Hi, Ours is a software development company and we have a very friendly environment in our office, but people are taking advantage of this. Most of the people come late to the office and take long lunch and coffee breaks. So as Director-HR I want to issue a Memo to all staff regarding discipline, lunch break, and office timings but without being too harsh. Please suggest some ways to do it.
From India, Bhubaneswar
Dear Manisha,
Please understand that having friendly environment in office is good for cordial relationship but, there would be few employees who are intentionally trying to be overly friendly with other employee to kill their and others time resulting extended breaks and getting disadvantage of the relationship. Pl. identify the such people and counsel them keeping management in the loop.
Issuing memo to all staff would only deter the situation. Instead, you start taking lunch/tea with them, when time is over tell all to get get dispersed in gentle way.I think, as HR Director, you can say that.
Make policy and ensure compliance for arriving office in time, those who break rule, penalize them with deduction in leave/salary or asking them to offer say, chocolate to all their colleagues.
Nitu Parmar

From India, Surat
Dear Manisha,
Nitu has given you some good suggestions. Hence, I will ask some questions as my wont. How large is your organisation? Have you got a clearly stated Timekeeeping policy? When people do not have enough work or are lose interest, they behave in the way you have depicted. Please see timekeeping policy - employers-advice.co.uk
May be it is better to introduce Timekeeping Bonus as some have found it to be useful at Timekeeping Policies « Call Centre Helper Forum
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From United Kingdom
Dear Manisha,
I recommend you doing workload analysis. Effect of "Memo" remains for a limited period and things go back to square one.
It appears that they are not properly laden with the work. Because of the workload, I have seen managers skipping their lunch also. I too had skipped my lunch couple of times during my HR days.

Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Dear Madam,
We had also in this situation. First of all we stick the notice about adhering the lunch timing during 01.00 pm to 02.00 pm for half hour. Secondly, we suggested to canteen manager to close the counter at 01.50 pm.

From India, Pune
Hi all,
even our voxvalley also in the same situation, we re motivating them in a friendly way, instead of sending memos, or warnings. let us see how it goes.
thanks for your inputs, we will try to implement,

From India, Hyderabad
Dear all
You have given opportunity to them, but they are miusing that. we have to go as strickly, That time if we can give freeness some time that is valuble to them. Any way management is management we need first of all company needs. go as strickly and give few time for joyal.
If now you can go as strickly they may as anemies. k take care

From India, Warangal
Sub: how to manage team
Hello all
One of my friend is working in Medical Device company as QA/QC manager. He has some conflict with colleague. His boss also listening to his colleague only and fire on my friend. Now he is some way not happy with boss also as he has family term with his boss.
and kindly my friend's boss is as a person very good but my friend feel that his colleague is misintrepret to boss about my friend.
So what to do in this situation? what should be the role of Boss in this case? Kindly focus me.
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From India, Surat
Please clarify what you mean by "Now he is some way not happy with boss also as he has family term with his boss."
Since when is your friend working for the firm and when did the colleague join the firm? Your post is not very clear to assess the situation.

From United Kingdom
Dear Manisha,

Freiendly environment etc is too cool and good way to move forward in future but it should not be at the cost of discipline. A disciplined employee can only lead to the company on the path of success.

I have observed such situations in my company also where there are employee who come on time for their shift and some such bunch of people who we called as late comers only destroy their morale and sincerity towards the company HR ploicies.

We should be friendly environment, initiate things like movies, picnics etc to maintain the environment of the company.

I would sugest you should once speak with them and in case if it require go for warning letters in the interst of other employees. If you will talk to them they have reply like we o lat, got calls from client or staff inneed late nights. in case if you will ask them to leave early than on very few days they will come on time again start the practice of late coming. Discipline is something a child can always learn from their family, schools, friends and they carry such things life long.

You may have to take this situation in a more serious manner in the sake of ther employee.



From India, New Delhi

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