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We are MBA students from a B School in coimbatore.We are doing final year.our final exams are going to start by next week.
We didn't have any campus placements at all. Now the placement officer is asking us to submit offer letters and then to get hall ticket for the exam,if we fail to submit offer letter we will not get hall tickets it seems. we informed that we are still searching for the job and haven't got the offer letter till now. But the placement officer is saying even if you dont join in a company, atleast just get the offer letter alone...
We want to know whether any company will give offer letter if we just go and ask?
we would be grateful if you senior members could give some suggestions to deal with this problem we are facing?
10th May 2012 From India, Bangalore
Hi Ajay,
First of all as a placement officer, he is responsible to get the companies into colleges for campus drives. Next, no company will give you offer letter if you go and ask.
You can get it from fake consultancies and that is of no use for your candidature.
10th May 2012 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Ajay,
Your placement officer and your colleges management do not have any right to stop you from appearing in the exam in absence of offer letter.
It is the duty of placement officer to arrange campus placement and get you job. He is being paid salary for placing the candidates in various company. You tell him to do his duty properly.
If they do not listen then join with your other friends and talk to management of college. If they also do not listen then complain in Police, advertise in news paper etc. No student will take admission in their college Next year.
Manjay Sharma
10th May 2012 From India, Delhi
From your statement, the placement officer seems to be mentally disordered person. No such conditions for issuing hall tickets. Offer letters are not commodities which can be purchased from market at any time.
10th May 2012 From India, Lucknow
echoing manjay. get your parents and other students involved. the placement officer and college have everything to lose..
10th May 2012 From India, Delhi
This post, by our classmate, is the handiwork of a demented mind and needs to be taken with a sackful of salt. The basic allegation that he has made here is a blatant lie and a misrepresentation of facts. The few students like him who did not secure a placement were told to give a note explaining what steps they were taking to get placed on their own. This was done solely to see if the institution could help them in any way towards finding employment. They were advised to submit that note while they came to take the Hall Tickets. Students like me, who have been placed in reputed firms,

(thanks to our institution and the genial placement officer) were told to submit our offer letters at the same time, and we gladly did the same. There was no threat of any kind involved.

At a time when the nation's economy is in a sharp downturn, and companies are downsizing and cutting costs, our institution tried its best and helped 80% of us to get placed in fairly reputed companies. At times I think we students are forgetting that colleges are places where they impart knowledge. They are not placement agencies, who are obliged by law to provide employment to each student. The placement officer is a mere coordinator who facilitates the institution, students and the companies to make the best of the opportunities available in a growing economy. Candidates with negative attitudes would not be welcome in any company / industry regardless of the placement officer, the institution or his academic proficiency.

This particular guy has been whining all year round because he did not take any of the opportunities seriously and hence could not get placed purely because of his negative attitude and incompetence. There were instances when he was found sobbing on his mentor's shoulder like a primary school kid. Last month the moron tried to instigate all of us with a group mail to revolt against the management for some silly reasons that he had cooked up on his own. We laughed it off.

We, all his classmates, feel sorry for this guy and his juvenile attempts at getting some attention. But we are really appalled by his attempts to tarnish the image of kind people like our placement officer, who is merely executing the orders of the management and following the policies laid down by them.

This guy needs help. He needs counseling and he needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Before it's too late.
12th May 2012 From India, Coimbatore
Request to members,
Post the facts for proper opinions. Refrain from distorted or half baked information which will result in misguidance. This particular thread opened by a member is countered by none other than his class mate which is an eye opener as to how some members are misusing this forum.
12th May 2012 From India, Lucknow

I wonder about your identity. You can see we all disclose our identity and you are hiding yourself. I think you are not his classmate. Your language and tone is clear that you are not his classmate.

How did you come to know that your classmate has posted something on Citehr and you came up to provide justification for your college / institution. He has not mentioned details of his college / institution then why you want to give justification and started blaming the student.

we all know that college is not placement agency then why your college asking for placement offer letter. Your college is not responsible for the same.

Question raised is "Student will not be allowed to appear for the exam in absence of offer letter from a company". Why your college is making so stupid rules. This rule of college made him to ask for "duplicate offer letter" which results in "corruption" and unwillingly your college becomes soil & seed for growth of corruption.

If student does not have offer letter and he is eligible for exam then he should appear for the exam. Later on, if he is not getting job offer, it is his problem, not yours and your college.


12th May 2012 From India, Delhi
classmate justification is not eye opener. He is not classmate. He is from college management.
Simple question raised " Student will not be allowed to appear for the exam in absence of offer letter from a company".
Is this correct rule?
we gave the opinion on this statement.
12th May 2012 From India, Delhi
How will you take it if I told you that there is no 'ajaybaskar' in our class at all. If this person was telling the truth, he wouldn't have hidden himself with a fake name, no ?
It amuses me that you aren't even considering the fact that this guy's story is all cooked up. Ask yourself this simple question - Why has none of our other classmates written here in his support although everyone has been informed about it by the guy himself ?!!
12th May 2012 From India, Coimbatore
Hello Holswege,
You may be smart staff in our coll, dont think that every one in this site are fools they have better brains than you. you asked the question why tat boy uses fake account. you are sayin truth only know then why you are using fake account you can use your original account know. your account is created only on 12th for posting this comment. Dont try to act too smat "MR. Holswege"

16th May 2012 From India, Tiruppur
Hello thilagar289,
If you had better brains than me, your communication skills would have been better than this and you would have got placed in a good company by now. Wish you the best anyway.
PS - I am not a 'staff' in your 'coll'. (You really think any of them can write like this ?!!!)
16th May 2012 From India, Coimbatore
one thing is certain:
the college is engaging in wrongful practices ie issue is not that they are not able to secure jobs for everyone.
if i had been in their place, i wud have asked him to pick work related certifications n start small.
not everyone in the world goes to IIM/ ISB...
the issue is they are trying to portray a image which is false..
they will be using souped up figures which are wrong...
i dont know who goes under the id "Holswege" but i hope you have heard of All India Management Association, am a life member with this prestigious and apex body in India..
16th May 2012 From India, Delhi
Dear Holswege,

I dont know whom you are. Anyways, the issue is over...So better stop these digressions. We have paid special fees,placement fees etc etc.,.,but we have not been provided with even a single good opportunity. In this situation, you asked for offer letters. we felt it as a total injustice and no one in the college seem to listen our words. So we felt it would be better,if we get opinion from some Industry people itself and show it to you.We did it.

You gave fake information like 80% placement blah blah. Tomorrow you update the true placement details in college website. Then everyone will know the truth...

Anyways, nothing is going to happen discussing about it. We believe in us. Life wont end if we dont secure a placement in college. we have the confidence that we can search a job for us in this big world.

But introspect yourself and see. what you have done is right or wrong? placement officer job is a highly responsible and at times stressful too.

Be committed on the job. Try to build a good network, work full time with complete dedication.Don't hesitate to do some field work.Ensure some good placements for our juniors atleast.
17th May 2012 From India, Bangalore
hey ajaybaskar88,

had you been as smart as you think you are, you should have realized by now that i am not the 'placement officer' that you are so desperate to deride and fix responsibility for your own delusions and failures. it's just that i know the facts of the case, i know you very well, and i am interested in showing you to yourself.

just think of these points whenever you are struck with your bouts of self-grandeur and your illusions of launching revolutions.

1) you had enough time to openly communicate your grievances to the placement officer/Director but you never did. this clearly proves that you lack SPINE and inter-personal skills. no wonder you failed to get recruited in the companies that came calling in spite of the contracting job market.

2) all your attempts to organize your classmates towards your fantastic cause and create disruptions failed miserably. why ? because most of them believe that you are a sancho panza charging at imaginary windmills. (i don't expect you to understand the metaphor though).

3) do you know why you itch for a revolution and want the world to change ? because you don't have the discipline and the guts to face life's challenges and change yourself to a real man who wouldn't stand behind curtains to wage one's wars.

4) do you seriously suppose that any HR person who reads your mind through these letters will take the risk of employing you ? ever ? believe me friend, you are the sort of guy who is every HR manager's nightmare.

now, go take a log hard look at the mirror and ask yourself if you have been doing the right thing by playing your petty games behind the back of your simple minded teachers who have nothing but your good future in mind.


20th May 2012 From India, Coimbatore
I know very well that you are not placement officer. If my guess is right, you should be the kith and kin of placement officer. What I donít understand is you donít even try to realize the mistakes in your side and is very keen in blaming me again and again. What amuses me is that you keep telling companies came to campus seeking us. I really donít know what to say for it?

Just see things in a management point of view. We students are customers. We have paid fees (premium fees) and in response to it, we have all the rights to demand quality service.

I will say the steps a well committed placement officer would have done

1. Prepare the placement brochure by May 2011.

2. Send the brochure to not less than 150 Recruiters.

3.Have an active LinkedIn account.

4. Call companies to the campus by networking, (Considering the fact that placement officer has been in the same field

for 5 years, networking is not at all a problem.)

5. Telecalling to know about the vacancies.

6. Fix up appointments with HRís.

7. Go meet them in person and arrange campus interviews.

8. Maintaining a good network with other placement officers in the region to update various interviews and arrange off

campus interviews for students.

9.Work for the whole day and not how our placement officer usually works for 5 hours-9 am to 2 pm.

Say from your heart, whether the placement officer has done at least one thing what I mentioned above? I can very well say, every student would have expected at least 5 good opportunities. But we havenít been provided with even a single good opportunity. Not even a single student has got a proper job. Cracking interview is up to an individualís knowledge and skill level but arranging interviews for them is the duty of the placement officer.

If the same thing happens to your child, will you talk so generously like how you are talking now?
21st May 2012 From India, Bangalore
okay, lets try to see things from the 'management point of view'. you paid 'premium fees' to an institution expecting 'quality service'. now, if the quality service was lacking, you have all the reasons to get upset but you should be taking the institution to task. for example.. in a restaurant, if the coffee was bad, you don't go about mocking the cook, or start giving him lessons on coffee making, a sane customer would talk to the supervisor or the manager to get a replacement coffee or get a refund. bad-mouthing the cook can only leave a sour taste in your mouth.

please realize that your problem is with the service provider - your institution in this case. the placement officer is a trusted employee of the institution who has the backing of the whole management. the placement officer enjoys all the freedom and working style that has been approved by the management. every step of the way.

if you were so particular in studying in an institution that guaranteed opportunities in spite of your shortcomings, you should have checked the profile, the previous track record and the work discipline of the placement officers of all the available institutions before paying 'premium fees' and becoming a customer of one.
21st May 2012 From India, Coimbatore
I dont want to extend the discussions anymore...Let me put a full stop with two quotes...
ďEven if things don't unfold the way you expected, don't be disheartened or give up. One who continues to advance will win in the end.Ē
ďDarkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that."
Thank you!
21st May 2012 From India, Bangalore
one thing is pretty clear - you are dead scared of authority (management). throughout your silly campaign you stuck to attack the only soft target available. that too, anonymously hiding in the cyber world. shows your character.
nosce te ipsum
ut sementem feceris ita metes
21st May 2012 From India, Coimbatore
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