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Hello HR Folks,
Greetings for the Day!!!
Please look into my problem.
As it is prohibited in our organization to use social networking site in Working hours. But they gave us liberty to use it in lunch time and after our shift hours. But one of our employee she is using it all the day. As a HR when i told her about our policy she said my sister & sister in law using my site not me. i know she is lying & she is not ready to accept it. Problem is she is sitting in another branch How can i handle her.
Moreover i used my social networking site in the lunch time yesterday but she is poking me on my social site that instruction are only for me not for you. you are using it. and she did this on my social site. What kind of step i can take against her.
Please help me!!! Expecting revert from HR's asap.
Kindly tell her that she should change her password to the social site so that others can't use it. I think there are methods of finding out from which terminal the messages have been typed. It's possible at CiteHr for administrators and moderators.
Thanks narsimhan
I told her to change password or inform your family members so they dont use it in office hours. but she told me she cant say this to there family members as she got blood relation with them (silly one)
Dear Murali, She is reporting to me we are in same department but she is sitting in different branch and she is junior to me. Regards; NK
Given that situation, put things in writing and you can ever warn her of the consequences of not conforming. You need to take firm action, otherwise others could follow her and it could get out of hand. however, if you do warn her, you should be prepared to follow it up with action; otherwise, it could back fire.
Dear NK,

This is an interesting situation.

It would make sense to look at your company policy. As Nash explained, a letter would be meaningful.

But before that, I need to ask you a few questions:

1. Is she productive and efficient in her work?

2. Is the policy clear that ALL employees can browse in the lunch time?

3. Is she browsing the sites from a company premise (company terminal, company paid connection, etc.)?

4. Do you have an IT department in your company that enforces IT policies? What exactly is your interface with the IT department when it comes to enforcing the rules?

I think your policy should be clear when it comes to:

1. Use of infrastructure

2. Employee code of conduct

3. Type of disciplinary action that it could attract

It is always better that you have a blanket policy rather than a selective one. There are always ways of doing things 'outside the firewall'. So, you might want to be aware of that and prepared of the management significance of your concerns. A simple delinking of internet facilities outside lunch house might quickly solve your problem. But understand if it is what you really want to do.

just ban all sort of private networking.one off the friends of my son,working in well reputed huge,I.T.organization,used social networking even if with the help of his mobile set,likewise u noted.his mobile was forfeited.i remember one day salary was deducted. job should b done very seriously.it is not a joke.put a strong note in front of ur seniors.
Dear NK,
There are nuts anywhere and everywhere. Few are soft and few and few are hard. However, we have to adopt some different approach to crack the hard nut.
I recommend you keeping that employee under surveillance. Don't talk anything about social networking site. Just keep quite. Find out some other workplace error that she commits. Issue the first warning letter. If she understands the "message", well and good but if she does not then keep on finding her mistakes and keep on giving her warning letters or show cause notices.
If she becomes fed up, she will put in her papers on her own. If she does not then terminate her.
Once she quits the company, spread the rumour that she was fired because she dared to defy HR. This will send a message to one and all that if somebody plays mischief, what fate that person can meet.
Dinesh V Divekar
Dear NK you can try a simple solution call your IT deptt and block all site for the working hours a HTTP protocol can do this and unblock all site at lunch time. Regards, JS
Dear Sargi Ji,
In your company if there is a IT person then by the help of him please block the fb site from the computer of that employee. And there after if any body using the fb from the family side of that employee consider it as a personal matter of her. And no body should interfere on those activities.

Keeping in mind the chain of discussion, i think the way out can be:-

- Try to involve IT department too to prevent her if you wanna avoid departmental clashes

- Modify the policy and put some penalty clause if anyone is find online during non-allowed periods.

- Tell her to understand the basic professional attitude where we shouldn't share company property with our relatives. HRs are face and a live example of the company. We have to follow "walk the walk, talk the talk". But still if she doesn't have maturity to adopt the policies. you can try to screw her happiness against her KRAs. you give her high work/report pressure, consequently, she will has to choose either the work or social cites.

- Try to find out other cases too and present a report to management of misusing the facility. You can approach to block such sites and place few PCs in fun zone to use the recreational sites.

Above all i think you should not escalate the Issue to your super-boss as you yourself should sort-out such smaller issues and prove yourself your managerial/leadership skills.


Dear NK Please speak to your network adimin department,as a HR you can right a mail to Network administration to block these type of websites. regards, Vijay K
Dear Sargi,
After going through the entire matter, I can make the following comments:
1) If that employee is herself using the social networking sites during office hours, you can take the help from IT Department to trace the history of the websites she has browsed. With that proof in your favor, you, being her senior, can anytime issue her a warning letter.
2) The excuse that she is giving of her family members using her account and later on poking you directly clearly shows that she herself is using the social networking sites during office hours.
3) The best possible solution, according to me, would be blocking such sites for the entire day and for all the staff. In this case, proper tracking would be required as many people these days are aware of the proxy settings and can unofficially use these sites.
Hi NK,
As you describe the situation,the lady was using the social networking regularly in office hours,saying that she is not using the same,its better to inform IT department to check whether she is using in your networking,so that problem is solved.if its in your location,you should take disciplinary action through her unless she is not bothering you,and it is needed to accept the company rules and reugulations.
Dear NK,
How far is her branch from your place?
Did you ever thought of visiting her branch to catch her red handed?
You need to believe in "TAKING ACTION THAT MUST BE LOGICAL" rather just complaining or thinking and thinking without taking appropriate logical action
Also consider the options submitted by other members that could help you to solve this problem once for all.
With profound regards

Give her only the looks, strong, aggressive yet calm. and do never speak a word for a week regarding it, and pretend like you are taking internal steps to take serious action against her, let me remind you no word, no sound, not even with others regarding the same. go to her when using just stare and come back...
then observe the next week , gradually ........
Hi Dinesh,

First of all I'd introduce my self that I am also associate with an MNC and have been working since a long but I haven't seen such advice or assistance to a suffering one and also like to share that I don't know whether you designated into which level of employee or HR but one thing I knew that while I was going thru your notes in which you suggested NK for his problem with a poor and unprofessional employee that you must be from India.

Look Mr. Dinesh & NK,

At first be calm and silent when you are facing any problem whether it is personal or professional because it helps to think a lot with positive aspects and helps you to take a strong decision against the situation in which you are suffering.

As you are in the same panel and the girl reports you then simply fix a meeting with the girl by sending her a meeting request mail with keeping cc to another senior management/leader mentioning that she is violating the company rules and ethics as per company norms.

Before you send this mail you first enquire all about the policy of the company i.e. PIP, CAP, Termination, ethics, Behavioural, using internet while logged in etc that the copy & paste the link of the policies given in the company sites.

In the meeting you ask her to stop all this and not to give any silly excuses like blood relation or she isn't aware that who uses her system and if also she doesn't follow then give her a PIP with cc to senior management mantioning all this issue and TAT should be 30 days or as per company norms and she breaches in between these days then issue her a CAP 1 or you can terminate her by following the company policy.

You are the HR and the boss of the employee, you do have rights to do such things against the negativity then why you need to take help as a monster like Mr. Dines advised.

NOTE: Do one thing as you are HR then why don't you present an idea about the scenario infront of your leaders to prevent such instance.
Why are you blaming the employee? You can block all social networking sites. Many organisations have done it and employees can noy access any of the social networking sites
Questions to ponder;
What is the org policy for use of social networking sites. Formalise it,inform everyone and make it clear that logs of all PC will be subject to scrutiny by IT department from time to time. Company owns all pcs,work time is paid for by the company and the company has got every right to expect no time wasting during working hours which impacts production
Consequences of violation: graded policy
Person needs to be counseled by immediate supervisor and recorded in employees counseling register.
Take a soft but positive approach in dealings. Only in case of continuing infractions should the matter be escalated further.
Remember all other employees will be watching how the matter is dealt with and approach has to be firm but which upholds company rules.
Dear NK,
If you have some one whom you can trust at the office where the said girl is working , you can ask that person to check the history where all the browsing is shown once you get it as most of them dont remove them. you can easily inform her that these were taken from her system cos the logging name will be showed accordingly for which all site she has browsed.
Just a small suggestion. Do try it out if possile.
Please read the response from Mr. Nikhil Gurjar. Most of the times, we, the HR fraternity, create policies that become a nuisance for ourselves. And, sorry to say, we most of the times think about warning letters, disciplinary actions, etc. when we observe such behaviors in employees, which most of the times complicate the issues.
If you have a clear policy regarding usage of social networks during office hours, please contact your IT function and ask them to block usage of all social networking sites at the server end during the hours when the employees are not supposed to use them. This should resolve the issue and put an end to your problem.
MK Saseedharan
Why are so worried gentleman. Go through your company policy. If company policy is not permitting such activities give her in writing by her Head of Deptt to abstain from such activities. If she is not mending her behaviour after this warning, give her a show cause notice for not observing company policy. If she replies see the issues she put forward and correct the things within the company policy. If she is not replying refer the matter to your boss for issuing termination notice as per company policy.
Interesting Responses and some good advice but I think most of them seem to be reacting to an incident. If you need to succeed, you need to have the ability to analyze not just an incident but also the underlying activities, reactions, ripples etc etc.

I like some of the advices given but why is this happening in the first place?

Do you not have a policy in place?

If you do, do you work for an organization where policies are there only because they need to be there but not being implemented / adhered to?

Are the reporting lines so distorted in your organization that a junior from your own department can out rule you?

The issue is not whether that girl is using social network site in office and not listening to you. The issue is much greater and deeper than that. She is just one of the outcomes of the actual situation. So what do you do? Do you resolve an issue or solve a problem. and i think your emphasis should be to solve the problem.

Here is what you need to do...

1. Effective immediately Ban all Access (pan Organization). Make the announcement by emphasizing that the intent was not to be strict but when policies are used and abused then that become intolerable.

2. Use the organization rumor network to spread the word that it was because of that particular girl that every one is getting effected.

3. Make a list of actions or activities that the girl in question has done that has been against company policy or where she has not bothered to inform you ( i refuse to believe this is the first time).

4. use that list to have a discussion with her and clearly bring out the fact that she has been decremental in the functioning of the department due to her habit of not following what she preaches.

5. Give her a friendly warning ( advice) that she needs to change and start with respecting her bosses and seniors.

Let us know if this works...


Hi Every body ,
The best talen is not availbe , there is shortage of the same . i think few points to remeber
A . if she is efficient & taleneted , then sit with her &explain the the policy & make her understand the relationship / linkage of Working in organisation & just simply time passing .
B. Your IT deparment can play a handsome role in this situation
S2s Mahine Tools
If the company policy says that visiting social network sites during work hours is not allowed then the IT department should block all such sites from backend. If this lady is still continuing then screen shots of her visits through TEAMVIEWER software (one that can access one's screen through remote from anywhere) should be mailed to her with a warning letter and counselling later.
Kiran Kumar Kumili
Warm Greetings,
Its simple to handle, just u need to be strong and take disciplinary action on her for violating the company policy (it could be some fine).
Just inform her/everybody know about the process of disciplinary actions, so everyone aware about it.
If we don't have policy for it then make it and share it with everyone.
Dear NK,
Rather than giving warning, plz contact IT Department of your company. Request them to block those sites in network or in individual system so that any employee in your organization should not be able to access. You can request them to block all social networking sites, tube video sites, streaming videos, downloading MP3, torrents, etc. It saves lot of time.
Good luck
I have Faced a same situation in my company. Below were the step taken by me:
1. I spoke to my employee regarding the issue.
2. I spoke to my IT Department and told them to block the social networking site using firewall.
3. Once the sites were blocked. She started using her BBM regularly.
4. I issued her a warning letter, stopped her confirmation and strictly told to follow the companies policy and meanwhile assigned her with extra work to keep her busy through out.
5. Now she has stopped showing all the attitude and stopped using the sites.
Chetana Anchan
Dear NK,
If she is your junior and reports to you, then you should tell her very firmly and straight forwardly. If she does not listens to you, you can issue her a memo asking her the reason for such behavior in writing. Apart from that, you can ask your IT Team to put a firewall to the social networking sites whenever they are not meant to be used.
Had you searched CiteHR using the reSearch facility you would have found some info at https://www.citehr.com/171054-hr-adm...procedure.html
Dear NK,
If you are very much sure that she is browsing during working hours then there is no need to ignore that point. If you wont take any action then it will become difficult for you to enforce disciplinary actions in your company, in future.
Being an HR just send an email to IT dept. to block all the social networking sites during working hours as there are some employees who are using the same and it is hampering the working culture.
Further send a sort of circular to all the employees that internet browsing is allowed during working hours only and if anyone found guilty, he/she will be charged with full day salary deduction and no questions will be entertained for the same.
I personally think this will help a lot to solve the above issue.
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