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Dear Vivek, Just wanna give you a thumbs up for your upcoming edition of the book... Amber
From India
some more reasons are :- 1.Organizational Politics created from the Top Most Level of the Management. 2. "Divide and Rule theory " use by almost all the department at all the levels.
From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr. Vivek,
I fully concur with what Shriya has explained. Also, please consider this:
Are most of us not looking for some kind of a reward, be it intrinsic or extrinsic....? In general, our attitude towards most of the things and tasks is of "What's In It For Me ?"
It is one of the most powerful statements that drive us towards any work or activity. We may not ask it openly, but most often our thought-process is controlled by this - "What's in it for me ?"
If a manager is able to provide his staff-members an orientation that answers this question, many of the motivational issues at work could be solved.
Good Luck for your book!

From United States, Cary
Putting ourselves in all stakeholder's shoes, one after the other, I believe Shriya Ji's comment above has broached the maximum and multiple factors angle that can come into play on why things are (were different) what they are (than what was expected)!

The finalization of any one's stand/side to be truth will be true indeed only when the that state is faced by those players involved on a repetitive basis. Eg. If employee is consider less loyal/productive/etc, is it one off situation? or if Employer is deceiving/too demanding/etc, was that a one off situation.......

Over time, as we get used to a work, we probably need more that what is offered or more than what we are able to do. It can the same work to be done more easily or with assistants to be then able to scale over to next higher ladder. Similarly, with employees expecting better/higher CTC year on year, the Employer too would expect that the results produced is more than earlier, tasks /time /resources have been reduced drastically by our contributions, etc.......easier way out by the players seems to be: jump the company for increased CTC or terminate the contract once core results are obtained!!!! Yet, it is heartening to see lot of company forging a strong bond that has lasted for several years...joined just after teenage and will be retiring from the same company with contribution to the company and sincere appreciate and rewards in return! Anyone still having complains...look inwards first, check for repetitive situation before assessing the opp party to be at fault. Finding new employee is just as much riskier, futile or beneficial as much as finding new company. to the horse!

From India, Madras
Dear Vivek,
On a lighter node, first we need to ensure that horses' are not doing donkey's work.
I think one of the reasons could be lack of trust between the employees and employers.Once trust prevails all other things falls in place. Right people in the right job will have better job satisfaction which will act as driving force to keep them motivated.
Thanks for starting such interesting topic!

From India, Hyderabad
Very good topic for discussions. Let us continue other useful topics like this. With regards v.subbarao
From India, Madras

Garima Thanks,You are right,and I feel that we Hr have the responsibility to create awarness through training and career counciling assure employees that they have a definite and golden future provided they give their 100% and our management appriciates that.

Shriya is right and I appriciate the explaination.Broadly observed by me, I feel that all the waters should be so created and served that horses must feel like to have it ever and for ever.Unfortunately Bussiness areana doesn't have this feeling due shrewed bussiness practices.

We all have bussiness goals alined with that of organisations and do come across unjust and unethical practices,but we as hr fail to ensure that only ethical practices,best practices and the next creative practices are only to be enculcated in the organisation even if the top management/owners are reluctant.

Why decisive employees including the managers in the category fail - The Answer is Paapi Pet ka sawal hai Ya Phir Paapi Career ka sawal hai.

HR- Human resource has probably lost that ""human""among us. So Let us appriciate and be proud that We are people for people and will pave the path for the goodwill and good cause.

As this quote From Mr. Deepak Parekh


"You can't

manufacture culture. Culture builds

in an organisation over a period of

time. And the tone at the top must be integrity and value systems."



From India, Vadodara
Seniors have provided information very well.

Though I would like to add a few more quotations:

"Keechad mein se kamal khilta hai"

"A rose grows amongst thorns"

Explaination: In today's world, people have somewhere lost the patience and interest in their works, life, (as per quotations above). They are no longer as passionate about their roles as they were a generation ago. (However, there are a few exceptions to this rule as well but I will not be dwelling into those here. In other words, there is a great personal & professional imbalance.

This has to be blamed more on how a person has been brought up. Since, their childhood, people have been compared with / against peers, cousins, etc. Value for money has replaced value for family time. Cut-throat competition has created an atmosphere where people are more over-worked and paid less. It further does not help if lazy people are promoted / recognised for taking a hard-working, honest and sincere person's work.

Everybody is more focused on how to achieve more via the short-cut method, be it the bosses, collegues, management, etc. -mostly "not comprising on anything" style.

In the end, we are having more frustrated and lost souls out there than we had a generation ago. There is a great paradigm shift in the lifestyles of people since the last 20 years or so.

I think that everything combined with - all the suggestions from the seniors above - have created a very negative and biased work environment in which an individual just has not much choice than to "go with the flow".

I believe that we are all responsible for creating a stress-free and comfortable work environment. The top management and HR can only do so much as to lead the way. But its upto an individual's (with great emphasis on the word) to determine his / her goals' in life and how to go about achieving them.

Hence, the proverb: "You can bring a horse to the pond, but cannot make it drink water without its will".

From India, Ahmadabad
Hi Vivek,

The answser to your question is simple- you can predict what would be the weather ten years hence correctly, but you cannot predict how will a human being will behave next second! Human beings are unpredictable. Take what is happening in political circles. The Samajvadi Party led By Mulayam Singh and the Indian Natioinal Congress fought AGAINST EACH OTHER in the state elections recently. They were fighting one against. Now SP is extending support to INC! Mayawati lost the election but now supports Congress after her defeat in the elections! Yediyurappa chose Sadananda Gowda to be his successor but now he wants him to be removed! I do not want give such examples for obvious reasons. Hence it is very difficult to know what will satisfy a person in future.

The best way to motivate a person, at least it appears to me, is to lead by example. Mahatma Gandhi is one shining example of this. When I visited Sabaramathi Ashram near Ahmedabad a few years ago, there are inmates who still write today 20 letters by hand! They wash their own clothes even today. When asked, they say Bapu was doing this when he was here and we have imbibed this from him and continue to do this. Dr. DV Gundappa started an institute called Gokhale Institute Public Affairs in Bangalore, where even today IAS (Retired) people come write address on postal envolepe and so many free voluntary services because of the statur of Padma Bhushan DVG. It is very difficult to motivate a person in the present day world and the best way to motivate a person is to do your duty silently without any expecatations. Either someone in the Office or in house either sons or daughters will imbibe these qualities and at lease one or two will follow those practices. Some will realise early in life, for some realisation comes late in life. If you deeply analyse, the greatest drawback is that we don't have quality leaders to guide and lead us! The likes of Gandhi, Nehru, Rajaji., Patel, are difficult to find now. We really lookforward to outstanding leaders like Narayana Murthy, who created a world class organisastion called Infosys. Gita Piramal ih her book "Smart Leadership" mentions that to get a licence to his office, the corporation authorties said it would cost Rs. 15 lakhs, but they he can get it easily 'out-of-turn' if he gave a bribe of Rs. 5 lakhs. But Narayana Murthy did not agree and followed the rules and gave Rs. 15 lakhs to the corporatiion and waited to get a licence. It is very difficult to get a leader like him. But how can one good person can bring about a change when the people around him are crooked and dishonest?

The best way is to have patience inside your heart, continue to do good things/work don't expect anything from anybody. If we do this at least one or two will take a cue from him and follow. Anna Hazare is another example of a good leader who has transformed his village. But he is being pushed down by the people who have power! Unless people are enllightened and they don't succum to immediate gratification, this state of affairs will continue. One should have infinite patience inside and try to educate and set an example for others to carry on from you.


From India, Bangalore
Make hi thirsty.Need to develop zeal of working into an individual, This can be by providing better atmoshpere,better salary and social security
From India, Jaipur

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