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Dear All,
i have face a problem regarding employee absconding. last week one of my employee going to be an abscond and main thing is she is a female employee, when the salary is done from next day she is not comming, for this problem 1 week is over..
so kindly suggest resolution for this problem and it is the second case in the company and i want stop forever..
so please suggest/ guide me proper way for the rsolving this problem.
Chetan Thorat
HR Executive
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Dear Chetan

Why is there a specific comment as :

How does female employee absconding be any different from male employee ?


To avoid such cases of absconding there is no foolproof solution, but a proactive approach and involvement with the employee through formal and informal channels shall be helpful to reduce such cases. To address this issue of absconding, your management has to have a review of entire organizational culture, supervisor-subordinate relationship, communication policy and office environment. Create / promote / encourage communication from employees to HR department.

Strategy wise, withhold incentive pay out to quarterly or half yearly basis, in order to retain employees to predictable period. Even after a good office environment, friendly work culture and promising opportunity. Those employees resort to restless job hopping or careless attitude towards work culture by absconding at fancy are good riddance to bad rubbish.
Dear Chetan

Mr. hussain is very much right in his approach..You should also check that employees should feel safe working environment.

Mentioning some points keep in mind for betterment.

*nobody shud feel job insecurity.

*nobody should be underpaid.specially do not offer less salary to people those who are in need of job at the point of hiring.

*people shud not suffer from politics

*These days generally girls are suffering with there bosses bad behavior it cud b any type of harassment like abusive language, mental toucher,useless work pressure(whether work is there or not or less work) etc. also see whether manager is feeling insure becoz of his/ her junior great performance.manager can also feel job insecurity and in this scenario manager will not let junior do ther work properly.this will effect employee mentally and they will leave the organisation without informing anybody.

*every quarterly pls distribute some forms in which employees can share their problem pertaining to job,manager salary issues etc etc.ask employees need not to sign the form and put in a box. pls keep box at a safe place where people can not see or may be in HR dept.

*you will get to know what exactly employees are suffering with.


priyanka jain
Dear Hussain/ Priyanka,
Thanks for suggesting the way for resolving solution,
will you please provide your mail ID so i can do direct contact with both of us..because i want discuss lots issues which are very importnat for HR profession.
Dear All,

This problem of absconding from work should be dealt at the time of joining of employee through communication. During the induction it should be made very clearly to the new joinee/joinees that if the employee does not report to job within a week and wihout a valid explanation to the immedidate Reporting Manager/HRD it will be assumed that he /she has left the job. Also actions which will taken against such employee should be made it clearly.

You can mention the same in the Appointment Letter so that it will be accepted and binding on the employee.

The above enables the employee know what action will be taken against him / her and since it will be accepted it can be used in the court of law if required.

Further, if the employee does not return within a week and without providing a proper explanation, you can send him a notice to provide an explanation . Further a Reminder Notice and then a Final Notice of Termination if required.

This is an area where we have to follow be strict in order to curb the issue and ensure that other employees dont follow it and also there should be stress on fact finding. In few cases , we can also go for Employee Counselling.


Hi Chetan & Priyanka
I can be reached at
Hi All, I’m MBA (HR) recently have joined as HR manager in a company... Thanks for sharing ur experiences... Will help me a lot... Thnks & Regards, Ms.Snehal
Dear Snehal, will u please provide ur mail id...for any future problem i can discussed wtih u regards, chetan
hi friends
The main reason of leaving the job without information is employee are not getting the fruitful system and positive environment within the organization and may be they have some bed feelings for organization .So its must that improve the environment and get solution.
Dear Rawat, will u please tell me the way to improve the environment of the organization and increasing positiveness about the work.. Regards, Chetan Thorat
Hi dear Chetan, Hussain, Priyanka, Sumit
I am working in a API manufacturing company and we also face such problems over here. generally we follow the same procedure as mentioned above by Mr. Sumit. I agree with him that the HR should include a separate clause in the appointment letter for this very purpose. With this clause the employee will be bind to the terms and he/she will think twice before going on leave without approval / information.
Mayank Joshi
This is funny indeed. Are we saying that all industries are similar and face similar problems ?? Guys it's about time we start relating ourselves to the industry we belong to. The global GYAAN does not work anymore and honestly I fail to see standardization anywhere !! First let's start a root cause analysis and ask -

1. Chetan, what industry do you belong to ?

2. What were the causes that you can think of ?

3. What does your HR policy say (regarding ABSCONDING employees) ?

4. Did you follow up ? Till what extent ?

5. Was there a contract signed ?

How seriously does her action impact the organization ? Did the HR set expectations well ??

Look without any further gyaan let me explain thetruth - real time, ATTRITION (voluntary / involuntary) is a natural process and cannot be eradicated.

The best way to reduce it is to create a BRAND LOYALTY amongst your employees. So during induction, please ensure a proper expectation is set with the new hire, ensure that the support of the mentor and the support staff is actually followed the way it was explained during induction.

Cheerio !!
talking about maintaining positivity is all GYAAN and NO PYAAS !! Let's admit it. Policies are made to ensure smoothness and not create friction. Your organization is not made of concrete procedures, beautiful ambience or even a classy interior set. It's made of you, you and your colleagues. Now, that's true HR.
Cheerio !!
In a similar case, about 15-18 years ago, what we did was we first enquired about his whereabouts from his colleagues in the Office.When nothing substantial came up, we contacted the absconder's family members. They also did not know where he was! They(family members) lodged a police complaint. After waiting for some time we served an official notice asking the absconding employee to report to duty immediately. Even after two weeks there was no reply. Family members also did not know where he is. Then we were forced to given notice through two newspapers -one in vernacular language and another in English language- which have largest circulation in that district. But even to this, there was no response. After waiting for six months and lodging police complaint, then informing the family members, company was forced to remove him from the rolls.
Till today his whereabouts are not known, not even to his family members, who were inconsolable!
i have face a problem regarding employee absconding.

Every company has this issue. It is not only in your company.

Last week one of my employee going to be an abscond and main thing is she is a female employee,

What is the big deal in gender, based on the way you have mentioned, it is understood that you are very much aware that the employee will stop coming.

When the salary is done from next day she is not coming, for this problem 1 week is over..

Of course, she has worked for the month. Might be if she resigns, you will not relieve her or you will not pay her salary, so she waited for the salary to be credited.

So kindly suggest resolution for this problem and it is the second case in the company and i want stop forever..

- Pls answer the following

o What made the first person to abscond

o What analysis you have done to understand the reason

o If you understood the reason, what are the corrective measures

o What is the reason for the second issue.

o Please analyze all these factors; you will be able to get a solution.

so please suggest/ guide me proper way for the resolving this problem.
Dear All
In this contaxt, we can say that no one can read one's (absconder's) mind that what he/she wants to do by this act ? One example: few years ago our one Officer absconded, we found that he borrowed huge money from the company, colleagues and his neighbours also, and absconded. Like this one, so many reasons can be behind such type of behaviour. Than what should HR do in this regard.
Mayank Joshi
One more point I would like to add over here as a reason for absconding from job is lack of job satisfaction due to job profile,non co operation from team and seniors,excess humilation .
It is all attitudinal problem and nothing more. whatever HR policies you implement, whatever systems you bring in, it is a matter of individual's mindset. I have seen in my 24 years HR experience, the employees are always calculative. Before they could take such decision, they calculate themselves If they absond, what would be pros and cons. If there is no much big loss they are going to suffer, they take decision. they wait for their salary to be deposited; they would have collected their annual LTA, education allowance etc, before the salary itself (as usual every year).

Now, tell me how are you going to collect their notice period dues (may be one month or three months). You cannot touch their PF and Grtuity claims. If you do not pay, they know how to collect it from you.

Whereas, you (employer) have no option. You can say, you will write to the employer about the candidate and tell them this employee has not been properly RELIEVED. I know there were certain companies did not even bother to insist their relieving order. In some cases, these people go abroad. Unless there is criminal case or something, issuing visa is not a problem. Manpower is in huge demand today.

I read in the newsper "The Hindu" recently, candidates having "arrers" in their exam is not a barrier for them for job. This means, the employer is ready to hire even those candidates.

What I am trying to communicate is that people become "self centred". If they are offered a few more thousand rupees there, they do not mind kicking you and joining them.

Someone here said that "analyse whether you are paying good salary", etc. I do not believe in this. You (employer or MD) do business. there are overheads. He can fix salary depending upon the position and the jobs that individual performs. You cannot lavishly be spending money and keep increasing their salary without seeing your overheads.

In my company also attrition takes place. I know our competitors' salary more than what we pay. It does not mean that I need to match their salary. I know our company's strength which I always capitalize. Employees keen in ONLY MONEY will always do this kind act, whatever you do.

Conclusion is that, protect the interest of the company by sending formal communication to such employees and show real interest to have them back. If they still did not respond to your letter(s), leave them, let them go.

Dear Chetan,

First of all let me share one experience with you.

Once one of my client asked me to draft and issue a warning letter to one of its employee who was reportedly absconding with some cash of its customer and some other company property and even his phone was switched off since then. I due to dont know what feeling requested them to first send a letter on company letterhead to the current and permanent address of that employee that we (company) are worried about your health as you have not reported to work for last few days with out intimation to anybody. Please inform us about your well being as we are worried within 7 days through any mean possible.

After 2 days i got the response from that Client that the father of that employee called and with very heavy voice he informed them that his son died in an accident the same day while returning from the work leaving behind 3 month old baby boy and a wife to whom he got married 1.5 years later. His father also told them that he told him before dying to get all the company property safely to the company and they were very touched by receiving that letter from company and thanked the Client to show that kind of sensitivity towards the employee.

This incident shook both me and Client and since then i suggest the following course of action to every Client in case of absconding of any Employee.

1. Issue a letter asking for the well being of the employee of if possible try to certain by any means possible if there is any mishappening with him or the family.

2. Then after either giving reasonable opportunity to inform about any unwarranted incident or getting certain about that there is no such incident happened issue a warning letter stating the time period of non reporting and asking him to report immediately otherwise it will be presumed that you are no longer interested in the services of the company.

3. Thereafter if he does not reports for the duties another warning letter is issued by giving him 7 days to show cause as to why not his services should not be terminated. Thereafter after giving him proper opportunity to defend himself, the company may decide after considering his explanation if the same is proper or improper and take action accordingly. Please note that a cc of all the warning letter should be marked to the local labour commissioner, it help to prove your bonafide intentions.

but the crux of all of it is that do not presume that employee has absconded without reasonable reason though at whatever time the employee started to absent himself. Something bad can happen to anyone at anytime.

Please feel free to contact me in case of any elaboration on any aspect.
Dear All,

Retention is a challenge for every companies. Apart from compensation and benefits, HRD have to ensure that every small and big time employees are eligible for 'piece of mind' at work. After the need-analysis of a new entrant, educate him/her about the real facets of the company.
Technically there are many HR initiatives as mentioned above by our friends.
In addition, consider your Organization as a brand and the new employee as a new customer. So, a clear notion has to be communicated to the employee during the deed of joining which would prevent the unexpected cracks happening between the organization and the employee.
Ambareesh YMC,
HR Executive,
RPSG Group, Bangalore.

Cases of absconding is the problem which is attributed mainly to Job satisfaction,Organisational comitment, and Personel behavour and work culture.
Many HRs feel that merely Following procedures,Processes on recruitment, induction training and compensations would be enough for Employees to retain them in organisation.
I feel that the employees be scrutinized to know about the facts given above.
Thanks and regards
Dear Chetan Thorat
Whatever Priyanka jain written is very correct & keep it in the mind.Apart from this, You have to give counselling to female employees and try to bring out grievances & solve it.
With regards,
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