Hello All,
I am working with a MNC Company from last 2 yrs. I have good communication & presentation skill.
From beginning only, I want to be a trainer.
Please guide me, what to do, to become a good trainer ?
Your One suggestion can change my future!

From India, Pune
Hi Priya,
I am also working for an MNC and i believe that i am a good presenter. For me that's my passion. What i did to pursue my passion is that I along with one of my friend who is also a working professional approached certain professional colleges so that we can impart training to their students. we had a tough time and at last we got one. Now i am very much satisfied because i do what i love. I have my job as well as i have my passion. Dont let your skills go untried .Shoot it definitely u will excel
Ajmal Lookman
Consultant Trainer
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From India, Kollam
Thank you Sir,
I think, I also have same situation like you. My job is well good but, still m not enjoying it.
I would like to work with a professional trainer so that, I can have a real training experience & that will be beneficial for me, to conduct a training with effectively & confidently.
one more thing I wanted to know that, How much 'train the trainer' training program is effective? Shall I go for it?
waiting for reply !

From India, Pune
Hai Priya!
We welcome you to the world of TRAINERS!!! to be simple i can tell you is that TRAINER is one who should be a person who can indulge others mind. i appreciate your interest in this, instead of going into various classes say like "train the trainer", you can start up your initial stage with self preparation, start handling a guest lecture or an interactive session with your juniors in the college that u completed your graduation, which will get you a platform easily, see yourself how much you can handle , select topics which you can handle your best say like self confidence, importance of communication, self realization, Truth behind Truth. Prepare a presentation . it would be more fine, any help do let me know will help you out.
Thanks and Regards

From India, Bangalore
Dear All, Looking for trainers with 6+ years of experience into Aerospace / Automotive / Engineering Services domain. Interested candidates please call me on : 080 - 25724082 Thanks Mangala
From India, Bangalore
Hi Priya,
Adhithya gave the correct reply to your question. For experience you can conduct small programs and that will give you more exposure rather than any other sessions
Ajmal Lookman
Consultant Trainer
RiseHigh | Many Solutions Under One Name

From India, Kollam
Hi Priya:

Glad to know that you are a wannabe trainer. Here are few suggestions:

Try joining the local chapters of JCI (Junior Chamber International) and/or ISTD (Indian Society for Training and Development).

JCI is basically a training organization. You will get to meet lot of local/national/international trainers through JCI, which would change your perspective about training.

ISTD offers diploma courses in T&D. You can visit their website to find out more details.

TTT programs are good. The effectiveness of the program would depend on the institute/trainer delivering the program. You can attend one or two to get a feel. Then, you can form an opinion of your own.

No matter what you learn or which institute/organization you join, your dream to become a trainer would still be incomplete if you do not have an audience/trainees to share your learning/knowledge. You haven't mentioned what profession you are currently in. If your current profession gives you an opportunity to test your training skills, then look no further. Grab it. If it doesn't, you may have to look for other vistas.

Through JCI, ISTD, or TTT you come across other training professionals who may give you first hand info on how to sharpen your training skills. If you build your network carefully, you might as well be able to join/work under a professional trainer. This would also give you an insight on training as a career option.

For a newbie trainer, getting an audience is pretty difficult. You would require some time to establish yourself. So, it is really important that you persevere, enhance your knowledge continuously, and build your network of friends/followers. As a first step (if your current profession does not give you an opportunity for delivering training), try volunteering for some NGO, where you can deliver training.

You will find a lot of information in citehr. Just do a research. Patience is the key. Do not forget to Google. It would give lots of information, more than you can handle.

Last point - there are several online communities/forums that you can join. Books too would help you a lot.

All the best!



From India, Mumbai


At the outset let me compliment you on deciding to be a trainer. A number of readers of the post have given you some excellent inputs on how to go about sharpening your training skills. I am taking the liberty of adding my suggestions for your consideration.

To be a good trainer a prerequisite is good communication skills, and in particular effective presentation and public speaking skills. However, the heart and brains of the training still remains the domain knowledge but even the most knowledgeable person would fail miserably as a trainer without effective communications skills. To further improve your communication skills find a local Toastmasters club in your city and join them.

To get the academic inputs on training you can do the course from Indian Society for Training and Development (ISTD). Alternatively you can also attend some Train The Trainer (TTT) programs offered by private institutions.

To get going, focus on those topics that you are familiar with, confident about, passionate about or have a good grounding in. Keep updating yourself by reading extensively and start outlining the broad course contents keeping in mind the type of audience you are likely to address. In particular pay attention to the type of exercise, examples, activities that you will use during the program to reinforce a point or make the learning relevant. I would also suggest that you attend some corporate training by professionals on topics of your interest to get a feel of how it is structured and delivered.

If you have no corporate training experience, ideally take a few sessions for post graduate students in colleges or for social service clubs like Lions and Rotary's so that you gain in experience and also can fine tune your material. Once you are confident, approach a few corporates and the first few training programs are vital for future reference and for your own confidence.

I would also invite you to visit the following Inspirational and Motivational Blogs which can also assist you in improving your vocabulary and communication skills.

www.actspot.wordpress.com - Over 1,07,000 views and 675 followers

www.poweract.blogspot.com - Over 33,000 views and 180 followers

Best Wishes

From India, Mumbai
Thank you all for your valuable suggestions........
Adityan & Ajmal sir As you suggested, I had contacted my college committee & I convince them for my training ideas. They promises me that, they will call me for guest lecture after the summer vacation.
With this, I try to find out various training offered for trainers & contacted them.I will also join some training sessions to improve the skill & knowledge about delivering the training effectively.
I am so happy..... for getting the chance to prove myself.
guys this will be my 1st training & I require your help for making it successful.
If any one have any guideline for training, then please provide me.
Waiting for your valuable suggestions.
Thanks & Regards,

From India, Pune
Dear Sir,
I am working in construction industry as a safety officer. In construction industry major unskilled workmen are engaged for work.
we can not conduct tool box talk because many workmen do not know Hindi language .pl. tell me the solution.

From India, Mumbai

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