Please read the response from Mr. Nikhil Gurjar. Most of the times, we, the HR fraternity, create policies that become a nuisance for ourselves. And, sorry to say, we most of the times think about warning letters, disciplinary actions, etc. when we observe such behaviors in employees, which most of the times complicate the issues.
If you have a clear policy regarding usage of social networks during office hours, please contact your IT function and ask them to block usage of all social networking sites at the server end during the hours when the employees are not supposed to use them. This should resolve the issue and put an end to your problem.
MK Saseedharan

From India, Delhi
Why are so worried gentleman. Go through your company policy. If company policy is not permitting such activities give her in writing by her Head of Deptt to abstain from such activities. If she is not mending her behaviour after this warning, give her a show cause notice for not observing company policy. If she replies see the issues she put forward and correct the things within the company policy. If she is not replying refer the matter to your boss for issuing termination notice as per company policy.
From India, New Delhi
Interesting Responses and some good advice but I think most of them seem to be reacting to an incident. If you need to succeed, you need to have the ability to analyze not just an incident but also the underlying activities, reactions, ripples etc etc.

I like some of the advices given but why is this happening in the first place?

Do you not have a policy in place?

If you do, do you work for an organization where policies are there only because they need to be there but not being implemented / adhered to?

Are the reporting lines so distorted in your organization that a junior from your own department can out rule you?

The issue is not whether that girl is using social network site in office and not listening to you. The issue is much greater and deeper than that. She is just one of the outcomes of the actual situation. So what do you do? Do you resolve an issue or solve a problem. and i think your emphasis should be to solve the problem.

Here is what you need to do...

1. Effective immediately Ban all Access (pan Organization). Make the announcement by emphasizing that the intent was not to be strict but when policies are used and abused then that become intolerable.

2. Use the organization rumor network to spread the word that it was because of that particular girl that every one is getting effected.

3. Make a list of actions or activities that the girl in question has done that has been against company policy or where she has not bothered to inform you ( i refuse to believe this is the first time).

4. use that list to have a discussion with her and clearly bring out the fact that she has been decremental in the functioning of the department due to her habit of not following what she preaches.

5. Give her a friendly warning ( advice) that she needs to change and start with respecting her bosses and seniors.

Let us know if this works...



From India, Delhi
Hi Every body ,
The best talen is not availbe , there is shortage of the same . i think few points to remeber
A . if she is efficient & taleneted , then sit with her &explain the the policy & make her understand the relationship / linkage of Working in organisation & just simply time passing .
B. Your IT deparment can play a handsome role in this situation
S2s Mahine Tools

From India, Pune
If the company policy says that visiting social network sites during work hours is not allowed then the IT department should block all such sites from backend. If this lady is still continuing then screen shots of her visits through TEAMVIEWER software (one that can access one's screen through remote from anywhere) should be mailed to her with a warning letter and counselling later.
Kiran Kumar Kumili

From India, Visakhapatnam
Warm Greetings,
Its simple to handle, just u need to be strong and take disciplinary action on her for violating the company policy (it could be some fine).
Just inform her/everybody know about the process of disciplinary actions, so everyone aware about it.
If we don't have policy for it then make it and share it with everyone.

From India, Bangalore
Dear NK,
Rather than giving warning, plz contact IT Department of your company. Request them to block those sites in network or in individual system so that any employee in your organization should not be able to access. You can request them to block all social networking sites, tube video sites, streaming videos, downloading MP3, torrents, etc. It saves lot of time.
Good luck

From India, Bangalore
I have Faced a same situation in my company. Below were the step taken by me:
1. I spoke to my employee regarding the issue.
2. I spoke to my IT Department and told them to block the social networking site using firewall.
3. Once the sites were blocked. She started using her BBM regularly.
4. I issued her a warning letter, stopped her confirmation and strictly told to follow the companies policy and meanwhile assigned her with extra work to keep her busy through out.
5. Now she has stopped showing all the attitude and stopped using the sites.
Chetana Anchan

From India
Dear NK,
If she is your junior and reports to you, then you should tell her very firmly and straight forwardly. If she does not listens to you, you can issue her a memo asking her the reason for such behavior in writing. Apart from that, you can ask your IT Team to put a firewall to the social networking sites whenever they are not meant to be used.

From India, Delhi
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From United Kingdom

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