Dear Senoirs,
I am a student pursuing my MBA in Human Resources and currently in my second year. I have uccesfully completed my Engg in IT and work with a frim as Marketing executive.
My final year placements are about to start. The problem that i am facing is me shift of areas while answering the questions during interview. The interviwer ask me why there no planning and aim in your career. Please help me to know how can i turn this weak point in a positive point during interview.

From India, Mumbai
Hi Dude,
I will give a simple tips to over come such circumstances.
1.Tell them the career is started when i got selected with your firm then my planning also be grow.
1.Look the eyes of interviewer, it shows your confidence.
2.Read the newspaper daily for updates .it improve your skills & language.
3.Go through the company profile before the interview.
4.Look others and make a confidence your self because when your nervous / afried you will forget all what you have to say infront.
5.Better you go through sick interview questions.

From India, Bangalore
Dear Ritu Singh

You are an engineer in I.T.You worked as a Marketing Executive. Now you are pursuing MBA in HR.Very contrasting. Naturally, any selector is immediately drawn to this contrasting choices. But, you need not panic.Your choices may be contrasting but not contradicting. It is not necessary that only matching clours(same colours) show a dress sense but an outfit of contrasting colours make it more attractive and striking to make one stand out. Similarly, an academic back ground in engineering and mangement with a sprinkling of marketing experience can in fact provide you an edge over others, if you cleverly mix all the three spicy ingredients to brew a heady curry to be offered on a platter to the interview panel. You only can cook the heady mix. We are only the helpers in the kitchen.

You need to ask yourself few questions like --.

1) Why you did not want to pursue a career in I.T software.Is it that you do not like sedentary job?

2) Why you chose marketing which may involve field work. Is it that you do love out-door job and mixing with people?

3) If so, why you have chosen HR instead of MBA in marketing? Is it because of peer pressure? or Is it because you are socially sensitive so that you love working on human development issues?

Thereafter think as to how to establish a connecting link between all the three areas.Supposing the company that is hiring you is incidentally an IT company, you can say that your knowldge in IT engineering will help you in selecting a right candidate that can fit into a specific job profile. Similarly, your marketing experience will enable to look for what kind of skills required of a candidate for sales job.further your knowledge in IT engineering an dmarketing will help you in identifying training needs and designing training programmes etc. You need to think about such connections.

There will be some reason behind all these choices you made.You need to honestly explore the answers. It will give you the clue as to how to positively present this contarsting career choices because your reply shall be positive at the same time reflect honesty. If you spin some stories, the panel can see through it. No panel likes window dressing.They like an honest candiadte who has potential.So do not get unusually worried.

So what you need to focus on is on your potential by dispalying sound knowledge in the areas you have studied.

1)Therefore be prepared to answer some question on the subject relating to IT, software technology, latest developments

2) What was your role as marketing executive. what product you have marketed, what problems you have encountered and how you have solved and who is your marketing guru and why you liked him etc.

3) prepare questions on I.T related HR problems like working hours, women employees and what acts are applicable to software industry or there any exemptions for it?


HR & Labour Law advisor



From India, Mumbai
Thank you so much Mr. A K S and Mr. Saikumar.
That was really helping and also very informative.
Now i really know what i have to do and how to prepare myself for future endeavors.
Thank you once again.

From India, Mumbai
sai kumar has shared plenty of good thoughts on your issue..
engineering is not an issue, a sizeable % of engineers are employed as sales / hr/ admin staff
if we take the trends in education too, plenty of engg grads move on to mba...
you are working in mktg..if you enjoy the job why leave it..
the question comes in why dint u pick a entry level job in HR.. jobs at entry level in recruitment agencies/ payroll/ support staff or admin are not difficult to come by.

From India, Delhi

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