get awarded couple of times as a star performer i don't no why he just taking it personal to my situation bcoz he appoint the girl staff and they goes out also very regular so please suggest
From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr. Anshoo Kapoor,
Why did you hold girl's hand? Was it necessary for you?
You were EMOTIONAL and it is not the RIGHT WAY to explain especially a FEMALE because it is NOT ACCEPTABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES because of our CULTURE.
Love your job but not the company. Learn to live in the world of CUT THROAT COMPETITION and never think of doing good just to prove yourself good. The proverb "DO GOOD BE GOOD" doesn't support this generation because of various reasons.
When an organisation failed to recognize your talent and your achievements, there is no use in offering your services to them. Move ahead in your life and search for a better job.
Do not repeat this mistake in your life and thank god for not being mistaken by the lady for holding her hand otherwise, the situation would have been worst for you.
Good luck.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear Anshoo, I agree with the points mentioned by Mr. Shaik. Also, work out on your behaviour and don’t react like this in future ever. Take it as a learning and move on. Good luck!!
From India, Delhi
Dear (Mr.) Anshoo,
Yes, as I suspected the picture is opening up. Anshoo indeed had physical contact with a lady colleague (holding her hand) and it definitely has been projected as sexual harassment. Anshoo has no case despite whatever defense he would have had legally. I'm sorry for him. Better luck next time pal.
From India, Bangalore
Dear Anshoo,
Sorry to hear about your plight. However these things happen. Your statement "..bcoz he appoint the girl staff and they goes out also very regular .." seems to imply that the manager and the new appointee are familiar and meet regularly. Let me narrate a case in a American firm where a Vice President was relieved of his postion after he had worked like anything and had received Excellent appraisals. Later, his job was given to a lady with whom his bosses boss was having affairs.
I take this opportunity to appeal to bloggers that we should give all the information at the outset, to avoid unnecessary discussions with half knowledge of the scenario.
From United Kingdom
Hi, Please talk to you senior person first and understand the matter, before reacting on it. Regards, Alm.
From India, Mumbai
Dear Anshoo Kapoor, Are u working in spencers retail, which region. If you are in south region i can help you. Rgds JAAK
From India, Karur
Hello Anshoo Kapoor,

You didn't answer Anil Arora's query about why you chose the Subject as "RESEARCH WHY".

Based on what you mentioned in detail, you obviously did a mistake in 'holding her hand(s)'. Like Jana mentioned, such acts can be very easily misconstrued/misunderstood/manipulated to imply sexual harassment, even though that may not have been your intention at all.

You mention that '.....girl staff did (not?) put any complaints......'. On many such occasions, complaints are NOT in written form. So how can you be so sure that she didn't complain? Obviously she did--else the response/reaction & the subsequent action of the manager the next morning would not be what it was. For all you know, she may be well-connected & the manager preferred her over you for that very reason--you know in India how such 'small' things matter a lot.

Coming to another aspect of the whole situation, your manager sent you to 'help others'. Which means that maybe he was trying to groom you as a Team Lead? And since you tried to prevent the girl to take credit for the sale of 6,000, she COULD have complained verbally to the manager that you were sent to help her, but you attempted to take the credit for HER sale--which, again, COULD have given an impression to the manager that you took advantage of what he instructed you? Does it sound possible?

Also, look @ it this way: does the 6,000 sale make a lot of difference for you--after the stage you reached in your career?

Yet another way you COULD have handled the situation: instead of objecting when the girl snatches the clothes, you could have allowed her to punch the bill & waited for the customer to leave, before taking the matter to the manager & telling the girl the right way to behave--if both you & your manager think she has done wrong.

The very fact that YOU think that she behaved 'rudely' is a proof that she is immature & needs to be corrected, but the 'how' & 'when' is what finally matters. But you too, frankly, didn't behave like a Team Lead/Senior should have.

Coming to 'what next'? Since you mentioned that you got quite a few Awards too for your work here, just look for other jobs--you can definitely get one easily. Except that select those where Reference checks of the current employer aren't there. Else, you know what can happen--unless you make peace with your manager or regional manager, whoever has to give the Reference when the time comes.

And 'learn' from the mistake.

All the Best.


From India, Hyderabad
Dear Anshoo,
Keep your hands clean always, bcoz nobody will stand behind you in this type of scenario. Try to avoid personal intimecy with your subordinates. Just love your work.
Wish you All the Best...........
From India, Calcutta
I wonder what this word 'Costumer' means ! Is it a combination of Consumer Plus Customer.... One more new word to English Dictitionary...
From India
Dear Mr. Arora,
Please remember, while my typing can be classified under typographical error, 'Costumer' occurs not once but umpteen times. I type at almost 80 words per minute and hence typos can occur. If knowingly you type a word, repeatedly, I dont think you call it a typographical error...!!!!!!!
Best wishes.
From India
iam samatha i have a doubt please help me, recently i got a job in a consultancy, they gave "relationship executive" designation to me. i want to know that this designation is relevant to my job or not?
From India, Hyderabad
Hello Kapoor,
Your senior can send you home without asking for the justifications from you. That may be a temporary situation handling mechanism used to avoid the unwanted consequences.
Secondly, it appears that it may not fall under any harassment related act, but it may be the advice from all that any one need to have control over their emotions at work place....
Thirdly, there is lot of difference between sending you home and suspending or termination. Hope it is not the latter either of two......
you may have a talk with your senior to settle down with these small matters, and in case of any complaint from a girl against you demands justification from you also you may call for witnesses.......
So nothing to worry much about it, so far you if have maintained your decorum at your work place......
So, instead of making it an issue, call a moment and amicable settle that off without dragging the matters......
Have a nice time.........
From India, Bangalore
Hi All,

My own ADVISE to all after my observation and gathering of information in several companies, happenings of this nature,

is that "Male staff members at any cost should be extra careful with lady staff in any company while dealing with them in Office.I do not want cite any cases I know of, but this is the only advice I can give to male staff members" Any moment anything may happen and the entire event may be wrongly or completely misinterpreted or extra fittings will be added. Always remember "Prevention is powerful than cure" Let this Ashoo's case be an eye opener. Sometimes "one minute happiness will give you later hours of misery"Let your communication be always be positive, polite and purposeful. If anything goes wrong with a lady staff or she doesn't listen to you, always refer the matter to your higher authorities, let them take their own decision. And even when the decision is adverse to you, please accept it gracefully.Only time will tell you who is right or wrong. God is a great leveler and certainly you will have your day. I FULLY ENDORSE S. KHDIR'S STATEMENT.

Kapil Dev, for example, who brought first World Cup to India in cricket was accused of taking a bribe of Rs.25 lakhs to fix a cricket match.This allegations was made by a past President of BCCI! While giving an interview to BBC,Kapil Dev literally wept and cried before the camera and said he was innocent. I was one of those who was moved by that scene. Subsequently, it was proved he was not involved in match fixing and the person who accused was sent to jail!

It was again Kapil Dev, who started ICL, with the noble intention of helping cricket players, who could not get chance to play for India and had no means of livelihood. Subsequently. BCCI threatened the players of ICL to quit it and started IPL, which has become a great success. But it was Kapil Dev's idea that was borrowed by BCCI! Very recently,all the past players were given huge amount of money except Kapil! I personally feel, this great cricketer, who also got the "Best cricketer of the Century" award bu Wisden Cricket Club of England, (Of all the cricket players who played for 100 years, Kapil was considered as the best player both on the and off the field by the judges) would be suitably rewarded by God, putting BCCI into shame.

So have faith in you, let your communication be straight forward, polite and positive. Always keep a distance from lady staff in Office as a matter of abundant precaution.

From India, Bangalore
you seem to be a pioneer of such experiences, aren't you?? Mr. Subramanyam!! Hhe hhe ... ha ha ha ha....... but please mind they are only the exceptions no matter whether male or female, colours may be different but the painting will be the same.......... so never generalise such issues........
Have a nice time............
From India, Bangalore
Hey Anshoo, As a senior u thought it is ur right to be rude to ur subordinates??????????? Whats wrong if ur superiors also thought in ur lines n used their might? Think it over buddy.
From India, Jamnagar

It appears you are inexperienced and have had no occasion to experience such unpleasant things in life. But my statement is based on experiences of many people whom I have contacted and observed in my life. That is why I recount such incidence and write here. But you have to start observing people and situations keenly and try to learn something from such events. Your intellect will also sharpen.

I have seen my friend - a VP in a prestigious company- had to be sacked (very recently 8 months ago) because he just made a suggestion to one of his lady staff about her dress, that too in private. It was a sane advice to a daughter from a father like person. But she spread and made a mountain of a mole. Ultimately the boss was asked to leave!!

That your letter is sarcastically worded shows that your emotional intelligence is low. Please experience life in much bigger way and read my letter again. Wisdom may dawn on you. IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO FEEL ONE'S WAY VERY CAUTIOUSLY IN LIFE.

From India, Bangalore
Greetings of the day
So far Mr Anshoo has received many answers/responses by many experienced person and our seniors which I believe are enough to mend the ways for him. Now it is important to have any response from the one who allowed us to discuss this concern/problem but as i have noticed he has lost or dont wanna reply, therefore, I request him to respond once.
Have a great day ahead
From India, Gurgaon
Hi Anil,
Thanks for the support. I would like BSSV to read about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, World bank President Paul Wolfowitz and his girlfriend Shaha Ali Ritz, etc who lost their jobs/positions because of ladies!!
In India we read in papers about Sri. N.D.Tiwari being asked to give blood samples under the direction of the Court. Then there were allegations about Sri. Abhishek Manu Singhvi. There are many such incidents happening in India and World and I do not want to mention about them for obvious reasons.
But there is sufficient opportunity for us to learn from these. We can learn and increase our knowledge from these provided our mind antenna is kept always wide open.


From India, Bangalore
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